Fedora Update Notification
2021-09-07 16:26:35.652642

Name        : libguestfs
Product     : Fedora 33
Version     : 1.44.1
Release     : 2.fc33
URL         : https://libguestfs.org/
Summary     : Access and modify virtual machine disk images
Description :
Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying virtual machine
disk images.  https://libguestfs.org

It can be used to make batch configuration changes to guests, get disk
used/free statistics (virt-df), perform backups and guest clones,
change registry/UUID/hostname info, build guests from scratch
(virt-builder) and much more.

Libguestfs uses Linux kernel and qemu code, and can access any type of
guest filesystem that Linux and qemu can, including but not limited
to: ext2/3/4, btrfs, FAT and NTFS, LVM, many different disk partition
schemes, qcow, qcow2, vmdk.

Libguestfs is split into several subpackages.  The basic subpackages are:

               libguestfs  C library
         libguestfs-tools  virt-* tools, guestfish and guestmount (FUSE)
       libguestfs-tools-c  only the subset of virt tools written in C
                             (for reduced dependencies)
                 virt-dib  safe and secure diskimage-builder replacement

For enhanced features, install:

     libguestfs-forensics  adds filesystem forensics support

          libguestfs-gfs2  adds Global Filesystem (GFS2) support

       libguestfs-hfsplus  adds HFS+ (Mac filesystem) support

 libguestfs-inspect-icons  adds support for inspecting guest icons

           libguestfs-jfs  adds JFS support
         libguestfs-nilfs  adds NILFS v2 support
      libguestfs-reiserfs  adds ReiserFS support

        libguestfs-rescue  enhances virt-rescue shell with more tools
         libguestfs-rsync  rsync to/from guest filesystems

           libguestfs-ufs  adds UFS (BSD) support

           libguestfs-xfs  adds XFS support

           libguestfs-zfs  adds ZFS support

For developers:

         libguestfs-devel  C/C++ header files and library

Language bindings:

 libguestfs-gobject-devel  GObject bindings and GObject Introspection

              lua-guestfs  Lua bindings
   ocaml-libguestfs-devel  OCaml bindings
         perl-Sys-Guestfs  Perl bindings

           php-libguestfs  PHP bindings

       python3-libguestfs  Python 3 bindings
          ruby-libguestfs  Ruby bindings

          libguestfs-vala  Vala language bindings

Update Information:

Update NTFS-3G to 2021.8.22 to fix multiple CVEs

* Thu Sep  2 2021 Neal Gompa  - 1:1.44.1-2
- Rebuild for ntfs-3g CVE fix bump

  [ 1 ] Bug #1999788 - ntfs-3g: Multiple buffer overflows in all versions [fedora-all]
  [ 2 ] Bug #1999869 - ntfs-3g-2021.8.22 is available

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2021-38d1b07839' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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