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Zope Lassos Pesky Trojan


Zope Weekly News has reported a problem with its security model that appears to be potentially pervasive and not necessarily Zope-specific. This is the first installation in a three-part series on Zope's efforts to rein in the trojan, which will . . .

Interview with Kevin Sexton of Protectix


"Protectix is a provider of access control solutions based on Open Source software. We target e-businesses, ISPs, and Management Service Providers (MSPs). Protectix is trying to make it it easier for the IT manager to implement and maintain proper . . .

Poking Holes in Linux


The recent "back-door" in an open source program has some questioning just how secure open source is, or really can be. "A hole discovered in a Red Hat Linux product has experts debating how secure open-source software is, given . . .

Guardian Digital, Inc. Releases


Responding to the rising demand for network security information, and recent influx of security related news, Guardian Digital, Inc. is releasing, today. This is the second major website release for Guardian Digital. In February,, “The Linux Community’s Source . . .

More Information On NSA Linux


This week more information was revealed on what Secure Computing is going to be doing on Linux for the National Security Agency. The following note, posted by Tom Haigh, CTO for Secure Computing, discusses how the Linux development will . . .

Linux Security Will Succeed


Brian Martin has written an excellent article on why Linux Security (the concept, not our site) is going to succeed. In it, he discusses the security implications of the open source movement versus closed source development. He also . . .