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World's Toughest Code Cracked


This Wired story describes the recent contest created to decipher 10 increasingly difficult codes set by author Simon Singh in his international bestseller The Code Book. Quite interesting. There's also the step-by-step analysis of what the Swedish cryptographers did in their . . .

CFP: Financial Cryptography '02


Original papers are solicited on all aspects of financial data security and digital commerce for submission to the Sixth Annual Conference on Financial Cryptography (FC '02). FC '02 brings together researchers in the financial, legal, cryptologic, and data security fields to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas.. . .

GitHub Makes Passkeys Security Feature Available to All


GitHub has officially rolled out its passkeys security feature for general availability, following a two-month beta testing phase. Passkeys introduce a cloud-synced authentication system using cryptographic key pairs, allowing users to access websites and applications using their screen-lock PIN, biometrics, or physical security key.