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Several fake cryptography applications have appeared on Canonical's Snap Store. These web application security vulnerabilities seek to steal user funds and inflict other damaging data and network security issues. Canonical is investigating the matter, and access is restricted while investigating the risky cryptography today.

Ethical HackingSnap users have reported these recently published Snaps since they are potentially malicious in stealing user funds. The Snap Store has removed the reported risks and incorporated a manual review requirement for new registrations so threat actors cannot impersonate legitimate applications with similar names to manipulate Snap users. Here is the report Canonical’s Snap Store has utilized to notify users:

"If you try registering a new snap while the requirement is active, you will be prompted to ‘request reserved name.’ The name will be registered upon a successful manual review from the Snap Store staff. Uploading and releasing revisions for existing snaps will not be affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our Snap publishers and developers. It is the most prudent action at this moment.

We want to thoroughly investigate this incident without introducing any noise into the system. More importantly, we want to ensure that our users have a safe and trusted experience with the Snap Store.

Please bear with us while we conduct our investigation. We will provide a more detailed update in the coming days."