RISC-V, an open-standard instruction set architecture (ISA) designed to be license-free and royalty-free, is creating a new Linux movement in the hardware industry. The goal of the project is to create a single standard for processors and other chips that can be used across different devices, which will make it easier for developers to work on multiple platforms without having to learn new languages.

RISC-V was developed as an open-source alternative to ARM processors, which are popular with many companies that build hardware. This gives developers more control over their products but also means that they must learn new programming languages. The author then goes on to discuss other companies that are building chips based on RISC-V, including AMD and Nvidia.


RISC-V has notable security benefits, as a more open architecture is safer because it allows independent researchers to red-team it and find all the holes that need to be fixed. 

I found the article linked below very helpful in understanding the rise of RISC-V and the impact it is currently having in India. I encourage you to check it out!