Review: Anonabox or InvizBox, which Tor router better anonymizes online life?

    Date09 Apr 2015
    Posted ByDave Wreski
    A while back, we covered the controversy over a few Kickstarter projects aiming to provide something in increasing demand as of late: a foolproof way to connect any Wi-Fi capable device to the Tor anonymized network. Two such Tor "travel router" projects have since become actual product: InvizBox, from a team in Ireland, and the resurrected Anonabox, which was acquired by the tech holding company Sochule. A third, the open source PORTAL project, originally coded by "opsec" champion the grugq, is being turned into a consumer product by Ryan Lackey and Marc Rogers of CloudFlare and will be getting its bow at the RSA Conference later this month.
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