The annual Ubuntu Summit is where Linux and open-source software lovers gather to see what’s new. This year it will take place in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, November 3 to 5. And guess what? Microsoft, the big name we usually associate with paid software, joined the movement. This new partnership aims for greater collaboration between major technology companies and open-source communities.

The fact that Microsoft is part of Free Summit 2023 shows that you are getting closer to open-source software. Summit attendees, in person or online, will hear from Microsoft experts. They will talk about interesting things like using Linux on Windows, building apps with .NET 8 on Ubuntu, and how Microsoft’s Azure works seamlessly with Ubuntu’s snapshot service. 

"Learning continues with a talk on improving security for .NET on Ubuntu containers, followed by an in-depth discussion of using Ubuntu’s new snapshot service with Azure. This session features speakers from Canonical and Microsoft, demonstrating how Azure and the Ubuntu Snapshot service can be used effectively."