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Expanded Platform Support For AMD Dynamic Boost Control Being Worked On For Linux


Since early this year AMD has been working on Linux enablement patches for Dynamic Boost Control (DBC). This is a new feature of some AMD SoCs that allow an "authenticated entity" to have greater control over certain SoC characteristics to improve the power/performance. AMD DBC was merged for Linux 6.6 just days ago while already new patches have been posted that extend the supported platforms for this Dynamic Boost Control functionality.

What is LEMP Stack?


In the world of web development, terms like MEAN, MERN, LEMP, and PERN are frequently encountered. These terms refer to web stacks, which are bundles of software, frameworks, and libraries used for building full-stack web applications. One such popular web stack is LEMP. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what the LEMP stack is, its components, how it works, and why it is popular in web development.