's RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for distributing and sharing web content. RSS is a subset of XML and must conform to the XML 1.0 specification.

Most of the content on such as news, advisories, and feature stories is available via RSS.

How are these RSS feeds different from the old RDF feeds?

The RDF feeds were based on a very old version of RSS. These new RSS 2.0 feeds include the first paragraph from the article, the source of the article, and other attributes.

How do I use's RSS feeds?

In order to take advantage of these RSS feeds you need an RSS aggregator, which periodically downloads the RSS file(s) and formats them into a usable format.

Below are links to several popular RSS aggregators:

  • Sage - a self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader
  • FreshRSS - a free, self-hostable feed aggregator.
  • Feedreader - a lightweight open-source aggregator for Microsoft Windows. RSS Feeds

We offer four RSS feeds which are available below:

  • Hybrid - Most recent advisories, news stories, and feature stories.
  • Advisories - Most recent Linux vendor security advisories.
  • Latest News - Most recent news articles.
  • Features - Most recent feature stories by the editorial staff.

Distribution RSS Advisories:

Below you will find a list of 12 of the most popular distributions in use today. Each link will add that specific distribution's Advisory RSS feed based on your computer's settings.

If there are any other distribution's that you think should be added, please contact our team at