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                   Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis:          Moderate: OpenShift Container Platform 4.8.2 bug fix and security update
Advisory ID:       RHSA-2021:2438-01
Product:           Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise
Advisory URL:      https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2021:2438
Issue date:        2021-07-27
CVE Names:         CVE-2016-2183 CVE-2020-7774 CVE-2020-15106 
                   CVE-2020-15112 CVE-2020-15113 CVE-2020-15114 
                   CVE-2020-15136 CVE-2020-26160 CVE-2020-26541 
                   CVE-2020-28469 CVE-2020-28500 CVE-2020-28852 
                   CVE-2021-3114 CVE-2021-3121 CVE-2021-3516 
                   CVE-2021-3517 CVE-2021-3518 CVE-2021-3520 
                   CVE-2021-3537 CVE-2021-3541 CVE-2021-3636 
                   CVE-2021-20206 CVE-2021-20271 CVE-2021-20291 
                   CVE-2021-21419 CVE-2021-21623 CVE-2021-21639 
                   CVE-2021-21640 CVE-2021-21648 CVE-2021-22133 
                   CVE-2021-23337 CVE-2021-23362 CVE-2021-23368 
                   CVE-2021-23382 CVE-2021-25735 CVE-2021-25737 
                   CVE-2021-26539 CVE-2021-26540 CVE-2021-27292 
                   CVE-2021-28092 CVE-2021-29059 CVE-2021-29622 
                   CVE-2021-32399 CVE-2021-33034 CVE-2021-33194 

1. Summary:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform release 4.8.2 is now available with
updates to packages and images that fix several bugs and add enhancements.

This release includes a security update for Red Hat OpenShift Container
Platform 4.8.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which
gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from
the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Description:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's cloud computing
Kubernetes application platform solution designed for on-premise or private
cloud deployments.

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat OpenShift Container
Platform 4.8.2. See the following advisory for the RPM packages for this


Space precludes documenting all of the container images in this advisory.
See the following Release Notes documentation, which will be updated
shortly for this release, for details about these changes:


Security Fix(es):

* SSL/TLS: Birthday attack against 64-bit block ciphers (SWEET32)

* gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index
validation (CVE-2021-3121)

* nodejs-y18n: prototype pollution vulnerability (CVE-2020-7774)

* etcd: Large slice causes panic in decodeRecord method (CVE-2020-15106)

* etcd: DoS in wal/wal.go (CVE-2020-15112)

* etcd: directories created via os.MkdirAll are not checked for permissions

* etcd: gateway can include itself as an endpoint resulting in resource
exhaustion and leads to DoS (CVE-2020-15114)

* etcd: no authentication is performed against endpoints provided in the
- --endpoints flag (CVE-2020-15136)

* jwt-go: access restriction bypass vulnerability (CVE-2020-26160)

* nodejs-glob-parent: Regular expression denial of service (CVE-2020-28469)

* nodejs-lodash: ReDoS via the toNumber, trim and trimEnd functions

* golang.org/x/text: Panic in language.ParseAcceptLanguage while processing
bcp47 tag (CVE-2020-28852)

* golang: crypto/elliptic: incorrect operations on the P-224 curve

* containernetworking-cni: Arbitrary path injection via type field in CNI
configuration (CVE-2021-20206)

* containers/storage: DoS via malicious image (CVE-2021-20291)

* prometheus: open redirect under the /new endpoint (CVE-2021-29622)

* golang: x/net/html: infinite loop in ParseFragment (CVE-2021-33194)

* go.elastic.co/apm: leaks sensitive HTTP headers during panic

Space precludes listing in detail the following additional CVEs fixes:
(CVE-2021-27292), (CVE-2021-28092), (CVE-2021-29059), (CVE-2021-23382),
(CVE-2021-26539), (CVE-2021-26540), (CVE-2021-23337), (CVE-2021-23362) and

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

Additional Changes:

You may download the oc tool and use it to inspect release image metadata
as follows:

(For x86_64 architecture)

  $ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For s390x architecture)

  $ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For ppc64le architecture)

  $ oc adm release info

The image digest is

All OpenShift Container Platform 4.8 users are advised to upgrade to these
updated packages and images when they are available in the appropriate
release channel. To check for available updates, use the OpenShift Console
or the CLI oc command. Instructions for upgrading a cluster are available
- -between-minor.html#understanding-upgrade-channels_updating-cluster-between
- -minor

3. Solution:

For OpenShift Container Platform 4.8 see the following documentation, which
will be updated shortly for this release, for important instructions on how
to upgrade your cluster and fully apply this asynchronous errata update:


