Linux Security Week: March 22nd, 2021


Linux Security Week: March 22nd, 2021

Thank you for reading our Linux Security Week newsletter! In this weekly newsletter, we strive to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the week's most relevant open source security news. We want to provide you with the type of content you are interested in, and would love to hear your thoughts on this week's articles.

Today’s newsletter highlights our two most recent feature articles: LinuxSecurity User Survey Results: How Do You Compare? and How Secure Is Linux?. We also examine various topics including new Ubuntu Linux kernel security updates and the release of System76's AMD-only Pangolin Linux laptop. Happy Monday - and happy reading!

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Brittany Day Signature Feature Extras:

LinuxSecurity User Survey Results: How Do You Compare? - Wondering how you compare to other LinuxSecurity users? Want to get to know your fellow community members better? If so, be sure to check out this summary of our User Survey results.

How Secure Is Linux? - This article will examine the key factors that contribute to the robust security of Linux, and evaluate the level of protection  against vulnerabilities and attacks that Linux offers administrators and users.

  Meet TeLOS Linux, a Sleek New Debian-Based Distro with a Modern Approach on the Linux Desktop (Mar 15)

Linux distro hoppers rejoice - theres a new Debian-based distribution in town called TeLOS! TeLOS offers a unique modern approach on the Linux desktop on top of the latest GNU/Linux technologies.

  Decade-old Linux kernel bugs are putting devices at risk (Mar 15)

Three privilege escalation vulnerabilities that have managed to avoid detection since 2006 have been discovered in the Linux kernel. All three have been patched - update now!

  New Ubuntu Linux Kernel Security Updates Address Six Vulnerabilities, Patch Now (Mar 17)

Canonical has published new Linux kernel security updates for all of its supported Ubuntu OS releases addressing up to six security vulnerabilities affecting all supported kernels. Patch now!

  Pwning the pen tester: Malicious Wireshark packet capture file risk revealed (Mar 16)

Maliciously constructed Wireshark packet capture files might be used to distribute  malware , providing recipients can be tricked into double clicking file URL fields. A CVE has been assigned to the security issue (now resolved through a recent update) due its potential for harm, despite the fact that some social engineering trickery is required.

  Mint 20: Better Than Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows? (Mar 16)

Wondering how Linux Mint compares to Ubuntu and Windows? Get an experienced admin's perspective in this article.

  KDE Plasma 5.21 Review – Perhaps the Worthy Linux Desktop to Take on Windows (Mar 18)

Could KDE Plasma 5.21 be the worthy Linux desktop to take on Windows? Here is a  review of the recently released KDE Plasma 5.21.

  RHEL In Your Car? Red Hat Building Out Automotive Infotainment Team (Mar 17)

Excited about the prospect of RHEL in your car?! As part of the vendor's growing automotive efforts, Red Hat is in the process of building out an "infotainment" team to work on low-level Linux infrastructure.

  System76’s AMD-Only “Pangolin” Linux Laptop Is Finally Here (Mar 18)

Looking for a lightweight, versatile laptop powered by AMD? Then you're in luck- after a long wait of more than three months, Linux hardware vendor System76 is finally ready to take orders for their AMD-only Pangolin Linux laptop!

  The Rise of Open Source: Pandemic, Economy, Efficiency, Trust (Mar 19)

Those familiar with Open Source know that it comes with many benefits - security being among the most significant. Learn about the key factors powering the rise of Open Source adoption.

  10 Steps To Secure Linux Server + {Bonus Tips} (Mar 19)

Linux servers are already extremely secure by default thats why 100% of supercomputers, most of the  top 1 million servers , and top  25% of websites  on the internet run on Linux. Besides having security tools in place, users should follow a few steps to further secure Linux servers. Learn about 10 steps you should take to secure your servers in this tutorial.

  Endlessh – SSH tarpit (Mar 22)

Endlessh is an SSH tarpit that very slowly sends an endless, random SSH banner. It keeps SSH clients locked up for hours or even days at a time. Learn about Endlessh and how it helps secure SSH servers.

  How to use semanage and avoid disabling SELinux (Mar 22)

Want to make dealing with SELinux considerably easier? Learn about three semanage commands that will help you accomplish this while not disabling the critical security system in this quick tutorial.

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