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This release also ships with the latest Tor Browser 12.0.5 anonymous web browser and Linux kernel 6.1.20 LTS.

The Tails 5.12 has been released today as another monthly update to this Debian-based amnesic incognito live system for those who want to protect their identity and their personal information by surfing the Internet anonymously using the latest Tor technologies. 

Tails 5.12 is here to introduce two new features for Persistent Storage, namely the ability to manually delete stored data when turning off the Persistent Storage, as well as support for generating strong passwords when creating the Persistent Storage for your Tails system.

Tails 5.12 also improves Persistent Storage’s error message when a feature fails to activate when it’s enabled from the Welcome Screen clarifying which feature is affected. In addition, the activation of the Persistent Storage is now more reliable and there’s a new icon for the backup utility for the Persistent Storage.

The link for this article located at 9 to 5 Linux is no longer available.