27.Tablet Connections Blocks Lock

The software development process is getting quicker. Devops teams are under increased pressure to go to market, and they’re able to work quickly, thanks in part to open-source software (OSS) packages.

OSS has become so prevalent that it’s estimated to factor into 80 to 90% of any given piece of modern software. But while it’s been a great accelerator to software development, OSS creates a large surface area that needs to be protected because there are millions of packages created anonymously that developers use to build software.  

Most open-source developers act in good faith; they are interested in making life easier for other developers who might encounter the same challenge they’re looking to solve. It’s a thankless job because there’s no financial benefit to publishing an OSS package and plenty of backlash in comment threads. According to GitHub’s Open Source Survey, “the most frequently encountered bad behavior is rudeness (45% witnessed, 16% experienced), followed by name calling (20% witnessed, 5% experienced) and stereotyping (11% witnessed, 3% experienced).”