The Computer Security Paradox

    Date09 May 2008
    Posted ByBrittany Day
    One of the most prized rights of any American is the right to privacy and security. It's something people in some countries would kill for. Yet now there appears to be a very frightening trend growing. Your privacy and security are being thrown out the window wholesale in favor of easier access by law enforcement. A recent example of this can be seen with the announcement that Microsoft has been providing a tool to investigators that can effectively rip your Windows security to shreds in seconds, exposing all your private data to whoever wants to look at it.

    A key point brought up in this article is the fact that prevention of crimes should hold higher priority over that of solving crimes. It seems that breaking security for the sake of forensics would not only make crimes easier to "solve", but also easier to commit. How do you feel about this approach to improving forensics?

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