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Earlier this week, Amazon announced the availability of Amazon Linux 2023, its third-generation Linux distribution. With this distribution, Amazon is promising three benefits: a high-security standard, a predictable lifecycle, and deterministic updates.

On the security front, Amazon says that its latest operating system comes with preconfigured security policies to help you set your system up to meet various common industry guidelines. The company says that these can be set during launch time or run time. Amazon Linux 2023 also comes with a hardened Linux kernel by default for added security. 

With regards to the lifecycle, Amazon will release new versions of its operating system every two years. These bigger updates will bring big changes to the kernel, toolchain, GLib C, OpenSSL, and other system libraries and utilities. In addition to these, security updates will be made available when ready and there will be quarterly updates that include security updates, bug fixes, and new features and packages. These quarterly updates will update stuff like language runtimes and popular software packages.