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The Future of NetSaint: Legal Woes


NetSaint, the network monitoring tool, is apparently having legal problems over the use of the name netsaint. Ethan will be halting development for the time being, while he reorganizes. "Most of you are probably aware of the recent legal mess I'm found myself in over the use of the name "NetSaint".. . .

Zelerate software to live, promises ex-CEO


The open source software from former e-commerce poster child Zelerate will live on, despite the company's demise in March, former boss Rob Ferber has promised. The All Commerce software was issued under the GNU General Public License, and boasted customers such . . .

UnixReview Review's EnGarde Secure Linux


The EnGarde Linux distribution is probably the most secure Linux distribution I've seen. EnGarde enforces physical, host, and network security to protect your machine from attacks inside and out. In addition to tightening security policies and adding features like a LILO password to prevent someone with physical access getting root, EnGarde also includes intrusion detection to alert you to break-in attempts. Some distributions I've looked at seem to concentrate too heavily on one aspect of security or another, but EnGarde seems pretty well rounded.. . .