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WireX Releases FormatGuard 1.0


WireX is pleased to announce the broad release of FormatGuard 1.0, the latest member of the Immunix security tool suite. Similar to StackGuard , FormatGuard provides run-time protection against printf format string vulnerabilities.. . .

The Hottest Thing in Firewalls


... Eleven years later, the Israeli whiz kid who never finished college is co-founder and chief executive of Check Point Software Technologies, one of the most profitable software companies around. How profitable? Well, in the first quarter ending March 31, Check . . .

Changes to FreeBSD security support policy


This announcement describes a change in the security support status of the FreeBSD 3.x branch, as well as the introduction of two new methods for tracking security fixes to FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE: a FreeBSD CVS branch based on 4.3-RELEASE which will contain security fixes only, and the intention to trial binary security update packages for users of FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE on the i386 platform.. . .