Details on how to access this content are available at
- -cli.html

4. Bugs fixed (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

1369383 - CVE-2016-2183 SSL/TLS: Birthday attack against 64-bit block ciphers (SWEET32)
1725981 - oc explain does not work well with full resource.group names
1747270 - [osp] Machine with name "-worker"couldn't join the cluster
1772993 - rbd block devices attached to a host are visible in unprivileged container pods
1786273 - [4.6] KAS pod logs show "error building openapi models ... has invalid property: anyOf" for CRDs
1786314 - [IPI][OSP] Install fails on OpenStack with self-signed certs unless the node running the installer has the CA cert in its system trusts
1801407 - Router in v4v6 mode puts brackets around IPv4 addresses in the Forwarded header
1812212 - ArgoCD example application cannot be downloaded from github
1817954 - [ovirt] Workers nodes are not numbered sequentially
1824911 - PersistentVolume yaml editor is read-only with system:persistent-volume-provisioner ClusterRole
1825219 - openshift-apiserver becomes False after env runs some time due to communication between one master to pods on another master fails with "Unable to connect to the server"
1825417 - The containerruntimecontroller doesn't roll back to CR-1 if we delete CR-2
1834551 - ClusterOperatorDown fires when operator is only degraded; states will block upgrades
1835264 - Intree provisioner doesn't respect PVC.spec.dataSource sometimes
1839101 - Some sidebar links in developer perspective don't follow same project
1840881 - The KubeletConfigController cannot process multiple confs for a pool/ pool changes
1846875 - Network setup test high failure rate
1848151 - Console continues to poll the ClusterVersion resource when the user doesn't have authority
1850060 - After upgrading to 3.11.219 timeouts are appearing.
1852637 - Kubelet sets incorrect image names in node status images section
1852743 - Node list CPU column only show usage
1853467 - container_fs_writes_total is inconsistent with CPU/memory in summarizing cgroup values
1857008 - [Edge] [BareMetal] Not provided STATE value for machines
1857477 - Bad helptext for storagecluster creation
1859382 - check-endpoints panics on graceful shutdown
1862084 - Inconsistency of time formats in the OpenShift web-console
1864116 - Cloud credential operator scrolls warnings about unsupported platform
1866222 - Should output all options when runing `operator-sdk init --help`
1866318 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Dashboard] Users found it difficult to navigate to the OCS dashboard
1866322 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Dashboard] Alert details page does not help to explain the Alert
1866331 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Dashboard] Users need additional tooltips or definitions
1868755 - [vsphere] terraform provider vsphereprivate crashes when network is unavailable on host
1868870 - CVE-2020-15113 etcd: directories created via os.MkdirAll are not checked for permissions
1868872 - CVE-2020-15112 etcd: DoS in wal/wal.go
1868874 - CVE-2020-15114 etcd: gateway can include itself as an endpoint resulting in resource exhaustion and leads to DoS
1868880 - CVE-2020-15136 etcd: no authentication is performed against endpoints provided in the --endpoints flag
1868883 - CVE-2020-15106 etcd: Large slice causes panic in decodeRecord method
1871303 - [sig-instrumentation] Prometheus when installed on the cluster should have important platform topology metrics
1871770 - [IPI baremetal] The Keepalived.conf file is not indented evenly
1872659 - ClusterAutoscaler doesn't scale down when a node is not needed anymore
1873079 - SSH to api and console route is possible when the clsuter is hosted on Openstack
1873649 - proxy.config.openshift.io should validate user inputs
1874322 - openshift/oauth-proxy: htpasswd using SHA1 to store credentials
1874931 - Accessibility - Keyboard shortcut to exit YAML editor not easily discoverable
1876918 - scheduler test leaves taint behind
1878199 - Remove Log Level Normalization controller in cluster-config-operator release N+1
1878655 - [aws-custom-region] creating manifests take too much time when custom endpoint is unreachable
1878685 - Ingress resource with "Passthrough"  annotation does not get applied when using the newer "networking.k8s.io/v1" API
1879077 - Nodes tainted after configuring additional host iface
1879140 - console auth errors not understandable by customers
1879182 - switch over to secure access-token logging by default and delete old non-sha256 tokens
1879184 - CVO must detect or log resource hotloops
1879495 - [4.6] namespace \“openshift-user-workload-monitoring\” does not exist”
1879638 - Binary file uploaded to a secret in OCP 4 GUI is not properly converted to Base64-encoded string
1879944 - [OCP 4.8] Slow PV creation with vsphere
1880757 - AWS: master not removed from LB/target group when machine deleted
1880758 - Component descriptions in cloud console have bad description (Managed by Terraform)
1881210 - nodePort for router-default metrics with NodePortService does not exist
1881481 - CVO hotloops on some service manifests
1881484 - CVO hotloops on deployment manifests
1881514 - CVO hotloops on imagestreams from cluster-samples-operator
1881520 - CVO hotloops on (some) clusterrolebindings
1881522 - CVO hotloops on clusterserviceversions packageserver
1881662 - Error getting volume limit for plugin kubernetes.io/ in kubelet logs
1881694 - Evidence of disconnected installs pulling images from the local registry instead of quay.io
1881938 - migrator deployment doesn't tolerate masters
1883371 - CVE-2020-26160 jwt-go: access restriction bypass vulnerability
1883587 - No option for user to select volumeMode
1883993 - Openshift 4.5.8 Deleting pv disk vmdk after delete machine
1884053 - cluster DNS experiencing disruptions during cluster upgrade in insights cluster
1884800 - Failed to set up mount unit: Invalid argument
1885186 - Removing ssh keys MC does not remove the key from authorized_keys
1885349 - [IPI Baremetal] Proxy Information Not passed to metal3
1885717 - activeDeadlineSeconds DeadlineExceeded does not show terminated container statuses
1886572 - auth: error contacting auth provider when extra ingress (not default)  goes down
1887849 - When creating new storage class failure_domain is missing.
1888712 - Worker nodes do not come up on a baremetal IPI deployment with control plane network configured on a vlan on top of bond interface due to Pending CSRs
1889689 - AggregatedAPIErrors alert may never fire
1890678 - Cypress:  Fix 'structure' accesibility violations
1890828 - Intermittent prune job failures causing operator degradation
1891124 - CP Conformance: CRD spec and status failures
1891301 - Deleting bmh  by "oc delete bmh' get stuck
1891696 - [LSO] Add capacity UI does not check for node present in selected storageclass
1891766 - [LSO] Min-Max filter's from OCS wizard accepts Negative values and that cause PV not getting created
1892642 - oauth-server password metrics do not appear in UI after initial OCP installation
1892718 - HostAlreadyClaimed: The new route cannot be loaded with a new api group version
1893850 - Add an alert for requests rejected by the apiserver
1893999 - can't login ocp cluster with oc 4.7 client without the username
1895028 - [gcp-pd-csi-driver-operator] Volumes created by CSI driver are not deleted on cluster deletion
1895053 - Allow builds to optionally mount in cluster trust stores
1896226 - recycler-pod template should not be in kubelet static manifests directory
1896321 - MachineSet scaling from 0 is not available or evaluated incorrectly for the new or changed instance types
1896751 - [RHV IPI] Worker nodes stuck in the Provisioning Stage if the machineset has a long name
1897415 - [Bare Metal - Ironic] provide the ability to set the cipher suite for ipmitool when doing a Bare Metal IPI install
1897621 - Auth test.Login test.logs in as kubeadmin user: Timeout
1897918 - [oVirt] e2e tests fail due to kube-apiserver not finishing
1898680 - CVE-2020-7774 nodejs-y18n: prototype pollution vulnerability
1899057 - fix spurious br-ex MAC address error log
1899187 - [Openstack] node-valid-hostname.service failes during the first boot leading to 5 minute provisioning delay
1899587 - [External] RGW usage metrics shown on Object Service Dashboard  is incorrect
1900454 - Enable host-based disk encryption on Azure platform
1900819 - Scaled ingress replicas following sharded pattern don't balance evenly across multi-AZ
1901207 - Search Page - Pipeline resources table not immediately updated after Name filter applied or removed
1901535 - Remove the managingOAuthAPIServer field from the authentication.operator API
1901648 - "do you need to set up custom dns" tooltip inaccurate
1902003 - Jobs Completions column is not sorting when there are "0 of 1" and "1 of 1" in the list.
1902076 - image registry operator should monitor status of its routes
1902247 - openshift-oauth-apiserver apiserver pod crashloopbackoffs
1903055 - [OSP] Validation should fail when no any IaaS flavor or type related field are given
1903228 - Pod stuck in Terminating, runc init process frozen
1903383 - Latest RHCOS 47.83. builds failing to install: mount /root.squashfs failed
1903553 - systemd container renders node NotReady after deleting it
1903700 - metal3 Deployment doesn't have unique Pod selector
1904006 - The --dir option doest not work for command  `oc image extract`
1904505 - Excessive Memory Use in Builds
1904507 - vsphere-problem-detector: implement missing metrics
1904558 - Random init-p error when trying to start pod
1905095 - Images built on OCP 4.6 clusters create manifests that result in quay.io (and other registries) rejecting those manifests
1905147 - ConsoleQuickStart Card's prerequisites is a combined text instead of a list
1905159 - Installation on previous unused dasd fails after formatting
1905331 - openshift-multus initContainer multus-binary-copy, etc. are not requesting required resources: cpu, memory
1905460 - Deploy using virtualmedia for disabled provisioning network on real BM(HPE) fails
1905577 - Control plane machines not adopted when provisioning network is disabled
1905627 - Warn users when using an unsupported browser such as IE
1905709 - Machine API deletion does not properly handle stopped instances on AWS or GCP
1905849 - Default volumesnapshotclass should be created when creating default storageclass
1906056 - Bundles skipped via the `skips` field cannot be pinned
1906102 - CBO produces standard metrics
1906147 - ironic-rhcos-downloader should not use --insecure
1906304 - Unexpected value NaN parsing x/y attribute when viewing pod Memory/CPU usage chart
1906740 - [aws]Machine should be "Failed" when creating a machine with invalid region
1907309 - Migrate controlflow v1alpha1 to v1beta1 in storage
1907315 - the internal load balancer annotation for AWS should use "true" instead of "" as value
1907353 - [4.8] OVS daemonset is wasting resources even though it doesn't do anything
1907614 - Update kubernetes deps to 1.20
1908068 - Enable DownwardAPIHugePages feature gate
1908169 - The example of Import URL is "Fedora cloud image list" for all templates.
1908170 - sriov network resource injector: Hugepage injection doesn't work with mult container
1908343 - Input labels in Manage columns modal should be clickable
1908378 - [sig-network] pods should successfully create sandboxes by getting pod - Static Pod Failures
1908655 - "Evaluating rule failed" for "record: node:node_num_cpu:sum" rule
1908762 - [Dualstack baremetal cluster] multicast traffic is not working on ovn-kubernetes
1908765 - [SCALE] enable OVN lflow data path groups
1908774 - [SCALE] enable OVN DB memory trimming on compaction
1908916 - CNO: turn on OVN DB RAFT diffs once all master DB pods are capable of it
1909091 - Pod/node/ip/template isn't showing when vm is running
1909600 - Static pod installer controller deadlocks with non-existing installer pod, WAS: kube-apisrever of clsuter operator always with incorrect status due to pleg error
1909849 - release-openshift-origin-installer-e2e-aws-upgrade-fips-4.4 is perm failing
1909875 - [sig-cluster-lifecycle] Cluster version operator acknowledges upgrade : timed out waiting for cluster to acknowledge upgrade
1910067 - UPI: openstacksdk fails on "server group list"
1910113 - periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ocp-4.5-ci-e2e-44-stable-to-45-ci is never passing
1910318 - OC 4.6.9 Installer failed: Some pods are not scheduled: 3 node(s) didn't match node selector: AWS compute machines without status
1910378 - socket timeouts for webservice communication between pods
1910396 - 4.6.9 cred operator should back-off when provisioning fails on throttling
1910500 - Could not list CSI provisioner on web when create storage class on GCP platform
1911211 - Should show the cert-recovery-controller version  correctly
1911470 - ServiceAccount Registry Authfiles Do Not Contain Entries for Public Hostnames
1912571 - libvirt: Support setting dnsmasq options through the install config
1912820 - openshift-apiserver Available is False with 3 pods not ready for a while during upgrade
1913112 - BMC details should be optional for unmanaged hosts
1913338 - CVE-2020-28852 golang.org/x/text: Panic in language.ParseAcceptLanguage while processing bcp47 tag
1913341 - GCP: strange cluster behavior in CI run
1913399 - switch to v1beta1 for the priority and fairness APIs
1913525 - Panic in OLM packageserver when invoking webhook authorization endpoint
1913532 - After a 4.6 to 4.7 upgrade, a node went unready
1913974 - snapshot test periodically failing with "can't open '/mnt/test/data': No such file or directory"
1914127 - Deletion of oc get svc router-default -n openshift-ingress hangs
1914446 - openshift-service-ca-operator and openshift-service-ca pods run as root
1914994 - Panic observed in k8s-prometheus-adapter since k8s 1.20
1915122 - Size of the hostname was preventing proper DNS resolution of the worker node names
1915693 - Not able to install gpu-operator on cpumanager enabled node.
