7.Locks HexConnections

Cilium, an open-source networking, security and observability project, has released version 1.14 with an array of connectivity, security and observability updates. The Cilium 1.14 update also introduces new mesh capabilities, high-speed networking and security enhancements.

“Cilium is quickly growing beyond Kubernetes and beyond container networking,” Thomas Graf, founder of Cilium and CTO of Isovalent, told SDxCentral. “It is becoming an overall cloud-native connectivity platform meeting enterprise-grade standards.”


To date, Cilium has been largely used alongside the Kubernetes container orchestration platform, but the 1.14 release unshackles it to enable much broader networking use cases.

Cilium is an open-source project hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), with commercial support from startup Isovalent (formerly known as Covalent). At the core of Cilium is the use of the eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter), which is a Linux kernel technology that can be used for networking security and observability. The Cilium project got started in 2015 and has grown significantly over the years, now counting IKEA, the New York Times and Bloomberg among its users.