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Docker is a technology for containerization, while Kubernetes is a tool for orchestrating container deployments. In the subsequent subsections, we will discuss a variety of open-source tools that really are useful for securing Kubernetes clusters.

These open source tools involve code snippets that will help with static scanning of Docker images, security auditing, hardening Kubernetes clusters, and incorporating runtime security. Some of the most popular Kubernetes clusters managed by cloud providers include AWS EKS, Azure AKS, and Google CKE. The following is a list of open source tools that may be used to do security scans and that can be incorporated into your CI/CD pipeline in order to analyze images while your apps are being built. 

Clair is a vulnerability static scanning tool that is free source and designed for containers. The application supports a variety of deployment strategies and excels in situations requiring a high level of scalability and availability. Clair is compatible with REST APIs and offers scan reports in HTML format. The CVEs database that was developed as part of the Clair project is used by the Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR), which then produces a list of discoveries.