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4 Ways to Use Kernel Security Features for Process Monitoring


The large attack surface of Kubernetes’ default pod provisioning is susceptible to critical security vulnerabilities, some of which include malicious exploits and container breakouts. I believe one of the most effective workload runtime security measures to prevent such exploits is layer-by-layer process monitoring within the container.

What Sysadmins Want to Know about OpenShift and Kubernetes in 2022


The Enable Sysadmin community continues to answer key questions about OpenShift and Kubernetes.   Another year has gone by, and what a year it's been! We've had tons of news in the Kubernetes and OpenShift world, and an increasing number of companies are adopting this technology, which is dominating the container-orchestration market. Last year, I wrote an article about 2021's OpenShift and Kubernetes highlights, and guess what: This is the list for the year 2022! Once again, the Enable Sysadmin community did not fail to contribute their diverse and expert knowledge. Have fun with this selection of Enable Sysadmin's top articles of 2022 about Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform (OCP).

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