Fedora Core 3 Update: kernel-utils-2.4-13.1.49_FC3

    Date20 Jan 2005
    Posted ByJoe Shakespeare
    Update microcode_ctl to 1.11
    Fedora Update Notification
    Product     : Fedora Core 3
    Name        : kernel-utils
    Version     : 2.4                      
    Release     : 13.1.49_FC3                  
    Summary     : Kernel and Hardware related utilities
    Description :
    kernel-utils contains several utilities that can be used to control
    the kernel or your machines hardware. Included are
    * cpuspeed - dynamically change the speed of CPUs (if CPU is capable)
    * dmidecode - gives information about the bios and motherboard revisions
    * irqbalance - Evenly distribute interrupt load across CPUs.
    * microcode_ctl - updates the microcode on Intel cpus
    * rng-tools - Hardware random number generation tools.
    * smartctl - monitor the health of your disks
    * Tue Jan 18 2005 Dave Jones 
    - Update microcode_ctl to 1.11
    * Sun Nov 28 2004 Dave Jones 
    - Don't use binaries from /usr too early. (#102049)
    - Fix bogus "" in microcode_ctl initscript. (#112014)
    * Thu Nov 04 2004 Dave Jones 
    - Update irqbalance to 1.12 (#130625)
    * Sat Oct 30 2004 Dave Jones 
    - Install irqbalance manpage. (#90023)
    * Fri Oct 29 2004 Dave Jones 
    - Update irqbalanced (#137136)
    - Don't start microcode_ctl with -i any more
    - Remove reference to IA32 in microcode startup,
      as it works on EM64T now too.
    - Update microcode_ctl to upstream 1.10 (#134017, #134018)
    * Thu Oct 28 2004 Dave Jones 
    - Start irqbalanced on x86-64 too. (#137507)
    - chkconfig -del readaheady early on uninstall.
    This update can be downloaded from:
    7f527c171aea9c7ff2f6c7ee9ed7333e  SRPMS/kernel-utils-2.4-13.1.49_FC3.src.rpm
    1e1e68fff9a800d8268ba25bcd538d26  x86_64/kernel-utils-2.4-13.1.49_FC3.x86_64.rpm
    19c4275e5f158ef70ac1c40563c4f723  x86_64/debug/kernel-utils-debuginfo-2.4-13.1.49_FC3.x86_64.rpm
    55d72909822c5bf51d57933afa182ff4  i386/kernel-utils-2.4-13.1.49_FC3.i386.rpm
    4e912fbdd34bbc2b9425e2d516f554c5  i386/debug/kernel-utils-debuginfo-2.4-13.1.49_FC3.i386.rpm
    This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
    launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  
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