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Primer to Container Security


Containers are considered to be a standard way of deploying these microservices to the cloud. Containers are better than virtual machines in almost all ways except security, which may be the main barrier to their widespread adoption.

Log4Shell a huge wake-up call for 95% of security leaders


Security leaders are still dealing with the impact of Log4Shell, and cloud security leaders are changing the way they secure cloud workloads in the aftermath of Log4Shell. New Valtix research reveals that 95% of cybersecurity leaders say Log4Shell was a wake-up call for cloud security, changing it permanently, and that 87% feel less confident about their cloud security now than they did before the incident. 

Hardening Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Environments


Kubernetes has quickly become a de facto tool within enterprise software development environments, enabling DevOps engineers to scale large numbers of containers. And recent cybersecurity hardening guidelines laid out by the NSA and CISA indicate that adoption of Kubernetes has reached critical mass. But this surge in adoption also can introduce many new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations which, if left unchecked, could put many organizations at risk.

NSA on How to Harden Kubernetes


The NSA - the maker of the original secure Linux (SELinux) - has written guidelines on how to secure video conferencing, text chatting, and collaboration tools; and now explains how to harden Kubernetes against attackers.

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