1915971 - Role and Role Binding breadcrumbs do not work as expected
1916116 - the left navigation menu would not be expanded if repeat clicking the links in Overview page
1916118 - [OVN] Source IP is not EgressIP if configured allow in the EgressFirewall
1916392 - scrape priority and fairness endpoints for must-gather
1916450 - Alertmanager: add title and text fields to Adv. config. section of Slack Receiver form
1916489 - [sig-scheduling] SchedulerPriorities [Serial] fails with "Error waiting for 1 pods to be running - probably a timeout: Timeout while waiting for pods with labels to be ready"
1916553 - Default template's description is empty on details tab
1916593 - Destroy cluster sometimes stuck in a loop
1916872 - need ability to reconcile exgw annotations on pod add
1916890 - [OCP 4.7] api or api-int not available during installation
1917241 - [en_US] The tooltips of Created date time is not easy to read in all most of UIs.
1917282 - [Migration] MCO stucked for rhel worker after  enable the migration prepare state
1917328 - It should default to current namespace when create vm from template action on details page
1917482 - periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ocp-4.7-e2e-metal-ipi failing with "cannot go from state 'deploy failed' to state 'manageable'"
1917485 - [oVirt] ovirt machine/machineset object has missing some field validations
1917667 - Master machine config pool updates are stalled during the migration from SDN to OVNKube.
1917906 - [oauth-server] bump k8s.io/apiserver to 1.20.3
1917931 - [e2e-gcp-upi] failing due to missing pyopenssl library
1918101 - [vsphere]Delete Provisioning machine took about 12 minutes
1918376 - Image registry pullthrough does not support ICSP, mirroring e2es do not pass
1918442 - Service Reject ACL does not work on dualstack
1918723 - installer fails to write boot record on 4k scsi lun on s390x
1918729 - Add hide/reveal button for the token field in the KMS configuration page
1918750 - CVE-2021-3114 golang: crypto/elliptic: incorrect operations on the P-224 curve
1918785 - Pod request and limit calculations in console are incorrect
1918910 - Scale from zero annotations should not requeue if instance type missing
1919032 - oc image extract - will not extract files from image rootdir - "error: unexpected directory from mapping tests.test"
1919048 - Whereabouts IPv6 addresses not calculated when leading hextets equal 0
1919151 - [Azure] dnsrecords with invalid domain should not be published to Azure dnsZone
1919168 - `oc adm catalog mirror` doesn't work for the air-gapped cluster
1919291 - [Cinder-csi-driver] Filesystem did not expand for on-line volume resize
1919336 - vsphere-problem-detector should check if datastore is part of datastore cluster
1919356 - Add missing profile annotation in cluster-update-keys manifests
1919391 - CVE-2021-20206 containernetworking-cni: Arbitrary path injection via type field in CNI configuration
1919398 - Permissive Egress NetworkPolicy ( is blocking all traffic
1919406 - OperatorHub filter heading "Provider Type" should be "Source"
1919737 - hostname lookup delays when master node down
1920209 - Multus daemonset upgrade takes the longest time in the cluster during an upgrade
1920221 - GCP jobs exhaust zone listing query quota sometimes due to too many initializations of cloud provider in tests
1920300 - cri-o does not support configuration of stream idle time
1920307 - "VM not running" should be "Guest agent required" on vm details page in dev console
1920532 - Problem in trying to connect through the service to a member that is the same as the caller.
1920677 - Various missingKey errors in the devconsole namespace
1920699 - Operation cannot be fulfilled on clusterresourcequotas.quota.openshift.io error when creating different OpenShift resources
1920901 - [4.7]"500 Internal Error" for prometheus route in https_proxy cluster
1920903 - oc adm top reporting unknown status for Windows node
1920905 - Remove DNS lookup workaround from cluster-api-provider
1921106 - A11y Violation: button name(s) on Utilization Card on Cluster Dashboard
1921184 - kuryr-cni binds to wrong interface on machine with two interfaces
1921227 - Fix issues related to consuming new extensions in Console static plugins
1921264 - Bundle unpack jobs can hang indefinitely
1921267 - ResourceListDropdown not internationalized
1921321 - SR-IOV obliviously reboot the node
1921335 - ThanosSidecarUnhealthy
1921650 - CVE-2021-3121 gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index validation
1921720 - test: openshift-tests.[sig-cli] oc observe works as expected [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
1921763 - operator registry has high memory usage in 4.7... cleanup row closes
1921778 - Push to stage now failing with semver issues on old releases
1921780 - Search page not fully internationalized
1921781 - DefaultList component not internationalized
1921878 - [kuryr] Egress network policy with namespaceSelector in Kuryr behaves differently than in OVN-Kubernetes
1921885 - Server-side Dry-run with Validation Downloads Entire OpenAPI spec often
1921892 - MAO: controller runtime manager closes event recorder
1921894 - Backport Avoid node disruption when kube-apiserver-to-kubelet-signer is rotated
1921937 - During upgrade /etc/hostname becomes a directory, nodes are set with kubernetes.io/hostname=localhost label
1921953 - ClusterServiceVersion property inference does not infer package and version
1922063 - "Virtual Machine" should be "Templates" in template wizard
1922065 - Rootdisk size is default to 15GiB in customize wizard
1922235 - [build-watch] e2e-aws-upi - e2e-aws-upi container setup failing because of Python code version mismatch
1922264 - Restore snapshot as a new PVC: RWO/RWX access modes are not click-able if parent PVC is deleted
1922280 - [v2v] on the upstream release, In VM import wizard I see RHV but no oVirt
1922646 - Panic in authentication-operator invoking webhook authorization
1922648 - FailedCreatePodSandBox due to "failed to pin namespaces [uts]: [pinns:e]: /var/run/utsns exists and is not a directory: File exists"
1922764 - authentication operator is degraded due to number of kube-apiservers
1922992 - some button text on YAML sidebar are not translated
1922997 - [Migration]The SDN migration rollback failed.
1923038 - [OSP] Cloud Info is loaded twice
1923157 - Ingress traffic performance drop due to NodePort services
1923786 - RHV UPI fails with unhelpful message when ASSET_DIR is not set.
1923811 - Registry claims Available=True despite .status.readyReplicas == 0  while .spec.replicas == 2
1923847 - Error occurs when creating pods if configuring multiple key-only labels in default cluster-wide node selectors or project-wide node selectors
1923984 - Incorrect anti-affinity for UWM prometheus
1924020 - panic: runtime error: index out of range [0] with length 0
1924075 - kuryr-controller restart when enablePortPoolsPrepopulation = true
1924083 - "Activity" Pane of Persistent Storage tab shows events related to Noobaa too
1924171 - ovn-kube must handle single-stack to dual-stack migration
1924358 - metal UPI setup fails, no worker nodes
1924502 - Failed to start transient scope unit: Argument list too long / systemd[1]: Failed to set up mount unit: Invalid argument
1924536 - 'More about Insights' link points to support link
1924585 - "Edit Annotation" are not correctly translated in Chinese
1924586 - Control Plane status and Operators status are not fully internationalized
1924641 - [User Experience] The message "Missing storage class" needs to be displayed after user clicks Next and needs to be rephrased
1924663 - Insights operator should collect related pod logs when operator is degraded
1924701 - Cluster destroy fails when using byo with Kuryr
1924728 - Difficult to identify deployment issue if the destination disk is too small
1924729 - Create Storageclass for CephFS provisioner assumes incorrect default FSName in external mode (side-effect of fix for Bug 1878086)
1924747 - InventoryItem doesn't internationalize resource kind
1924788 - Not clear error message when there are no NADs available for the user
1924816 - Misleading error messages in ironic-conductor log
1924869 - selinux avc deny after installing OCP 4.7
1924916 - PVC reported as Uploading when it is actually cloning
1924917 - kuryr-controller in crash loop if IP is removed from secondary interfaces
1924953 - newly added 'excessive etcd leader changes' test case failing in serial job
1924968 - Monitoring list page filter options are not translated
1924983 - some components in utils directory not localized
1925017 - [UI] VM Details-> Network Interfaces, 'Name,' is displayed instead on 'Name'
1925061 - Prometheus backed by a PVC may start consuming a lot of RAM after 4.6 -> 4.7 upgrade due to series churn
1925083 - Some texts are not marked for translation on idp creation page.
1925087 - Add i18n support for the Secret page
1925148 - Shouldn't create the redundant imagestream when use `oc new-app --name=testapp2 -i ` with exist imagestream
1925207 - VM from custom template - cloudinit disk is not added if creating the VM from custom template using customization wizard
1925216 - openshift installer fails immediately failed to fetch Install Config
1925236 - OpenShift Route targets every port of a multi-port service
1925245 - oc idle: Clusters upgrading with an idled workload do not have annotations on the workload's service
1925261 - Items marked as mandatory in KMS Provider form are not enforced
1925291 - Baremetal IPI - While deploying with IPv6 provision network with subnet other than /64 masters fail to PXE boot
1925343 - [ci] e2e-metal tests are not using reserved instances
1925493 - Enable snapshot e2e tests
1925586 - cluster-etcd-operator is leaking transports
1925614 - Error: InstallPlan.operators.coreos.com not found
1925698 - On GCP, load balancers report kube-apiserver fails its /readyz check 50% of the time, causing load balancer backend churn and disruptions to apiservers
1926029 - [RFE] Either disable save or give warning when no disks support snapshot
1926054 - Localvolume CR is created successfully, when the storageclass name defined in the localvolume exists.
1926072 - Close button (X) does not work in the new "Storage cluster exists" Warning alert message(introduced via fix for Bug 1867400)
1926082 - Insights operator should not go degraded during upgrade
1926106 - [ja_JP][zh_CN] Create Project, Delete Project and Delete PVC modal are not fully internationalized
1926115 - Texts in “Insights” popover on overview page are not marked for i18n
1926123 - Pseudo bug: revert "force cert rotation every couple days for development" in 4.7
1926126 - some kebab/action menu translation issues
1926131 - Add HPA page is not fully internationalized
1926146 - [sig-network-edge][Conformance][Area:Networking][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should be able to connect to a service that is idled because a GET on the route will unidle it
1926154 - Create new pool with arbiter - wrong replica
1926278 - [oVirt] consume K8S 1.20 packages
1926279 - Pod ignores mtu setting from sriovNetworkNodePolicies in case of PF partitioning
1926285 - ignore pod not found status messages
1926289 - Accessibility: Modal content hidden from screen readers
1926310 - CannotRetrieveUpdates alerts on Critical severity
1926329 - [Assisted-4.7][Staging] monitoring stack in staging is being overloaded by the amount of metrics being exposed by assisted-installer pods and scraped by prometheus.
1926336 - Service details can overflow boxes at some screen widths
1926346 - move to go 1.15 and registry.ci.openshift.org
1926364 - Installer timeouts because proxy blocked connection to Ironic API running on bootstrap VM
1926465 - bootstrap kube-apiserver does not have --advertise-address set – was: [BM][IPI][DualStack] Installation fails cause Kubernetes service doesn't have IPv6 endpoints
1926484 - API server exits non-zero on 2 SIGTERM signals
1926547 - OpenShift installer not reporting IAM permission issue when removing the Shared Subnet Tag
1926579 - Setting .spec.policy is deprecated and will be removed eventually. Please use .spec.profile instead is being logged every 3 seconds in scheduler operator log
1926598 - Duplicate alert rules are displayed on console for thanos-querier api return wrong results
1926776 - "Template support" modal appears when select the RHEL6 common template
1926835 - [e2e][automation] prow gating use unsupported CDI version
1926843 - pipeline with finally tasks status is improper
1926867 - openshift-apiserver Available is False with 3 pods not ready for a while during upgrade
1926893 - When deploying the operator via OLM (after creating the respective catalogsource), the deployment "lost" the `resources` section.
1926903 - NTO may fail to disable stalld when relying on Tuned '[service]' plugin
1926931 - Inconsistent ovs-flow rule on one of the app node for egress node
1926943 - vsphere-problem-detector: Alerts in CI jobs
1926977 - [sig-devex][Feature:ImageEcosystem][Slow] openshift sample application repositories rails/nodejs
1927013 - Tables don't render properly at smaller screen widths
1927017 - CCO does not relinquish leadership when restarting for proxy CA change
1927042 - Empty static pod files on UPI deployments are confusing
1927047 - multiple external gateway pods will not work in ingress with IP fragmentation
1927068 - Workers fail to PXE boot when IPv6 provisionining network has subnet other than /64
1927075 - [e2e][automation] Fix pvc string in pvc.view
1927118 - OCP 4.7: NVIDIA GPU Operator DCGM metrics not displayed in OpenShift Console Monitoring Metrics page
1927244 - UPI installation with Kuryr timing out on bootstrap stage
1927263 - kubelet service takes around 43 secs to start container when started from stopped state
1927264 - FailedCreatePodSandBox due to multus inability to reach apiserver
1927310 - Performance: Console makes unnecessary requests for en-US messages on load
1927340 - Race condition in OperatorCondition reconcilation
1927366 - OVS configuration service unable to clone NetworkManager's connections in the overlay FS
