New Software Protects Wi-Fi Hardware

    Date12 Dec 2005
    Posted ByBrittany Day
    While Wi-Fi hardware makers now consider security features par for the course in their products, third-party wireless security companies are still coming up with new ways to secure the hardware of their bigger brethren. AirDefense Inc. this week will launch Version 7.0 of AirDefense Enterprise, the Alpharetta, Ga., company's signature wireless security and management software. Version 7.0 can keep track of and secure up to 300,000 wireless devices and 10,000 dedicated RF (radio frequency) sensors, officials said.

    The software includes several new analysis tools, including one called RF Rewind that lets IT managers extract network traffic and location information for troubleshooting or compliance reporting. It also can detect rogue access points without the presence of dedicated sensors, although company officials said they still recommend sensors for large organizations that require advanced location capabilities.

    One of the first companies to focus solely on Wi-Fi security, AirDefense faces competition mostly from hardware companies that offer their own security software rather than other software companies, officials said. "The vast majority of time we run into the infrastructure guys," said Anil Khatod, president and CEO of AirDefense.

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