Happy Monday! In this week's newsletter we discuss IT security audits and their importance in establishing and maintaining a strong security posture, speak with Ryan Mack from Uptycs about his top tips for securing the enterprise, and explore Tuxcare's Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) for CentOS users. What happens when your CentOS subscription ends this year? We speak with TuxCare to find out.

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All You Need to Know About IT Security Audits and Its Importance 

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With the modern ways of storing and sharing information, businesses face multiple challenges in protecting their online assets, making conducting thorough IT security audits increasingly critical in establishing and maintaining a strong security posture.

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Uptycs Addresses Modern Cloud-Native & Containerization Security Challenges with its Uptycs Security Analytics Platform


Ryan Mack from Uptycs shares his top tips for securing the enterprise.

Learn more about open source tool of the month uptycs addresses modern cloud native containerization security challenges with its uptycs security analytics platform

Time Is Running Out for CentOS 8

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It came as a shock when RedHat announced that CentOS 8 support would end this year. But luckily for CentOS users, Tuxcare's Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) will provide four additional years of critical support and protection.

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