1927391 - Fix flake in TestSyncPodsDeletesWhenSourcesAreReady
1927393 - 4.7 still points to 4.6 catalog images
1927397 - p&f: add auto update for priority & fairness bootstrap configuration objects
1927423 - Happy "Not Found" and no visible error messages on error-list page when /silences 504s
1927465 - Homepage dashboard content not internationalized
1927678 - Reboot interface defaults to softPowerOff so fencing is too slow
1927731 - /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/30ignition/ignition --version sigsev
1927797 - 'Pod(s)' should be included in the pod donut label when a horizontal pod autoscaler is enabled
1927882 - Can't create cluster role binding from UI when a project is selected
1927895 - global RuntimeConfig is overwritten with merge result
1927898 - i18n Admin Notifier
1927902 - i18n Cluster Utilization dashboard duration
1927903 - "CannotRetrieveUpdates" - critical error in openshift web console
1927925 - Manually misspelled as Manualy
1927941 - StatusDescriptor detail item and Status component can cause runtime error when the status is an object or array
1927942 - etcd should use socket option (SO_REUSEADDR) instead of wait for port release on process restart
1927944 - cluster version operator cycles terminating state waiting for leader election
1927993 - Documentation Links in OKD Web Console are not Working
1928008 - Incorrect behavior when we click back button after viewing the node details in Internal-attached mode
1928045 - N+1 scaling Info message says "single zone" even if the nodes are spread across 2 or 0 zones
1928147 - Domain search set in the required domains in Option 119 of DHCP Server is ignored by RHCOS on RHV
1928157 - 4.7 CNO claims to be done upgrading before it even starts
1928164 - Traffic to outside the cluster redirected when OVN is used and NodePort service is configured
1928297 - HAProxy fails with 500 on some requests
1928473 - NetworkManager overlay FS not being created on None platform
1928512 - sap license management logs gatherer
1928537 - Cannot IPI with tang/tpm disk encryption
1928640 - Definite error message when using StorageClass based on azure-file / Premium_LRS
1928658 - Update plugins and Jenkins version to prepare openshift-sync-plugin 1.0.46 release
1928850 - Unable to pull images due to limited quota on Docker Hub
1928851 - manually creating NetNamespaces will break things and this is not obvious
1928867 - golden images - DV should not be created with WaitForFirstConsumer
1928869 - Remove css required to fix search bug in console caused by pf issue in 2021.1
1928875 - Update translations
1928893 - Memory Pressure Drop Down Info is stating "Disk" capacity is low instead of memory
1928931 - DNSRecord CRD is using deprecated v1beta1 API
1928937 - CVE-2021-23337 nodejs-lodash: command injection via template
1928954 - CVE-2020-28500 nodejs-lodash: ReDoS via the toNumber, trim and trimEnd functions
1929052 - Add new Jenkins agent maven dir for 3.6
1929056 - kube-apiserver-availability.rules are failing evaluation
1929110 - LoadBalancer service check test fails during vsphere upgrade
1929136 - openshift isn't able to mount nfs manila shares to pods
1929175 - LocalVolumeSet: PV is created on disk belonging to other provisioner
1929243 - Namespace column missing in Nodes Node Details / pods tab
1929277 - Monitoring workloads using too high a priorityclass
1929281 - Update Tech Preview badge to transparent border color when upgrading to PatternFly v4.87.1
1929314 - ovn-kubernetes endpoint slice controller doesn't run on CI jobs
1929359 - etcd-quorum-guard uses origin-cli [4.8]
1929577 - Edit Application action overwrites Deployment envFrom values on save
1929654 - Registry for Azure uses legacy V1 StorageAccount
1929693 - Pod stuck at "ContainerCreating" status
1929733 - oVirt CSI driver operator is constantly restarting
1929769 - Getting 404 after switching user perspective in another tab and reload Project details
1929803 - Pipelines shown in edit flow for Workloads created via ContainerImage flow
1929824 - fix alerting on volume name check for vsphere
1929917 - Bare-metal operator is firing for ClusterOperatorDown for 15m during 4.6 to 4.7 upgrade
1929944 - The etcdInsufficientMembers alert fires incorrectly when any instance is down and not when quorum is lost
1930007 - filter dropdown item filter and resource list dropdown item filter doesn't support multi selection
1930015 - OS list is overlapped by buttons in template wizard
1930064 - Web console crashes during VM creation from template when no storage classes are defined
1930220 - Cinder CSI driver is not able to mount volumes under heavier load
1930240 - Generated clouds.yaml incomplete when provisioning network is disabled
1930248 - After creating a remediation flow and rebooting a worker there is no access to the openshift-web-console
1930268 - intel vfio devices are not expose as resources
1930356 - Darwin binary missing from mirror.openshift.com
1930393 - Gather info about unhealthy SAP pods
1930546 - Monitoring-dashboard-workload keep loading when user with cluster-role cluster-monitoring-view login develoer console
1930570 - Jenkins templates are displayed in Developer Catalog twice
1930620 - the logLevel field in containerruntimeconfig can't be set to "trace"
1930631 - Image local-storage-mustgather in the doc does not come from product registry
1930893 - Backport upstream patch 98956 for pod terminations
1931005 - Related objects page doesn't show the object when its name is empty
1931103 - remove periodic log within kubelet
1931115 - Azure cluster install fails with worker type workers Standard_D4_v2
1931215 - [RFE] Cluster-api-provider-ovirt should handle affinity groups
1931217 - [RFE] Installer should create RHV Affinity group for OCP cluster VMS
1931467 - Kubelet consuming a large amount of CPU and memory and node becoming unhealthy
1931505 - [IPI baremetal] Two nodes hold the VIP post remove and start  of the Keepalived container
1931522 - Fresh UPI install on BM with bonding using OVN Kubernetes fails
1931529 - SNO: mentioning of 4 nodes in error message - Cluster network CIDR prefix 24 does not contain enough addresses for 4 hosts each one with 25 prefix (128 addresses)
1931629 - Conversational Hub Fails due to ImagePullBackOff
1931637 - Kubeturbo Operator fails due to ImagePullBackOff
1931652 - [single-node] etcd: discover-etcd-initial-cluster graceful termination race.
1931658 - [single-node] cluster-etcd-operator: cluster never pivots from bootstrapIP endpoint
1931674 - [Kuryr] Enforce nodes MTU for the Namespaces and Pods
1931852 - Ignition HTTP GET is failing, because DHCP IPv4 config is failing silently
1931883 - Fail to install Volume Expander Operator due to CrashLookBackOff
1931949 - Red Hat  Integration Camel-K Operator keeps stuck in Pending state
1931974 - Operators cannot access kubeapi endpoint on OVNKubernetes on ipv6
1931997 - network-check-target causes upgrade to fail from 4.6.18 to 4.7
1932001 - Only one of multiple subscriptions to the same package is honored
1932097 - Apiserver liveness probe is marking it as unhealthy during normal shutdown
1932105 - machine-config ClusterOperator claims level while control-plane still updating
1932133 - AWS EBS CSI Driver doesn’t support “csi.storage.k8s.io/fsTyps” parameter
1932135 - When “iopsPerGB” parameter is not set, event for AWS EBS CSI Driver provisioning is not clear
1932152 - When “iopsPerGB” parameter is set to a wrong number, events for AWS EBS CSI Driver provisioning are not clear
1932154 - [AWS ] machine stuck in provisioned phase , no warnings or errors
1932182 - catalog operator causing CPU spikes and bad etcd performance
1932229 - Can’t find kubelet metrics for aws ebs csi volumes
1932281 - [Assisted-4.7][UI] Unable to change upgrade channel once upgrades were discovered
1932323 - CVE-2021-26540 sanitize-html: improper validation of hostnames set by the "allowedIframeHostnames" option can lead to bypass hostname whitelist for iframe element
1932324 - CRIO fails to create a Pod in sandbox stage -  starting container process caused: process_linux.go:472: container init caused: Running hook #0:: error running hook: exit status 255, stdout: , stderr: \"\n"
1932362 - CVE-2021-26539 sanitize-html: improper handling of internationalized domain name (IDN) can lead to bypass hostname whitelist validation
1932401 - Cluster Ingress Operator degrades if external LB redirects http to https because of new "canary" route
1932453 - Update Japanese timestamp format
1932472 - Edit Form/YAML switchers cause weird collapsing/code-folding issue
1932487 - [OKD] origin-branding manifest is missing cluster profile annotations
1932502 - Setting MTU for a bond interface using Kernel arguments is not working
1932618 - Alerts during a test run should fail the test job, but were not
1932624 - ClusterMonitoringOperatorReconciliationErrors is pending at the end of an upgrade and probably should not be
1932626 - During a 4.8 GCP upgrade OLM fires an alert indicating the operator is unhealthy
1932673 - Virtual machine template provided by red hat should not be editable. The UI allows to edit and then reverse the change after it was made
1932789 - Proxy with port is unable to be validated if it overlaps with service/cluster network
1932799 - During a hive driven baremetal installation the process does not go beyond 80% in the bootstrap VM
1932805 - e2e: test OAuth API connections in the tests by that name
1932816 - No new local storage operator bundle image is built
1932834 - enforce the use of hashed access/authorize tokens
1933101 - Can not upgrade a Helm Chart that uses a library chart in the OpenShift dev console
1933102 - Canary daemonset uses default node selector
1933114 - [sig-network-edge][Conformance][Area:Networking][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should be able to connect to a service that is idled because a GET on the route will unidle it [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel/minimal]
1933159 - multus DaemonSets should use maxUnavailable: 33%
1933173 - openshift-sdn/sdn DaemonSet should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1933174 - openshift-sdn/ovs DaemonSet should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1933179 - network-check-target DaemonSet should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1933180 - openshift-image-registry/node-ca DaemonSet should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1933184 - openshift-cluster-csi-drivers DaemonSets should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1933263 - user manifest with nodeport services causes bootstrap to block
1933269 - Cluster unstable replacing an unhealthy etcd member
1933284 - Samples in CRD creation are ordered arbitarly
1933414 - Machines are created with unexpected name for Ports
1933599 - bump k8s.io/apiserver to 1.20.3
1933630 - [Local Volume] Provision disk failed when disk label has unsupported value like ":"
1933664 - Getting Forbidden for image in a container template when creating a sample app
1933708 - Grafana is not displaying deployment config resources in dashboard `Default /Kubernetes / Compute Resources / Namespace (Workloads)`
1933711 - EgressDNS: Keep short lived records at most 30s
1933730 - [AI-UI-Wizard] Toggling "Use extra disks for local storage" checkbox highlights the "Next" button to move forward but grays out once clicked
1933761 - Cluster DNS service caps TTLs too low and thus evicts from its cache too aggressively
1933772 - MCD Crash Loop Backoff
1933805 - TargetDown alert fires during upgrades because of normal upgrade behavior
1933857 - Details page can throw an uncaught exception if kindObj prop is undefined
1933880 - Kuryr-Controller crashes when it's missing the status object
1934021 - High RAM usage on machine api termination node system oom
1934071 - etcd consuming high amount of  memory and CPU after upgrade to 4.6.17
1934080 - Both old and new Clusterlogging CSVs stuck in Pending during upgrade
1934085 - Scheduling conformance tests failing in a single node cluster
1934107 - cluster-authentication-operator builds URL incorrectly for IPv6
1934112 - Add memory and uptime metadata to IO archive
1934113 - mcd panic when there's not enough free disk space
1934123 - [OSP] First public endpoint is used to fetch ignition config from Glance URL (with multiple endpoints) on OSP
1934163 - Thanos Querier restarting and gettin alert ThanosQueryHttpRequestQueryRangeErrorRateHigh
1934174 - rootfs too small when enabling NBDE
1934176 - Machine Config Operator degrades during cluster update with failed to convert Ignition config spec v2 to v3
1934177 - knative-camel-operator  CreateContainerError "container_linux.go:366: starting container process caused: chdir to cwd (\"/home/nonroot\") set in config.json failed: permission denied"
1934216 - machineset-controller stuck in CrashLoopBackOff after upgrade to 4.7.0
1934229 - List page text filter has input lag
1934397 - Extend OLM operator gatherer to include Operator/ClusterServiceVersion conditions
1934400 - [ocp_4][4.6][apiserver-auth] OAuth API servers are not ready - PreconditionNotReady
1934516 - Setup different priority classes for prometheus-k8s and prometheus-user-workload pods
1934556 - OCP-Metal images
1934557 - RHCOS boot image bump for LUKS fixes
1934643 - Need BFD failover capability on ECMP routes
1934711 - openshift-ovn-kubernetes ovnkube-node DaemonSet should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1934773 - Canary client should perform canary probes explicitly over HTTPS (rather than redirect from HTTP)
1934905 - CoreDNS's "errors" plugin is not enabled for custom upstream resolvers
1935058 - Can’t finish install sts clusters on aws government region
1935102 - Error: specifying a root certificates file with the insecure flag is not allowed during oc login
1935155 - IGMP/MLD packets being dropped
1935157 - [e2e][automation] environment tests broken
1935165 - OCP 4.6 Build fails when filename contains an umlaut
1935176 - Missing an indication whether the deployed setup is SNO.
1935269 - Topology operator group shows child Jobs. Not shown in details view's resources.
