What's your identity fraud risk level?

    Date11 Jun 2009
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Has personal security been relegated into a simple graph that shows your risk? Fraud, and even phishing risks are real. Is this capitalizing on FUD?

    Like many people, I'm worried about identity fraud. Not paranoid, just generally curious what the chances are that I could be victimized by things like mail theft. Sure, I could sign up for one of the fee-based identity fraud monitoring services like LifeLock or Debix, or I can get a credit report that might give me some clue that a credit card has been taken out by someone else in my name.

    Now there is a Web site that offers an assessment of a person's identity fraud risk for free. The My ID Score site was recently launched by ID Analytics, which offers corporations and consumers services to protect them against identity fraud.

    The site scans the company's ID Network, billed as the largest identity fraud database in the U.S., to see what types of activities and transactions have been made in your name. It looks at hundreds of variables and data points and then looks for anomalies, such as credit card applications on the same day with different addresses or pre-paid cell phone purchases in a short period of time, said Thomas Oscherwitz, chief privacy officer at ID Analytics.

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