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Containers have become increasingly popular in recent years, they can be spun up quickly and offer developers the opportunity to deliver projects faster as well as gains in agility, portability and improved lifecycle management.

Here are what some industry experts think we'll see happening in the container market in 2023.

Shira Shamban, CEO and co-founder of Solvo, believes securing containers will need an identity-centric approach. "Along with seeing a data-centric approach to security emerge, we will also see an identity-centric model grow. In previous years, when infrastructures were entirely on-premises, the network used to be the security perimeter. However, in today's cloud-native era and with the growth of APIs, it's necessary to have strong Identity and Access Management practices throughout the organization, creating a unique identity not only for each individual employee but also for the specific cloud components, such as containers, serverless functions and data resources. Maintaining a least-privileged state at scale will be increasingly important."