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Cyber risk is increasing for individuals and organizations, making flexible and robust solutions for identifying spam and malware increasingly critical. Apache SpamAssassin is an anti-spam framework we stand behind and have been using in Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security for decades as a component of our email security solution to help detect fraudulent and malicious mail.

The KAM ruleset for SpamAssassin is a set of rules developed by the McGrail Foundation. It has been in active use and development since May 2004 and significantly improves the performance and efficacy of a stock installation of Apache SpamAssassin. The foundation is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the KAM ruleset, underlining its long-standing support of the project.

In celebration of this exciting accomplishment, we sat down with Founder and ruleset author Kevin McGrail to discuss the significance of the KAM ruleset, how it has evolved over the past two decades, and future plans for the ruleset. In addition to this exclusive coverage, you’ll learn how using the ruleset can improve the security of your email to protect against known and emerging threats.