23.Tablet Connections

The pace of software development is accelerating. Devops teams are under more pressure to launch products rapidly, and they are able to do so in part because of open-source software (OSS) tools.

According to estimates, OSS now makes up between 80 and 90 percent of all current software. However, OSS produces a big surface area that needs to be controlled because there are millions of packages published anonymously that developers utilise to build software, even though it has been a fantastic accelerator for software development. 

Most open source programmers behave honourably; they care about making other programmers’ lives simpler who could run into the same problem they’re trying to solve. Because there is no financial reward for publishing an OSS package and a lot of negative feedback in comment threads, it is a thankless profession. “The most frequently encountered bad behavior is rudeness (45% witnessed, 16% experienced), followed by name calling (20% witnessed, 5% experienced) and stereotyping (11% witnessed, 3% experienced).” according to GitHub’s Open Source Survey.