Fedora Update Notification
2021-01-24 01:24:57.579690

Name        : chromium
Product     : Fedora 33
Version     : 88.0.4324.96
Release     : 1.fc33
URL         : https://www.chromium.org/Home
Summary     : A WebKit (Blink) powered web browser
Description :
Chromium is an open-source web browser, powered by WebKit (Blink).

Update Information:

This is probably not the update you want.  Let me be clear, it does fix the
security vulnerabilities in this list:  CVE-2020-16044 CVE-2021-21118
CVE-2021-21119 CVE-2021-21120 CVE-2021-21121 CVE-2021-21122 CVE-2021-21123
CVE-2021-21124 CVE-2021-21125 CVE-2021-21126 CVE-2021-21127 CVE-2021-21129
CVE-2021-21130 CVE-2021-21131 CVE-2021-21132 CVE-2021-21133 CVE-2021-21134
CVE-2021-21135 CVE-2021-21136 CVE-2021-21137 CVE-2021-21138 CVE-2021-21139
CVE-2021-21140 CVE-2021-21141 CVE-2021-21117 CVE-2021-21128  But it will not
behave like Google Chrome does.  Google has announced that it is cutting off
access to the Sync and "other Google Exclusive" APIs from all builds except
Google Chrome. This will make the Fedora Chromium build significantly less
functional (along with every other distro packaged Chromium). It is noteworthy
that Google _gave_ the builders of distribution Chromium packages these access
rights back in 2013 via API keys, specifically so that we could have open source
builds of Chromium with (near) feature parity to Chrome. And now they're taking
it away. The reasoning given for this change? Google does not want users to be
able to "access their personal Chrome Sync data (such as bookmarks) ... with a
non-Google, Chromium-based browser." They're not closing a security hole,
they're just requiring that everyone use Chrome.  Or to put it bluntly, they do
not want you to access their Google API functionality without using proprietary
software (Google Chrome). There is no good reason for Google to do this, other
than to force people to use Chrome.  I gave a lot of thought to whether I wanted
to continue to maintain the Chromium package in Fedora, given that many (most?)
users will be confused/annoyed when API functionality like sync and geolocation
stops working for no good reason. Ultimately, I decided to continue for now,
because there were at least some users who didn't mind, and if I stopped,
someone else would start over and run blindly into this problem.  I would say
that you might want to reconsider whether you want to use Chromium or not. If
you want the full "Google" experience, you can run the proprietary Chrome. If
you want to use a FOSS browser that isn't hobbled, there is a Firefox package in
Fedora.  Oh, last, but not least, Google isn't shutting off the API access until
March 15, 2021, but I have gone ahead and disabled it starting with this update.
I'd rather you read about it here (even though most users will never see this)
than have it just happen.

* Wed Jan 20 2021 Tom Callaway  - 88.0.4324.96-1
- 88 goes from beta to stable
- disable use of api keys (Google shut off API access)

  [ 1 ] Bug #1918218 - CVE-2021-21118 chromium-browser: Insufficient data validation in V8
  [ 2 ] Bug #1918219 - CVE-2021-21119 chromium-browser: Use after free in Media
  [ 3 ] Bug #1918220 - CVE-2021-21120 chromium-browser: Use after free in WebSQL
  [ 4 ] Bug #1918222 - CVE-2021-21121 chromium-browser: Use after free in Omnibox
  [ 5 ] Bug #1918223 - CVE-2021-21122 chromium-browser: Use after free in Blink
  [ 6 ] Bug #1918224 - CVE-2021-21123 chromium-browser: Insufficient data validation in File System API
  [ 7 ] Bug #1918225 - CVE-2021-21124 chromium-browser: Potential user after free in Speech Recognizer
  [ 8 ] Bug #1918226 - CVE-2021-21125 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API
  [ 9 ] Bug #1918227 - CVE-2021-21126 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions
  [ 10 ] Bug #1918228 - CVE-2021-21127 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in extensions
  [ 11 ] Bug #1918229 - CVE-2021-21129 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API
  [ 12 ] Bug #1918230 - CVE-2021-21130 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API
  [ 13 ] Bug #1918231 - CVE-2021-21131 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API
  [ 14 ] Bug #1918232 - CVE-2021-21132 chromium-browser: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools
  [ 15 ] Bug #1918233 - CVE-2021-21133 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in Downloads
  [ 16 ] Bug #1918235 - CVE-2021-21134 chromium-browser: Incorrect security UI in Page Info
  [ 17 ] Bug #1918236 - CVE-2021-21135 chromium-browser: Inappropriate implementation in Performance API
  [ 18 ] Bug #1918237 - CVE-2021-21136 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in WebView
  [ 19 ] Bug #1918238 - CVE-2021-21137 chromium-browser: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools
  [ 20 ] Bug #1918239 - CVE-2021-21138 chromium-browser: Use after free in DevTools
  [ 21 ] Bug #1918240 - CVE-2021-21139 chromium-browser: Inappropriate implementation in iframe sandbox
  [ 22 ] Bug #1918241 - CVE-2021-21140 chromium-browser: Uninitialized Use in USB
  [ 23 ] Bug #1918242 - CVE-2021-21141 chromium-browser: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2021-48866282e5' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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