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OpenSSF Outlook Q1 2023: How To Avoid the Next Log4Shell and Other OSS Security Reflections


“Log4j has been around for 20 years; it’s become embedded into nearly every meaningful Java application; and the Log4Shell event led to compromises in everything from iCloud to physical security systems. Moreover, malware groups are continuing to exploit unpatched Log4j instances. We will likely see additional Log4Shell-like events unless we address its root issues.”

OpenSSF Membership Exceeds 100, With Many New Members Dedicated to Securing Open Source Software


The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a cross-industry organization hosted at the Linux Foundation that brings together the world’s most important software supply chain security initiatives, today announced many new members from leading technology firms in sectors that span software development, cybersecurity, data science, platform-as-a-service, semiconductors, finance, think tanks, academics, and more, bringing the total number of OpenSSF members to over 100.

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