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The Tor Project, the organization behind the anonymous network and browser, is helping launch a privacy-focused browser that’s made to connect to a VPN instead of a decentralized onion network. It’s called the Mullvad browser, named after the Mullvad VPN company it’s partnered with on the project, and it’s available for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The Mullvad browser’s main goal is to make it harder for advertisers and other companies to track you across the internet. It does this by working to reduce your browser’s “fingerprint,” a term that describes all the metadata that sites can collect to uniquely identify your device. Your fingerprint can be made up of simple things, like what browser and operating system you’re using, to more invasive info, like what fonts and extensions you have installed, and what input / output devices your browser has access to.

Looking at all those factors can make it easy to uniquely identify you just based on your fingerprint, without the need for things like cookies or other tracking tech. There are various tools that can show you how fingerprintable your browser is, but I personally recommend the EFF’s because it does a good job of explaining the results.