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An analysis of the Linux variant of a new ransomware strain called BlackSuit has covered significant similarities with another ransomware family called Royal.

Trend Micro, which examined an x64 VMware ESXi version targeting Linux machines, said it identified an "extremely high degree of similarity" between Royal and BlackSuit.

"In fact, they're nearly identical, with 98% similarities in functions, 99.5% similarities in blocks, and 98.9% similarities in jumps based on BinDiff, a comparison tool for binary files," Trend Micro researchers noted.

A comparison of the Windows artifacts has identified 93.2% similarity in functions, 99.3% in basic blocks, and 98.4% in jumps based on BinDiff.

BlackSuit first came to light in early May 2023 when Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 drew attention to its ability to target both Windows and Linux hosts.


The link for this article located at The Hacker News is no longer available.