Linux Security Week: November 15, 2021 |


Linux Security Week: November 15, 2021

Happy Monday fellow Linux geeks and Open Source enthusiasts! In this week's newsletter we examine and compare our favorite Linux backup solutions for preventing data loss in a ransomware attack, speak with Oracle Linux developers to get exclusive insight into what makes Oracle Linux is a logical enterprise-ready CentOS replacement and introduce our top six open-source vulnerability scanning tools. Could Oracle Linux be the secure, logical CentOS replacement you're looking for?

Have a question about or a comment on one of this week's articles?  Let's discuss! Read on to get the details on these critical topics.

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Could 'Unbreakable' Oracle Linux be the Logical Enterprise-Ready CentOS Replacement?


LinuxSecurity researchers worked with Honglin Su from the Oracle Linux and Virtualization product management team along with the Kernel development team to answer our questions regarding what makes Oracle Linux a logical enterprise-ready CentOS replacement - and more! 

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Best Linux Backup Solutions to Prevent Data Loss in a Ransomware Attack


In this article, you'll learn about our six favorite Linux backup solutions, and how they compare.

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Top 6 Vulnerability Scanning Tools


TailsOSLearn about six of the best open-source vulnerability scanning tools that are free and adaptable to various operating systems. 


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