1935419 - Failed to scale worker using virtualmedia on Dell R640
1935528 - [AWS][Proxy] ingress reports degrade with CanaryChecksSucceeding=False in the cluster with proxy setting
1935539 - Openshift-apiserver CO unavailable during cluster upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7
1935541 - console operator panics in DefaultDeployment with nil cm
1935582 - prometheus liveness probes cause issues while replaying WAL
1935604 - high CPU usage fails ingress controller
1935667 - pipelinerun status icon rendering issue
1935706 - test: Detect when the master pool is still updating after upgrade
1935732 - Update Jenkins agent maven directory to be version agnostic [ART ocp build data]
1935814 - Pod and Node lists eventually have incorrect row heights when additional columns have long text
1935909 - New CSV using ServiceAccount named "default" stuck in Pending during upgrade
1936022 - DNS operator performs spurious updates in response to API's defaulting of daemonset's terminationGracePeriod and service's clusterIPs
1936030 - Ingress operator performs spurious updates in response to API's defaulting of NodePort service's clusterIPs field
1936223 - The IPI installer has a typo. It is missing the word "the" in "the Engine".
1936336 - Updating multus-cni builder & base images to be consistent with ART 4.8 (closed)
1936342 - kuryr-controller restarting after 3 days cluster running - pools without members
1936443 - Hive based OCP IPI baremetal installation fails to connect to API VIP port 22623
1936488 - [sig-instrumentation][Late] Alerts shouldn't report any alerts in firing state apart from Watchdog and AlertmanagerReceiversNotConfigured: Prometheus query error
1936515 - sdn-controller is missing some health checks
1936534 - When creating a worker with a used mac-address stuck on registering
1936585 - configure alerts if the catalogsources are missing
1936620 - OLM checkbox descriptor renders switch instead of checkbox
1936721 - network-metrics-deamon not associated with a priorityClassName
1936771 - [aws ebs csi driver] The event for Pod consuming a readonly PVC is not clear
1936785 - Configmap gatherer doesn't include namespace name (in the archive path) in case of a configmap with binary data
1936788 - RBD RWX PVC creation with  Filesystem volume mode selection is creating RWX PVC with Block volume mode instead of disabling Filesystem volume mode selection
1936798 - Authentication log gatherer shouldn't scan all the pod logs in the openshift-authentication namespace
1936801 - Support ServiceBinding 0.5.0+
1936854 - Incorrect imagestream is shown as selected in knative service container image edit flow
1936857 - e2e-ovirt-ipi-install-install is permafailing on 4.5 nightlies
1936859 - ovirt 4.4 -> 4.5 upgrade jobs are permafailing
1936867 - Periodic vsphere IPI install is broken - missing pip
1936871 - [Cinder CSI] Topology aware provisioning doesn't work when Nova and Cinder AZs are different
1936904 - Wrong output YAML when syncing groups without --confirm
1936983 - Topology view - vm details screen isntt stop loading
1937005 - when kuryr quotas are unlimited, we should not sent alerts
1937018 - FilterToolbar component does not handle 'null' value for 'rowFilters' prop
1937020 - Release new from image stream chooses incorrect ID based on status
1937077 - Blank White page on Topology
1937102 - Pod Containers Page Not Translated
1937122 - CAPBM changes to support flexible reboot modes
1937145 - [Local storage] PV provisioned by localvolumeset stays in "Released" status after the pod/pvc deleted
1937167 - [sig-arch] Managed cluster should have no crashlooping pods in core namespaces over four minutes
1937244 - [Local Storage] The model name of aws EBS doesn't be extracted well
1937299 - pod.spec.volumes.awsElasticBlockStore.partition is not respected on NVMe volumes
1937452 - cluster-network-operator CI linting fails in master branch
1937459 - Wrong Subnet retrieved for Service without Selector
1937460 - [CI] Network quota pre-flight checks are failing the installation
1937464 - openstack cloud credentials are not getting configured with correct user_domain_name across the cluster
1937466 - KubeClientCertificateExpiration alert is confusing, without explanation in the documentation
1937496 - Metrics viewer in OCP Console is missing date in a timestamp for selected datapoint
1937535 - Not all image pulls within OpenShift builds retry
1937594 - multiple pods in ContainerCreating state after migration from OpenshiftSDN to OVNKubernetes
1937627 - Bump DEFAULT_DOC_URL for 4.8
1937628 - Bump upgrade channels for 4.8
1937658 - Description for storage class encryption during storagecluster creation needs to be updated
1937666 - Mouseover on headline
1937683 - Wrong icon classification of output in buildConfig when the destination is a DockerImage
1937693 - ironic image "/" cluttered with files
1937694 - [oVirt] split ovirt providerIDReconciler logic into NodeController and ProviderIDController
1937717 - If browser default font size is 20, the layout of template screen breaks
1937722 - OCP 4.8 vuln due to BZ 1936445
1937929 - Operand page shows a 404:Not Found error for OpenShift GitOps Operator
1937941 - [RFE]fix wording for favorite templates
1937972 - Router HAProxy config file template is slow to render due to repetitive regex compilations
1938131 - [AWS] Missing iam:ListAttachedRolePolicies permission in permissions.go
1938321 - Cannot view PackageManifest objects in YAML on 'Home > Search' page nor 'CatalogSource details > Operators tab'
1938465 - thanos-querier should set a CPU request on the thanos-query container
1938466 - packageserver deployment sets neither CPU or memory request on the packageserver container
1938467 - The default cluster-autoscaler should get default cpu and memory requests if user omits them
1938468 - kube-scheduler-operator has a container without a CPU request
1938492 - Marketplace extract container does not request CPU or memory
1938493 - machine-api-operator declares restrictive cpu and memory limits where it should not
1938636 - Can't set the loglevel of the container: cluster-policy-controller and kube-controller-manager-recovery-controller
1938903 - Time range on dashboard page will be empty after drog and drop mouse in the graph
1938920 - ovnkube-master/ovs-node DaemonSets should use maxUnavailable: 10%
1938947 - Update blocked from 4.6 to 4.7 when using spot/preemptible instances
1938949 - [VPA] Updater failed to trigger evictions due to "vpa-admission-controller" not found
1939054 - machine healthcheck kills aws spot instance before generated
1939060 - CNO: nodes and masters are upgrading simultaneously
1939069 - Add source to vm template silently failed when no storage class is defined in the cluster
1939103 - CVE-2021-28092 nodejs-is-svg: ReDoS via malicious string
1939168 - Builds failing for OCP 3.11 since PR#25 was merged
1939226 - kube-apiserver readiness probe appears to be hitting /healthz, not /readyz
1939227 - kube-apiserver liveness probe appears to be hitting /healthz, not /livez
1939232 - CI tests using openshift/hello-world broken by Ruby Version Update
1939270 - fix co upgradeableFalse status and reason
1939294 - OLM may not delete pods with grace period zero (force delete)
1939412 - missed labels for thanos-ruler pods
1939485 - CVE-2021-20291 containers/storage: DoS via malicious image
1939547 - Include container="POD" in resource queries
1939555 - VSphereProblemDetectorControllerDegraded: context canceled during upgrade to 4.8.0
1939573 - after entering valid git repo url on add flow page, throwing warning message instead Validated
1939580 - Authentication operator is degraded during 4.8 to 4.8 upgrade and normal 4.8 e2e runs
1939606 - Attempting to put a host into maintenance mode warns about Ceph cluster health, but no storage cluster problems are apparent
1939661 - support new AWS region ap-northeast-3
1939726 - clusteroperator/network should not change condition/Degraded during normal serial test execution
1939731 - Image registry operator reports unavailable during normal serial run
1939734 - Node Fanout Causes Excessive WATCH Secret Calls, Taking Down Clusters
1939740 - dual stack nodes with OVN single ipv6 fails on bootstrap phase
1939752 - ovnkube-master sbdb container does not set requests on cpu or memory
1939753 - Delete HCO is stucking if there is still VM in the cluster
1939815 - Change the Warning Alert for Encrypted PVs in Create StorageClass(provisioner:RBD) page
1939853 - [DOC] Creating manifests API should not allow folder in the "file_name"
1939865 - GCP PD CSI driver does not have CSIDriver instance
1939869 - [e2e][automation] Add annotations to datavolume for HPP
1939873 - Unlimited number of characters accepted for base domain name
1939943 - `cluster-kube-apiserver-operator check-endpoints` observed a panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
1940030 - cluster-resource-override: fix spelling mistake for run-level match expression in webhook configuration
1940057 - Openshift builds should use a wach instead of polling when checking for pod status
1940142 - 4.6->4.7 updates stick on OpenStackCinderCSIDriverOperatorCR_OpenStackCinderDriverControllerServiceController_Deploying
1940159 - [OSP] cluster destruction fails to remove router in BYON (with provider network) with Kuryr as primary network
1940206 - Selector and VolumeTableRows not i18ned
1940207 - 4.7->4.6 rollbacks stuck on prometheusrules admission webhook "no route to host"
1940314 - Failed to get type for Dashboard Kubernetes / Compute Resources / Namespace (Workloads)
1940318 - No data under 'Current Bandwidth' for Dashboard 'Kubernetes / Networking / Pod'
1940322 - Split of dashbard  is wrong, many Network parts
1940337 - rhos-ipi installer fails with not clear message when openstack tenant doesn't have flavors needed for compute machines
1940361 - [e2e][automation] Fix vm action tests with storageclass HPP
1940432 - Gather datahubs.installers.datahub.sap.com resources from SAP clusters
1940488 - After fix for CVE-2021-3344, Builds do not mount node entitlement keys
1940498 - pods may fail to add logical port due to lr-nat-del/lr-nat-add error messages
1940499 - hybrid-overlay not logging properly before exiting due to an error
1940518 - Components in bare metal components lack resource requests
1940613 - CVE-2021-27292 nodejs-ua-parser-js: ReDoS via malicious User-Agent header
1940704 - prjquota is dropped from rootflags if rootfs is reprovisioned
1940755 - [Web-console][Local Storage] LocalVolumeSet could not be created from web-console without detail error info
1940865 - Add BareMetalPlatformType into e2e upgrade service unsupported list
1940876 - Components in ovirt components lack resource requests
1940889 - Installation failures in OpenStack release jobs
1940933 - [sig-arch] Check if alerts are firing during or after upgrade success: AggregatedAPIDown on v1beta1.metrics.k8s.io
1940939 - Wrong Openshift node IP as kubelet setting VIP as node IP
1940940 - csi-snapshot-controller goes unavailable when machines are added removed to cluster
1940950 - vsphere: client/bootstrap CSR double create
1940972 - vsphere: [4.6] CSR approval delayed for unknown reason
1941000 - cinder storageclass creates persistent volumes with wrong label failure-domain.beta.kubernetes.io/zone in multi availability zones architecture on OSP 16.
1941334 - [RFE] Cluster-api-provider-ovirt should handle auto pinning policy
1941342 - Add `kata-osbuilder-generate.service` as part of the default presets
1941456 - Multiple pods stuck in ContainerCreating status with the message "failed to create container for [kubepods burstable podxxx] : dbus: connection closed by user" being seen in the journal log
1941526 - controller-manager-operator: Observed a panic: nil pointer dereference
1941592 - HAProxyDown not Firing
1941606 - [assisted operator] Assisted Installer Operator CSV related images should be digests for icsp
1941625 - Developer -> Topology - i18n misses
1941635 - Developer -> Monitoring - i18n misses
1941636 - BM worker nodes deployment with virtual media failed while trying to clean raid
1941645 - Developer -> Builds - i18n misses
1941655 - Developer -> Pipelines - i18n misses
1941667 - Developer -> Project - i18n misses
1941669 - Developer -> ConfigMaps - i18n misses
1941759 - Errored pre-flight checks should not prevent install
1941798 - Some details pages don't have internationalized ResourceKind labels
1941801 - Many filter toolbar dropdowns haven't been internationalized
1941815 - From the web console the terminal can no longer connect after using leaving and returning to the terminal view
1941859 - [assisted operator] assisted pod deploy first time in error state
1941901 - Toleration merge logic does not account for multiple entries with the same key
1941915 - No validation against template name in boot source customization
1941936 - when setting parameters in containerRuntimeConfig, it will show incorrect information on its description
1941980 - cluster-kube-descheduler operator is broken when upgraded from 4.7 to 4.8
1941990 - Pipeline metrics endpoint changed in osp-1.4
1941995 - fix backwards incompatible trigger api changes in osp1.4
1942086 - Administrator -> Home - i18n misses
1942117 - Administrator -> Workloads - i18n misses
1942125 - Administrator -> Serverless - i18n misses
1942193 - Operand creation form - broken/cutoff blue line on the Accordion component (fieldGroup)
1942207 - [vsphere] hostname are changed when upgrading from 4.6 to 4.7.x causing upgrades to fail
1942271 - Insights operator doesn't gather pod information from openshift-cluster-version
1942375 - CRI-O failing with error "reserving ctr name"
1942395 - The status is always "Updating" on dc detail page after deployment has failed.
1942521 - [Assisted-4.7] [Staging][OCS] Minimum memory for selected role is failing although minimum OCP requirement satisfied
1942522 - Resolution fails to sort channel if inner entry does not satisfy predicate
1942536 - Corrupted image preventing containers from starting
1942548 - Administrator -> Networking - i18n misses
