MGASA-2021-0411 - Updated gpsd packages fix security vulnerability and other bugs

Publication date: 25 Aug 2021
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 8

It was discovered that GPSd incorrectly handled certain leap second
events which would result in the time jumping back 1024 weeks on

This update provides upstream version 3.23 that has this and several
other upstream issues fixed. It also fixes issues that prevents it
to start properly (mga#28711).

The packages: foxtrotgps, marble, merkaartor, navit, plasma-workspace,
viking have been rebuild for the updated gpsd libs. 


- 8/core/gpsd-3.23-1.mga8
- 8/core/foxtrotgps-1.2.2-4.1.mga8
- 8/core/marble-20.12.0-1.1.mga8
- 8/core/merkaartor-0.18.4-9.1.mga8
- 8/core/navit-0.5.4-3.1.mga8
- 8/core/plasma-workspace-5.20.4-5.1.mga8
- 8/core/viking-1.8-5.1.mga8