LinuxSecurity: Contribute Your Article / Write For Us

Thanks very much for your interest in contributing to LinuxSecurity. We’re happy to hear from Linux security advocates and Open Source enthusiasts contributing articles on topics they love for us to help you promote. We’ll include a link to your project, and a place in our contributors section for those who work with us consistently.

Digital marketing agencies and link building services are also welcome to contribute here. Send us an email using the form below, and we will respond with our requirements for you.

Basic Guidelines

For us to consider publishing your article, it must at least meet the following basic guidelines. Please read them carefully. We receive far too many requests to have to remind you of these guidelines.

  • Must be at least 1200 words
  • Must be directly related to Linux and open source or cybersecurity in some way
  • Must contain at least three original images (no stock photos)
  • The link back to your site must also pertain to Linux and Open Source or cybersecurity in some way
  • Marketing pieces promoting specific companies, products or services will not be accepted.
  • Your backlink page cannot be promotional. Must be informative. No product pages.
  • Use internal sources. We have more than 23 years of content on the site. Use the search feature on the site and reference other content when possible.
  • Simple checklists ("5 ways to ...") content will be rejected.
  • Please don’t call out specific companies or people. It’s ok to highlight facts within an article – but the focus shouldn’t be around data breaches or individual errors.

We have very high standards, and will reject your article if it is too simplistic and doesn't benefit our very technical and advanced audience. Our users are generally very experienced and are going to expect to see more advanced content.

Please include a few suggested article topics with a brief description of what you intend to write about with your request. We would also be happy to help you identify a topic and develop an outline for your article prior to writing to be sure it will be published without any difficulties.