23.Tablet Connections Esm W900

Nitrux 2.8.1, codenamed "sc" for "safer computing," has been released, offering enhanced privacy and security features. While the distribution does not claim to be impenetrable or unhackable, it aims to protect users' privacy and provide tools for online anonymization.

The release is made possible through collaboration with packagecloud, which provides the necessary infrastructure for building the distribution. New users are advised to perform a fresh installation using the latest media. For existing users of version 2.8.0, it is recommended to review the release notes for specific instructions. Notably, Nitrux 2.8.1 employs Linux 6.3.4-1 (Liquorix) as its kernel. 

Several components of the distribution have been updated in this release. Noteworthy updates include KDE Plasma 5.27.5, KDE Frameworks 5.106.0, and KDE Gear 23.04.1. Additionally, Firefox has been updated to version 113.0.2. The MESA component has also been updated to version 23.2.

A significant change in Nitrux 2.8.1 is the switch to Plasma Wayland as the default graphical session. This decision aligns with KDE's focus on improving Wayland support for the upcoming Plasma release. The Maui Shell, primarily developed for Wayland, will also offer future support for XWayland. While the Plasma X11 session is not listed in the SDDM, it can be restored, as explained in the Plasma X11 Session Information.