MGASA-2022-0109 - Updated stunnel packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 21 Mar 2022
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 8

Update to 5.62 including new features and bugfixes:
Security bugfixes
- The "redirect" option was fixed to properly handle unauthenticated
  requests (bsc#1182529).
- Fixed a double free with OpenSSL older than 1.1.0.
- Added hardening to systemd service (bsc#1181400).
New features
- Added new "protocol = capwin" and "protocol = capwinctrl"
  configuration file options.
- Added support for the new SSL_set_options() values.
- Added a bash completion script.
- New 'sessionResume' service-level option to allow or disallow
  session resumption
- Download fresh ca-certs.pem for each new release.
- New 'protocolHeader' service-level option to insert custom 'connect'
  protocol negotiation headers. This feature can be used to
  impersonate other software (e.g. web browsers).
- 'protocolHost' can also be used to control the client SMTP protocol
  negotiation HELO/EHLO value.
- Initial FIPS 3.0 support.
- Client-side "protocol = ldap" support
- Fixed a transfer() loop bug.
- Fixed reloading configuration with "systemctl reload
- Fixed incorrect messages logged for OpenSSL errors.
- Fixed 'redirect' with 'protocol'.  This combination is not supported
  by 'smtp', 'pop3' and 'imap' protocols.
- X.509v3 extensions required by modern versions of OpenSSL are added
  to generated self-signed test certificates.
- Fixed a tiny memory leak in configuration file reload error handling.
- Fixed engine initialization.
- FIPS TLS feature is reported when a provider or container is
  available, and not when FIPS control API is available.
- Fix configuration reload when compression is used
- Fix test suite fixed not to require external connectivity

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- 8/core/stunnel-5.63-1.mga8