10.FingerPrint Locks

Tails 5.20 is a Linux distribution designed to provide anonymity and privacy to its users. It comes pre-configured with tools like Tor Browser, HTTPS Everywhere, KeePassXC, and more.

This past week, the Tails developers released version 5.20 of their operating system. This release brings a number of improvements including an updated Tor Browser (version 8.0), an updated GNOME desktop environment (version 3.30), and numerous other software updates. 

The biggest change in this release is an update to the Tor Browser that was released last week by the Tor Project's developers. This update fixes a number of security issues related to JavaScript and other browser components.

Another important update in this release is the removal of AdGuard's filter list from the default configuration file for filtering ads and tracking cookies in web browsers used by Tails users when browsing online content anonymously using the Tor network (which includes DuckDuckGo).

I found the article linked below very helpful in understanding what's new in this release, and I wanted to share it with you. Check it out!