1942553 - CVE-2021-22133 go.elastic.co/apm: leaks sensitive HTTP headers during panic
1942555 - Network policies in ovn-kubernetes don't support external traffic from router when the endpoint publishing strategy is HostNetwork
1942557 - Query is reporting "no datapoint" when label cluster="" is set but work when the label is removed or when running directly in Prometheus
1942608 - crictl cannot list the images with an error: error locating item named "manifest" for image with ID
1942614 - Administrator -> Storage - i18n misses
1942641 - Administrator -> Builds - i18n misses
1942673 - Administrator -> Pipelines - i18n misses
1942694 - Resource names with a colon do not display property in the browser window title
1942715 - Administrator -> User Management - i18n misses
1942716 - Quay Container Security operator has Medium <-> Low colors reversed
1942725 - [SCC] openshift-apiserver degraded when creating new pod after installing Stackrox which creates a less privileged SCC [4.8]
1942736 - Administrator -> Administration - i18n misses
1942749 - Install Operator form should use info icon for popovers
1942837 - [OCPv4.6] unable to deploy pod with unsafe sysctls
1942839 - Windows VMs fail to start on air-gapped environments
1942856 - Unable to assign nodes for EgressIP even if the egress-assignable label is set
1942858 - [RFE]Confusing detach volume UX
1942883 - AWS EBS CSI driver does not support partitions
1942894 - IPA error when provisioning masters due to an error from ironic.conductor - /dev/sda is busy
1942935 - must-gather improvements
1943145 - vsphere: client/bootstrap CSR double create
1943175 - unable to install IPI PRIVATE OpenShift cluster in Azure due to organization policies (set azure storage account TLS version default to 1.2)
1943208 - CVE-2021-23362 nodejs-hosted-git-info: Regular Expression denial of service via shortcutMatch in fromUrl()
1943219 - unable to install IPI PRIVATE OpenShift cluster in Azure - SSH access from the Internet should be blocked
1943224 - cannot upgrade openshift-kube-descheduler from 4.7.2 to latest
1943238 - The conditions table does not occupy 100% of the width.
1943258 - [Assisted-4.7][Staging][Advanced Networking] Cluster install fails while waiting for control plane
1943314 - [OVN SCALE] Combine Logical Flows inside Southbound DB.
1943315 - avoid workload disruption for ICSP changes
1943320 - Baremetal node loses connectivity with bonded interface and OVNKubernetes
1943329 - TLSSecurityProfile missing from KubeletConfig CRD Manifest
1943356 - Dynamic plugins surfaced in the UI should be referred to as "Console plugins"
1943539 - crio-wipe is failing to start "Failed to shutdown storage before wiping: A layer is mounted: layer is in use by a container"
1943543 - DeploymentConfig Rollback doesn't reset params correctly
1943558 - [assisted operator] Assisted Service pod unable to reach self signed local registry in disco environement
1943578 - CoreDNS caches NXDOMAIN responses for up to 900 seconds
1943614 - add bracket logging on openshift/builder calls into buildah to assist test-platform team triage
1943637 - upgrade from ocp 4.5 to 4.6 does not clear SNAT rules on ovn
1943649 - don't use hello-openshift for network-check-target
1943667 - KubeDaemonSetRolloutStuck fires during upgrades too often because it does not accurately detect progress
1943719 - storage-operator/vsphere-problem-detector causing upgrades to fail that would have succeeded in past versions
1943804 - API server on AWS takes disruption between 70s and 110s after pod begins termination via external LB
1943845 - Router pods should have startup probes configured
1944121 - OVN-kubernetes references AddressSets after deleting them, causing ovn-controller errors
1944160 - CNO: nbctl daemon should log reconnection info
1944180 - OVN-Kube Master does not release election lock on shutdown
1944246 - Ironic fails to inspect and move node to "manageable' but get bmh remains in "inspecting"
1944268 - openshift-install AWS SDK is missing endpoints for the ap-northeast-3 region
1944509 - Translatable texts without context in ssh expose component
1944581 - oc project not works with cluster proxy
1944587 - VPA could not take actions based on the recommendation when min-replicas=1
1944590 - The field name "VolumeSnapshotContent" is wrong on VolumeSnapshotContent detail page
1944602 - Consistant fallures of features/project-creation.feature Cypress test in CI
1944631 - openshif authenticator should not accept non-hashed tokens
1944655 - [manila-csi-driver-operator] openstack-manila-csi-nodeplugin pods stucked with ".. still connecting to unix:///var/lib/kubelet/plugins/csi-nfsplugin/csi.sock"
1944660 - dm-multipath race condition on bare metal causing /boot partition mount failures
1944674 - Project field become to "All projects" and disabled in "Review and create virtual machine" step in devconsole
1944678 - Whereabouts IPAM CNI duplicate IP addresses assigned to pods
1944761 - field level help instances do not use common util component 
1944762 - Drain on worker node during an upgrade fails due to PDB set for image registry pod when only a single replica is present
1944763 - field level help instances do not use common util component 
1944853 - Update to nodejs >=14.15.4 for ARM
1944974 - Duplicate KubeControllerManagerDown/KubeSchedulerDown alerts
1944986 - Clarify the ContainerRuntimeConfiguration cr description on the validation
1945027 - Button 'Copy SSH Command' does not work
1945085 - Bring back API data in etcd test
1945091 - In k8s 1.21 bump Feature:IPv6DualStack tests are disabled
1945103 - 'User credentials' shows even the VM is not running
1945104 - In k8s 1.21 bump '[sig-storage] [cis-hostpath] [Testpattern: Generic Ephemeral-volume' tests are disabled
1945146 - Remove pipeline Tech preview badge for pipelines GA operator
1945236 - Bootstrap ignition shim doesn't follow proxy settings
1945261 - Operator dependency not consistently chosen from default channel
1945312 - project deletion does not reset UI project context
1945326 - console-operator: does not check route health periodically
1945387 - Image Registry deployment should have 2 replicas and hard anti-affinity rules
1945398 - 4.8 CI failure: [Serial] [sig-auth][Feature:OAuthServer] [RequestHeaders] [IdP] test RequestHeaders IdP [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
1945431 - alerts: SystemMemoryExceedsReservation triggers too quickly
1945443 - operator-lifecycle-manager-packageserver flaps Available=False with no reason or message
1945459 - CVE-2020-28469 nodejs-glob-parent: Regular expression denial of service
1945548 - catalog resource update failed if spec.secrets set to ""
1945584 - Elasticsearch  operator fails to install on 4.8 cluster on ppc64le/s390x
1945599 - Optionally set KERNEL_VERSION and RT_KERNEL_VERSION
1945630 - Pod log filename no longer in -.log format
1945637 - QE- Automation- Fixing smoke test suite for pipeline-plugin
1945646 - gcp-routes.sh running as initrc_t unnecessarily
1945659 - [oVirt] remove ovirt_cafile from ovirt-credentials secret
1945677 - Need ACM Managed Cluster Info metric enabled for OCP monitoring telemetry
1945687 - Dockerfile needs updating to new container CI registry
1945700 - Syncing boot mode after changing device should be restricted to Supermicro
1945816 - " Ingresses " should be kept in English for Chinese
1945818 - Chinese translation issues: Operator should be the same with English `Operators`
1945849 - Unnecessary series churn when a new version of kube-state-metrics is rolled out
1945910 - [aws] support byo iam roles for instances
1945948 - SNO: pods can't reach ingress when the ingress uses a different IPv6.
1946079 - Virtual master is not getting an IP address
1946097 - [oVirt] oVirt credentials secret contains unnecessary "ovirt_cafile"
1946119 - panic parsing install-config
1946243 - No relevant error when pg limit is reached in block pools page
1946307 - [CI] [UPI] use a standardized and reliable way to install google cloud SDK in UPI image
1946320 - Incorrect error message in Deployment Attach Storage Page
1946449 - [e2e][automation] Fix cloud-init tests as UI changed
1946458 - Edit Application action overwrites Deployment envFrom values on save
1946459 - In bare metal IPv6 environment, [sig-storage] [Driver: nfs] tests are failing in CI.
1946479 - In k8s 1.21 bump BoundServiceAccountTokenVolume is disabled by default
1946497 - local-storage-diskmaker pod logs "DeviceSymlinkExists" and "not symlinking, could not get lock: "
1946506 - [on-prem] mDNS plugin no longer needed
1946513 - honor use specified system reserved with auto node sizing
1946540 - auth operator: only configure webhook authenticators for internal auth when oauth-apiserver pods are ready
1946584 - Machine-config controller fails to generate MC, when machine config pool with dashes in name presents under the cluster
1946607 - etcd readinessProbe is not reflective of actual readiness
1946705 - Fix issues with "search" capability in the Topology Quick Add component
1946751 - DAY2 Confusing event when trying to add hosts to a cluster that completed installation
1946788 - Serial tests are broken because of router
1946790 - Marketplace operator flakes Available=False OperatorStarting during updates
1946838 - Copied CSVs show up as adopted components
1946839 - [Azure] While mirroring images to private registry throwing error: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value
1946865 - no "namespace:kube_pod_container_resource_requests_cpu_cores:sum" and "namespace:kube_pod_container_resource_requests_memory_bytes:sum" metrics
1946893 - the error messages are inconsistent in DNS status conditions if the default service IP is taken
1946922 - Ingress details page doesn't show referenced secret name and link
1946929 - the default dns operator's Progressing status is always True and cluster operator dns Progressing status is False
1947036 - "failed to create Matchbox client or connect" on e2e-metal jobs or metal clusters via cluster-bot
1947066 - machine-config-operator pod crashes when noProxy is *
1947067 - [Installer] Pick up upstream fix for installer console output
1947078 - Incorrect skipped status for conditional tasks in the pipeline run
1947080 - SNO IPv6 with 'temporary 60-day domain' option fails with IPv4 exception
1947154 - [master] [assisted operator] Unable to re-register an SNO instance if deleting CRDs during install
1947164 - Print "Successfully pushed" even if the build push fails.
1947176 - OVN-Kubernetes leaves stale AddressSets around if the deletion was missed.
1947293 - IPv6 provision addresses range larger then /64 prefix (e.g. /48)
1947311 - When adding a new node to localvolumediscovery UI does not show pre-existing node name's
1947360 - [vSphere csi driver operator] operator pod runs as “BestEffort” qosClass
1947371 - [vSphere csi driver operator] operator doesn't create “csidriver” instance
1947402 - Single Node cluster upgrade: AWS EBS CSI driver deployment is stuck on rollout
1947478 - discovery v1 beta1 EndpointSlice is deprecated in Kubernetes 1.21 (OCP 4.8)
1947490 - If Clevis on a managed LUKs volume with Ignition enables, the system will fails to automatically open the LUKs volume on system boot
1947498 - policy v1 beta1 PodDisruptionBudget is deprecated in Kubernetes 1.21 (OCP 4.8)
1947663 - disk details are not synced in web-console
1947665 - Internationalization values for ceph-storage-plugin should be in file named after plugin
1947684 - MCO on SNO sometimes has rendered configs and sometimes does not
1947712 - [OVN] Many faults and Polling interval stuck for 4 seconds every roughly 5 minutes intervals.
1947719 - 8 APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse info alerts display
1947746 - Show wrong kubernetes version from kube-scheduler/kube-controller-manager operator pods
1947756 - [azure-disk-csi-driver-operator] Should allow more nodes to be updated simultaneously for speeding up cluster upgrade
1947767 - [azure-disk-csi-driver-operator] Uses the same storage type in the sc created by it as the default sc?
1947771 - [kube-descheduler]descheduler operator pod should not run as “BestEffort” qosClass
1947774 - CSI driver operators use "Always" imagePullPolicy in some containers
1947775 - [vSphere csi driver operator] doesn’t use the downstream images from payload.
1947776 - [vSphere csi driver operator] Should allow more nodes to be updated simultaneously for speeding up cluster upgrade
1947779 - [LSO] Should allow more nodes to be updated simultaneously for speeding up LSO upgrade
1947785 - Cloud Compute: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947789 - Console: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947791 - MCO: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947793 - DevEx: APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse info alerts display
1947794 - OLM: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component does not trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947795 - Networking: APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse info alerts display
1947797 - CVO: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947798 - Images: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947800 - Ingress: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1947801 - Kube Storage Version Migrator APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse info alerts display
1947803 - Openshift Apiserver: APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse info alerts display
1947806 - Re-enable h2spec, http/2 and grpc-interop e2e tests in openshift/origin
1947828 - `download it` link should save pod log in -.log format
1947866 - disk.csi.azure.com.spec.operatorLogLevel is not updated when CSO loglevel  is changed
1947917 - Egress Firewall does not reliably apply firewall rules
1947946 - Operator upgrades can delete existing CSV before completion
1948011 - openshift-controller-manager constantly reporting type "Upgradeable" status Unknown
1948012 - service-ca constantly reporting type "Upgradeable" status Unknown
1948019 - [4.8] Large number of requests to the infrastructure cinder volume service
1948022 - Some on-prem namespaces missing from must-gather
1948040 - cluster-etcd-operator: etcd is using deprecated logger
1948082 - Monitoring should not set Available=False with no reason on updates
1948137 - CNI DEL not called on node reboot - OCP 4 CRI-O.
1948232 - DNS operator performs spurious updates in response to API's defaulting of daemonset's maxSurge and service's ipFamilies and ipFamilyPolicy fields
1948311 - Some jobs failing due to excessive watches: the server has received too many requests and has asked us to try again later
1948359 - [aws] shared tag was not removed from user provided IAM role
1948410 - [LSO] Local Storage Operator uses imagePullPolicy as "Always"
1948415 - [vSphere csi driver operator] clustercsidriver.spec.logLevel doesn't take effective after changing
1948427 - No action is triggered after click 'Continue' button on 'Show community Operator' windows
1948431 - TechPreviewNoUpgrade does not enable CSI migration
1948436 - The outbound traffic was broken intermittently after shutdown one egressIP node
1948443 - OCP 4.8 nightly still showing v1.20 even after 1.21 merge
1948471 - [sig-auth][Feature:OpenShiftAuthorization][Serial] authorization  TestAuthorizationResourceAccessReview should succeed [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
1948505 - [vSphere csi driver operator] vmware-vsphere-csi-driver-operator pod restart every 10 minutes
1948513 - get-resources.sh doesn't honor the no_proxy settings
1948524 - 'DeploymentUpdated' Updated Deployment.apps/downloads -n openshift-console because it changed message is printed every minute
1948546 - VM of worker is in error state when a network has port_security_enabled=False
1948553 - When setting etcd spec.LogLevel is not propagated to etcd operand
1948555 - A lot of events "rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded" were seen in azure disk csi driver verification test
1948563 - End-to-End Secure boot deployment fails "Invalid value for input variable"
1948582 - Need ability to specify local gateway mode in CNO config
1948585 - Need a CI jobs to test local gateway mode with bare metal
1948592 - [Cluster Network Operator] Missing Egress Router Controller
1948606 - DNS e2e test fails "[sig-arch] Only known images used by tests" because it does not use a known image
1948610 - External Storage [Driver: disk.csi.azure.com] [Testpattern: Dynamic PV (block volmode)] multiVolume [Slow] should access to two volumes with the same volume mode and retain data across pod recreation on the same node [LinuxOnly]
1948626 - TestRouteAdmissionPolicy e2e test is failing often
1948628 - ccoctl needs to plan for future (non-AWS) platform support in the CLI
1948634 - upgrades: allow upgrades without version change
1948640 - [Descheduler] operator log reports key failed with : kubedeschedulers.operator.openshift.io "cluster" not found
1948701 - unneeded CCO alert already covered by CVO
1948703 - p&f: probes should not get 429s
1948705 - [assisted operator] SNO deployment fails - ClusterDeployment shows `bootstrap.ign was not found`
1948706 - Cluster Autoscaler Operator manifests missing annotation for ibm-cloud-managed profile
1948708 - cluster-dns-operator includes a deployment with node selector of masters for the IBM cloud managed profile
1948711 - thanos querier and prometheus-adapter should have 2 replicas
1948714 - cluster-image-registry-operator targets master nodes in ibm-cloud-managed-profile
1948716 - cluster-ingress-operator deployment targets master nodes for ibm-cloud-managed profile
1948718 - cluster-network-operator deployment manifest for ibm-cloud-managed profile contains master node selector
1948719 - Machine API components should use 1.21 dependencies
1948721 - cluster-storage-operator deployment targets master nodes for ibm-cloud-managed profile
1948725 - operator lifecycle manager does not include profile annotations for ibm-cloud-managed
1948763 - CVE-2021-23368 nodejs-postcss: Regular expression denial of service during source map parsing
1948771 - ~50% of GCP upgrade jobs in 4.8 failing with "AggregatedAPIDown" alert on packages.coreos.com
1948782 - Stale references to the single-node-production-edge cluster profile
1948787 - secret.StringData shouldn't be used for reads
1948788 - Clicking an empty metrics graph (when there is no data) should still open metrics viewer
1948789 - Clicking on a metrics graph should show request and limits queries as well on the resulting metrics page
1948919 - Need minor update in message on channel modal
1948923 - [aws] installer forces the platform.aws.amiID option to be set, while installing a cluster into GovCloud or C2S region
1948926 - Memory Usage of Dashboard 'Kubernetes / Compute Resources / Pod' contain wrong CPU query
1948936 - [e2e][automation][prow] Prow script point to deleted resource
1948943 - (release-4.8) Limit the number of collected pods in the workloads gatherer
1948953 - Uninitialized cloud provider error when provisioning a cinder volume
1948963 - [RFE] Cluster-api-provider-ovirt should handle hugepages
1948966 - Add the ability to run a gather done by IO via a Kubernetes Job
1948981 - Align dependencies and libraries with latest ironic code
1948998 - style fixes by GoLand and golangci-lint
1948999 - Can not assign multiple EgressIPs to a namespace by using automatic way.
1949019 - PersistentVolumes page cannot sync project status automatically which will block user to create PV
1949022 - Openshift 4 has a zombie problem
1949039 - Wrong env name to get podnetinfo for hugepage in app-netutil
1949041 - vsphere: wrong image names in bundle
1949042 - [sig-network-edge][Conformance][Area:Networking][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should pass the http2 tests  (on OpenStack)
1949050 - Bump k8s to latest 1.21
1949061 - [assisted operator][nmstate] Continuous attempts to reconcile InstallEnv  in the case of invalid NMStateConfig
1949063 - [sig-network] Conntrack should be able to preserve UDP traffic when server pod cycles for a NodePort service
1949075 - Extend openshift/api for Add card customization
1949093 - PatternFly v4.96.2 regression results in a.pf-c-button hover issues
1949096 - Restore private git clone tests
1949099 - network-check-target code cleanup
1949105 - NetworkPolicy ... should enforce ingress policy allowing any port traffic to a server on a specific protocol
1949145 - Move openshift-user-critical priority class to CCO
1949155 - Console doesn't correctly check for favorited or last namespace on load if project picker used
1949180 - Pipelines plugin model kinds aren't picked up by parser
1949202 - sriov-network-operator not available from operatorhub on ppc64le
1949218 - ccoctl not included in container image
1949237 - Bump OVN: Lots of conjunction warnings in ovn-controller container logs
1949277 - operator-marketplace: deployment manifests for ibm-cloud-managed profile have master node selectors
1949294 - [assisted operator] OPENSHIFT_VERSIONS in assisted operator subscription does not propagate
1949306 - need a way to see top API accessors
1949313 - Rename vmware-vsphere-* images to vsphere-* images before 4.8 ships
1949316 - BaremetalHost resource automatedCleaningMode ignored due to outdated vendoring
1949347 - apiserver-watcher support for dual-stack
1949357 - manila-csi-controller pod not running due to secret lack(in another ns)
1949361 - CoreDNS resolution failure for external hostnames with "A: dns: overflow unpacking uint16"
1949364 - Mention scheduling profiles in scheduler operator repository
1949370 - Testability of: Static pod installer controller deadlocks with non-existing installer pod, WAS: kube-apisrever of clsuter operator always with incorrect status due to pleg error
1949384 - Edit Default Pull Secret modal - i18n misses
1949387 - Fix the typo in auto node sizing script
1949404 - label selector on pvc creation page - i18n misses
1949410 - The referred role doesn't exist if create rolebinding from rolebinding tab of role page
1949411 - VolumeSnapshot, VolumeSnapshotClass and VolumeSnapshotConent Details tab is not translated - i18n misses
1949413 - Automatic boot order setting is done incorrectly when using by-path style device names
1949418 - Controller factory workers should always restart on panic()
1949419 - oauth-apiserver logs "[SHOULD NOT HAPPEN] failed to update managedFields for authentication.k8s.io/v1, Kind=TokenReview: failed to convert new object (authentication.k8s.io/v1, Kind=TokenReview)"
1949420 - [azure csi driver operator] pvc.status.capacity and pv.spec.capacity are processed not the same as in-tree plugin
1949435 - ingressclass controller doesn't recreate the openshift-default ingressclass after deleting it
1949480 - Listeners timeout are constantly being updated
1949481 - cluster-samples-operator restarts approximately two times per day and logs too many same messages
1949509 - Kuryr should manage API LB instead of CNO
1949514 - URL is not visible for routes at narrow screen widths
1949554 - Metrics of vSphere CSI driver sidecars are not collected
1949582 - OCP v4.7 installation with OVN-Kubernetes fails with error "egress bandwidth restriction -1 is not equals"
1949589 - APIRemovedInNextEUSReleaseInUse Alert Missing
1949591 - Alert does not catch removed api usage during end-to-end tests.
1949593 - rename DeprecatedAPIInUse alert to APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse
1949612 - Install with 1.21 Kubelet is spamming logs with failed to get stats failed command 'du'
1949626 - machine-api fails to create AWS client in new regions
1949661 - Kubelet Workloads Management changes for OCPNODE-529
1949664 - Spurious keepalived liveness probe failures
1949671 - System services such as openvswitch are stopped before pod containers on system shutdown or reboot
1949677 - multus is the first pod on a new node and the last to go ready
1949711 - cvo unable to reconcile deletion of openshift-monitoring namespace
1949721 - Pick 99237: Use the audit ID of a request for better correlation
1949741 - Bump golang version of cluster-machine-approver
1949799 - ingresscontroller should deny the setting when spec.tuningOptions.threadCount exceed 64
1949810 - OKD 4.7  unable to access Project  Topology View
1949818 - Add e2e test to perform MCO operation Single Node OpenShift
1949820 - Unable to use `oc adm top is` shortcut when asking for `imagestreams`
1949862 - The ccoctl tool hits the panic sometime when running the delete subcommand
1949866 - The ccoctl fails to create authentication file when running the command `ccoctl aws create-identity-provider` with `--output-dir` parameter
1949880 - adding providerParameters.gcp.clientAccess to existing ingresscontroller doesn't work
1949882 - service-idler build error
1949898 - Backport RP#848 to OCP 4.8
1949907 - Gather summary of PodNetworkConnectivityChecks
1949923 - some defined rootVolumes zones not used on installation
1949928 - Samples Operator updates break CI tests
1949935 - Fix  incorrect access review check on start pipeline kebab action
1949956 - kaso: add minreadyseconds to ensure we don't have an LB outage on kas
1949967 - Update Kube dependencies in MCO to 1.21
1949972 - Descheduler metrics: populate build info data and make the metrics entries more readeable
1949978 - [sig-network-edge][Conformance][Area:Networking][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should pass the h2spec conformance tests [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel/minimal]
1949990 - (release-4.8) Extend the OLM operator gatherer to include CSV display name
1949991 - openshift-marketplace pods are crashlooping
1950007 - [CI] [UPI] easy_install is not reliable enough to be used in an image
1950026 - [Descheduler] Need better way to handle evicted pod count for removeDuplicate pod strategy
1950047 - CSV deployment template custom annotations are not propagated to deployments
1950112 - SNO: machine-config pool is degraded:   error running chcon -R -t var_run_t /run/mco-machine-os-content/os-content-321709791
1950113 - in-cluster operators need an API for additional AWS tags
1950133 - MCO creates empty conditions on the kubeletconfig object
1950159 - Downstream ovn-kubernetes repo should have no linter errors
1950175 - Update Jenkins and agent base image to Go 1.16
1950196 - ssh Key is added even with 'Expose SSH access to this virtual machine' unchecked
1950210 - VPA CRDs use deprecated API version
1950219 - KnativeServing is not shown in list on global config page
1950232 - [Descheduler] - The minKubeVersion should be 1.21
1950236 - Update OKD imagestreams to prefer centos7 images
1950270 - should use "kubernetes.io/os" in the dns/ingresscontroller node selector description when executing oc explain command
1950284 - Tracking bug for NE-563 - support user-defined tags on AWS load balancers
1950341 - NetworkPolicy: allow-from-router policy does not allow access to service when the endpoint publishing strategy is HostNetwork on OpenshiftSDN network
1950379 - oauth-server is in pending/crashbackoff at beginning 50% of CI runs
1950384 - [sig-builds][Feature:Builds][sig-devex][Feature:Jenkins][Slow] openshift pipeline build  perm failing
1950409 - Descheduler operator code and docs still reference v1beta1
1950417 - The Marketplace Operator is building with EOL k8s versions
1950430 - CVO serves metrics over HTTP, despite a lack of consumers
1950460 - RFE: Change Request Size Input to Number Spinner Input
1950471 - e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-dualstack is failing with etcd unable to bootstrap
1950532 - Include "update" when referring to operator approval and channel
1950543 - Document non-HA behaviors in the MCO (SingleNodeOpenshift)
1950590 - CNO: Too many OVN netFlows collectors causes ovnkube pods CrashLoopBackOff
1950653 - BuildConfig ignores Args
1950761 - Monitoring operator deployments anti-affinity rules prevent their rollout on single-node
1950908 - kube_pod_labels metric does not contain k8s labels
1950912 - [e2e][automation] add devconsole tests
1950916 - [RFE]console page show error when vm is poused
1950934 - Unnecessary rollouts can happen due to unsorted endpoints
