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Debian LTS Advisory DLA-2692-1                [email protected]
https://www.debian.org/lts/security/                    Thorsten Alteholz
June 27, 2021                                 https://wiki.debian.org/LTS
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Package        : bluez
Version        : 5.43-2+deb9u4
CVE ID         : CVE-2020-26558 CVE-2021-0129

Two issues have been found in bluez, a package with Bluetooth tools and 
daemons. One issue is about a man-in-the-middle attack during secure 
pairing, the  other is about information disclosure due to improper access 

In order to completely fix both issues, you need an updated kernel as 
well! For Debian 9 Stretch this has been uploaded some days ago.

For Debian 9 stretch, these problems have been fixed in version

We recommend that you upgrade your bluez packages.

For the detailed security status of bluez please refer to
its security tracker page at:

Further information about Debian LTS security advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS