10 Nations Demand Online Privacy - Or Else

    Date23 Apr 2010
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Google was the main target of a group of privacy commissioners from 10 nations who held a press event in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to air their grievances. They castigated the company over its botched Buzz rollout and criticized its Street View operations. However, other online companies -- such as Facebook and other social networks -- should also take notice, the commissioners warned. Saying they've grown increasingly impatient with online companies that pay too little heed to national privacy laws and expectations, data protection commissioners from 10 countries on Tuesday launched what they promised would be an ongoing effort to match worldwide enforcement with the growing global market in social network Manage and monitor your systems with Landscape for Ubuntu. Free 60 day Trial. information.

    "We've seen this happening a couple of times now and we want to say, 'No, this can't go on the way it has," said Jennifer Stoddart, Canada's privacy commissioner.

    The group fired its first shot at Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), asking the company to explain what is widely considered to be its flawed launch of the social networking tool, Buzz, and answer how it intends to more closely hew to privacy expectations in the future.

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