Linux Security Week: March 15th, 2021


Linux Security Week: March 15th, 2021

Thank you for reading our Linux Security Week newsletter! In this weekly newsletter, we strive to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the week's most relevant open source security news. We want to provide you with the type of content you are interested in, and would love to hear your thoughts on this week's articles.

Today’s newsletter highlights our two most recent feature articles: LinuxSecurity User Survey Results: How Do You Compare? and How Secure Is Linux?. We also examine various topics including three decade-old kernel bugs that have been discovered and patched and TeLOS Linux, a new Debian-based distro that offers a unique modern approach on the Linux desktop on top of the latest GNU/Linux technologies. Happy Monday - and happy reading!

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Brittany Day Signature Feature Extras:

LinuxSecurity User Survey Results: How Do You Compare? - Wondering how you compare to other LinuxSecurity users? Want to get to know your fellow community members better? If so, be sure to check out this summary of our User Survey results.

How Secure Is Linux? - This article will examine the key factors that contribute to the robust security of Linux, and evaluate the level of protection  against vulnerabilities and attacks that Linux offers administrators and users.

  Linux Foundation announces new open-source software signing service (Mar 10)

The Solarwinds security blunders have raised awareness of the importance of protecting software supply chains from unauthorized changes. Now, the Linux Foundation and partners have created a new free cryptographic software signing service to improve open-source program security.

  Linux Kernel 5.12 RC2 Released Early, Fixing the Scary Swap File Bug (Mar 9)

Linux Kernel 5.12 RC2 has been released early due to a nasty swap file bug. Do not use Linux Kernel 5.12 RC1 for testing - you stand to lose data!

  Securing Software Supply Chains and Dependency Confusion – An Industry Perspective (Mar 9)

Experts including Dr. David Wheeler, Director of Open Source Software Supply Chain Security at the  Linux Foundation , discuss the growing trend in software supply chain attacks which use  dependency or namespace confusion techniques, and how to secure software supply chains against these attacks.

  Chinese hackers target Linux systems with RedXOR backdoor (Mar 11)

Linux servers are being targeted with sophisticated malware developed by Chinese hackers using an end-of-life Red Hat compiler.

  What's the Best Linux Distro for Enhanced Privacy and Security? (Mar 8)

This feature article was recently featured on the frontpage of Slashdot.  While all Linux 'distros' " or distributed versions of Linux software " are secure by design, certain distros  go above and beyond when it comes to protecting users' privacy and security . We've put together a list of our favorite specialized secure Linux distros and spoken with some of their lead developers to find out first-hand what makes these distros so great.

  Alpine Linux: A Breath of Fresh Mountain Air for Linux Experts (Mar 12)

Looking for a secure, lightweight Linux distro? If so, Alpine Linux might be a breath of fresh mountain air for you! 

  Linus Torvalds warns: Watch out for this unusually nasty bug in Linux 5.12 rc1 (Mar 8)

Linus Torvalds has warned of a nasty security bug in the first release candidate (RC) of the Linux kernel 5.12, which he has deemed a "double ungood" that can have catastrophic consequences for a computer's filesystem.

  Firefox 86.0.1 Released to Fix Frequent Linux Crash on Browser Launch, Other Bugs (Mar 12)

Mozilla has released Firefox 86.0.1 to address various bugs that might affect all supported platforms. This includes a bugfix update remedying a frequent crash on Linux systems that occurred during browser launch.

  Linux distribution Netrunner has a rocky past but a promising future (Mar 11)

According to Jack Wallen, Netrunner XOXO is a victory for the developers of the distro. See why Netrunner XOXO might be in your future!

  OPNsense set up and configure DNS Over TLS (DoT) (Mar 10)

OPNsense is an open-source, FreeBSD-based firewall and routing security software that also acts as a DNS resolver for all of your desktops and mobile devices. Learn how to configure the OPNsense DNS resolver to encrypt all DNS queries to protect from eavesdropping and increase your privacy and security online in this tutorial.

  Meet TeLOS Linux, a Sleek New Debian-Based Distro with a Modern Approach on the Linux Desktop (Mar 15)

Linux distro hoppers rejoice - theres a new Debian-based distribution in town called TeLOS! TeLOS offers a unique modern approach on the Linux desktop on top of the latest GNU/Linux technologies.

  Decade-old Linux kernel bugs are putting devices at risk (Mar 15)

Three privilege escalation vulnerabilities that have managed to avoid detection since 2006 have been discovered in the Linux kernel. All three have been patched - update now!

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