MGASA-2021-0227 - Updated vlc packages fix security vulnerabilities

Publication date: 08 Jun 2021
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 7, 8

A remote user could create a specifically crafted file that could trigger some various issues.

It is possible to trigger a remote code execution through a specifically crafted playlist, and tricking the user into interacting with that playlist elements.

It is also possible to trigger read or write buffer overflows with some crafted files or by a MITM attack on the automatic updater

If successful, a malicious third party could trigger either a crash of VLC or an arbitratry code execution with the privileges of the target user.

We updated VLC to latest version available.


- 8/tainted/vlc-3.0.14-1.mga8.tainted
- 8/core/vlc-3.0.14-1.mga8
- 7/tainted/vlc-3.0.14-1.mga7.tainted
- 7/core/vlc-3.0.14-1.mga7