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Tails 6.0 Released with Critical Security Updates, Big Improvements


The release of Tails 6.0 brings many improvements that cater to new and seasoned users, emphasizing security, usability, and privacy for those passionate about online security. The new features introduced in this version highlight the project's commitment to enhancing user experience while maintaining robust security protocols.

Tails 5.22 Released with Various Updates & Security Fixes


Tails, an open-source, portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship, has released version 5.22 with various updates and security features that privacy-conscious users and admins will surely appreciate. Here's what's new in this release and how you can upgrade to Tails 5.22 to reap the benefits it offers. · 

How Free VPNs Improve Linux Security


Linux is one of the widely used operating systems and is rapidly growing in popularity. Its robust security is a major benefit to users and organizations. Although experts acknowledge Linux as a safer alternative to Windows, the OS can be further fortified by employing a free VPN.

Firefox vs Tor Browser: Which One Offers Better Privacy and Security


Firefox and Tor Browser are both computer browsers, but they are not exactly the same. The way these two websites handle privacy and anonymity is one of the biggest differences between them. Firefox is a well-known open-source web browser that is known for being fast, safe, and easy to use. It has a lot of features that make it easy and handy to browse the internet. Tor Browser, on the other hand, has privacy tools that come with it.