1950935 - Updating cluster-network-operator builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1950978 - the ingressclass cannot be removed even after deleting the related custom ingresscontroller
1951007 - ovn master pod crashed
1951029 - Drainer panics on missing context for node patch
1951034 - (release-4.8) Split up the GatherClusterOperators into smaller parts
1951042 - Panics every few minutes in kubelet logs post-rebase
1951043 - Start Pipeline Modal Parameters should accept empty string defaults
1951058 - [gcp-pd-csi-driver-operator] topology and multipods capabilities are not enabled in e2e tests
1951066 - [IBM][ROKS] Enable volume snapshot controllers on IBM Cloud
1951084 - avoid benign "Path \"/run/secrets/etc-pki-entitlement\" from \"/etc/containers/mounts.conf\" doesn't exist, skipping" messages
1951158 - Egress Router CRD missing Addresses entry
1951169 - Improve API Explorer discoverability from the Console
1951174 - re-pin libvirt to 6.0.0
1951203 - oc adm catalog mirror can generate ICSPs that exceed etcd's size limit
1951209 - RerunOnFailure runStrategy shows wrong VM status (Starting) on Succeeded VMI
1951212 - User/Group details shows unrelated subjects in role bindings tab
1951214 - VM list page crashes when the volume type is sysprep
1951339 - Cluster-version operator does not manage operand container environments when manifest lacks opinions
1951387 - opm index add doesn't respect deprecated bundles
1951412 - Configmap gatherer can fail incorrectly
1951456 - Docs and linting fixes
1951486 - Replace "kubevirt_vmi_network_traffic_bytes_total" with new metrics names
1951505 - Remove deprecated techPreviewUserWorkload field from CMO's configmap
1951558 - Backport Upstream 101093 for Startup Probe Fix
1951585 - enterprise-pod fails to build
1951636 - assisted service operator use default serviceaccount in operator bundle
1951637 - don't rollout a new kube-apiserver revision on oauth accessTokenInactivityTimeout changes
1951639 - Bootstrap API server unclean shutdown causes reconcile delay
1951646 - Unexpected memory climb while container not in use
1951652 - Add retries to opm index add
1951670 - Error gathering bootstrap log after pivot: The bootstrap machine did not execute the release-image.service systemd unit
1951671 - Excessive writes to ironic Nodes
1951705 - kube-apiserver needs alerts on CPU utlization
1951713 - [OCP-OSP] After changing image in machine object it enters in Failed - Can't find created instance
1951853 - dnses.operator.openshift.io resource's spec.nodePlacement.tolerations godoc incorrectly describes default behavior
1951858 - unexpected text '0' on filter toolbar on RoleBinding tab
1951860 - [4.8] add Intel XXV710 NIC model (1572) support in SR-IOV Operator
1951870 - sriov network resources injector: user defined injection removed existing pod annotations
1951891 - [migration] cannot change ClusterNetwork CIDR during migration
1951952 - [AWS CSI Migration] Metrics for cloudprovider error requests are lost
1952001 - Delegated authentication: reduce the number of watch requests
1952032 - malformatted assets in CMO
1952045 - Mirror nfs-server image used in jenkins-e2e
1952049 - Helm: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1952079 - rebase openshift/sdn to kube 1.21
1952111 - Optimize importing from @patternfly/react-tokens
1952174 - DNS operator claims to be done upgrading before it even starts
1952179 - OpenStack Provider Ports UI Underscore Variables
1952187 - Pods stuck in ImagePullBackOff with errors like rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error committing the finished image: image with ID "SomeLongID" already exists, but uses a different top layer: that ID
1952211 - cascading mounts happening exponentially on when deleting openstack-cinder-csi-driver-node pods
1952214 - Console Devfile Import Dev Preview broken
1952238 - Catalog pods don't report termination logs to catalog-operator
1952262 - Need support external gateway via hybrid overlay
1952266 - etcd operator bumps status.version[name=operator] before operands update
1952268 - etcd operator should not set Degraded=True EtcdMembersDegraded on healthy machine-config node reboots
1952282 - CSR approver races with nodelink controller and does not requeue
1952310 - VM cannot start up if the ssh key is added by another template
1952325 - [e2e][automation] Check support modal in ssh tests and skip template parentSupport
1952333 - openshift/kubernetes vulnerable to CVE-2021-3121
1952358 - Openshift-apiserver CO unavailable in fresh OCP 4.7.5 installations
1952367 - No VM status on overview page when VM is pending
1952368 - worker pool went degraded due to no rpm-ostree on rhel worker during applying new mc
1952372 - VM stop action should not be there if the VM is not running
1952405 - console-operator is not reporting correct Available status
1952448 - Switch from Managed to Disabled mode: no IP removed from configuration and no container metal3-static-ip-manager stopped
1952460 - In k8s 1.21 bump '[sig-network] Firewall rule control plane should not expose well-known ports' test is disabled
1952473 - Monitor pod placement during upgrades
1952487 - Template filter does not work properly
1952495 - “Create” button on the Templates page is confuse
1952527 - [Multus] multi-networkpolicy does wrong filtering
1952545 - Selection issue when inserting YAML snippets
1952585 - Operator links for 'repository' and 'container image' should be clickable in OperatorHub
1952604 - Incorrect port in external loadbalancer config
1952610 - [aws] image-registry panics when the cluster is installed in a new region
1952611 - Tracking bug for OCPCLOUD-1115 - support user-defined tags on AWS EC2 Instances
1952618 - 4.7.4->4.7.8 Upgrade Caused OpenShift-Apiserver Outage
1952625 - Fix translator-reported text issues
1952632 - 4.8 installer should default ClusterVersion channel to stable-4.8
1952635 - Web console displays a blank page- white space instead of cluster information
1952665 - [Multus] multi-networkpolicy pod continue restart due to OOM (out of memory)
1952666 - Implement Enhancement 741 for Kubelet
1952667 - Update Readme for cluster-baremetal-operator with details about the operator
1952684 - cluster-etcd-operator: metrics controller panics on invalid response from client
1952728 - It was not clear for users why Snapshot feature was not available
1952730 - “Customize virtual machine” and the “Advanced” feature are confusing in wizard
1952732 - Users did not understand the boot source labels
1952741 - Monitoring DB: after set Time Range as Custom time range, no data display
1952744 - PrometheusDuplicateTimestamps with user workload monitoring enabled
1952759 - [RFE]It was not immediately clear what the Star icon meant
1952795 - cloud-network-config-controller CRD does not specify correct plural name
1952819 - failed to configure pod interface: error while waiting on flows for pod: timed out waiting for OVS flows
1952820 - [LSO] Delete localvolume pv is failed
1952832 - [IBM][ROKS] Enable the Web console UI to deploy OCS in External mode on IBM Cloud
1952891 - Upgrade failed due to cinder csi driver not deployed
1952904 - Linting issues in gather/clusterconfig package
1952906 - Unit tests for configobserver.go
1952931 - CI does not check leftover PVs
1952958 - Runtime error loading console in Safari 13
1953019 - [Installer][baremetal][metal3] The baremetal IPI installer fails on delete cluster with: failed to clean baremetal bootstrap storage pool
1953035 - Installer should error out if publish: Internal is set while deploying OCP cluster on any on-prem platform
1953041 - openshift-authentication-operator uses 3.9k% of its requested CPU
1953077 - Handling GCP's: Error 400: Permission accesscontextmanager.accessLevels.list is not valid for this resource
1953102 - kubelet CPU use during an e2e run increased 25% after rebase
1953105 - RHCOS system components registered a 3.5x increase in CPU use over an e2e run before and after 4/9
1953169 - endpoint slice controller doesn't handle services target port correctly
1953257 - Multiple EgressIPs per node for one namespace when "oc get hostsubnet"
1953280 - DaemonSet/node-resolver is not recreated by dns operator after deleting it
1953291 - cluster-etcd-operator: peer cert DNS SAN is populated incorrectly
1953418 - [e2e][automation] Fix vm wizard validate tests
1953518 - thanos-ruler pods failed to start up for "cannot unmarshal DNS message"
1953530 - Fix openshift/sdn unit test flake
1953539 - kube-storage-version-migrator: priorityClassName not set
1953543 - (release-4.8) Add missing sample archive data
1953551 - build failure: unexpected trampoline for shared or dynamic linking
1953555 - GlusterFS tests fail on ipv6 clusters
1953647 - prometheus-adapter should have a PodDisruptionBudget in HA topology
1953670 - ironic container image build failing because esp partition size is too small
1953680 - ipBlock ignoring all other cidr's apart from the last one specified
1953691 - Remove unused mock
1953703 - Inconsistent usage of Tech preview badge in OCS plugin of OCP Console
1953726 - Fix issues related to loading dynamic plugins
1953729 - e2e unidling test is flaking heavily on SNO jobs
1953795 - Ironic can't virtual media attach ISOs sourced from ingress routes
1953798 - GCP e2e (parallel and upgrade) regularly trigger KubeAPIErrorBudgetBurn alert, also happens on AWS
1953803 - [AWS] Installer should do pre-check to ensure user-provided private hosted zone name is valid for OCP cluster
1953810 - Allow use of storage policy in VMC environments
1953830 - The oc-compliance build does not available for OCP4.8
1953846 - SystemMemoryExceedsReservation alert should consider hugepage reservation
1953977 - [4.8] packageserver pods restart many times on the SNO cluster
1953979 - Ironic caching virtualmedia images results in disk space limitations
1954003 - Alerts shouldn't report any alerts in firing or pending state: openstack-cinder-csi-driver-controller-metrics TargetDown
1954025 - Disk errors while scaling up a node with multipathing enabled
1954087 - Unit tests for kube-scheduler-operator
1954095 - Apply user defined tags in AWS Internal Registry
1954105 - TaskRuns Tab in PipelineRun Details Page makes cluster based calls for TaskRuns
1954124 - oc set volume not adding storageclass to pvc which leads to issues using snapshots
1954150 - CVE-2021-23382 nodejs-postcss: ReDoS via getAnnotationURL() and loadAnnotation() in lib/previous-map.js
1954177 - machine-api: admissionReviewVersions v1beta1 is going to be removed in 1.22
1954187 - multus: admissionReviewVersions v1beta1 is going to be removed in 1.22
1954248 - Disable Alertmanager Protractor e2e tests
1954317 - [assisted operator] Environment variables set in the subscription not being inherited by the assisted-service container
1954330 - NetworkPolicy: allow-from-router with label policy-group.network.openshift.io/ingress: "" does not work on a upgraded cluster
1954421 - Get 'Application is not available' when access Prometheus UI
1954459 - Error: Gateway Time-out display on Alerting console
1954460 - UI, The status of "Used Capacity Breakdown [Pods]"  is "Not available"
1954509 - FC volume is marked as unmounted after failed reconstruction
1954540 - Lack translation for local language on pages under storage menu
1954544 - authn operator: endpoints controller should use the context it creates
1954554 - Add e2e tests for auto node sizing
1954566 - Cannot update a component (`UtilizationCard`) error when switching perspectives manually
1954597 - Default image for GCP does not support ignition V3
1954615 - Undiagnosed panic detected in pod: pods/openshift-cloud-credential-operator_cloud-credential-operator
1954634 - apirequestcounts does not honor max users
1954638 - apirequestcounts should indicate removedinrelease of empty instead of 2.0
1954640 - Support of gatherers with different periods
1954671 - disable volume expansion support in vsphere csi driver storage class
1954687 - localvolumediscovery and localvolumset e2es are disabled
1954688 - LSO has missing examples for localvolumesets
1954696 - [API-1009] apirequestcounts should indicate useragent
1954715 - Imagestream imports become very slow when doing many in parallel
1954755 - Multus configuration should allow for net-attach-defs referenced in the openshift-multus namespace
1954765 - CCO: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1954768 - baremetal-operator: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component won't access APIs that trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1954770 - Backport upstream fix for Kubelet getting stuck in DiskPressure
1954773 - OVN: check (see bug 1947801#c4 steps) audit log to find deprecated API access related to this component to ensure this component does not trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1954783 - [aws] support byo private hosted zone
1954790 - KCM Alert PodDisruptionBudget At and Limit do not alert with maxUnavailable or MinAvailable by percentage
1954830 - verify-client-go job is failing for release-4.7 branch
1954865 - Add necessary priority class to pod-identity-webhook deployment
1954866 - Add necessary priority class to downloads
1954870 - Add necessary priority class to network components
1954873 - dns server may not be specified for clusters with more than 2 dns servers specified by  openstack.
1954891 - Add necessary priority class to pruner
1954892 - Add necessary priority class to ingress-canary
1954931 - (release-4.8) Remove legacy URL anonymization in the ClusterOperator related resources
1954937 - [API-1009] `oc get apirequestcount` shows blank for column REQUESTSINCURRENTHOUR
1954959 - unwanted decorator shown for revisions in topology though should only be shown only for knative services
1954972 - TechPreviewNoUpgrade featureset can be undone
1954973 - "read /proc/pressure/cpu: operation not supported" in node-exporter logs
1954994 - should update to 2.26.0 for prometheus resources label
1955051 - metrics "kube_node_status_capacity_cpu_cores" does not exist
1955089 - Support [sig-cli] oc observe works as expected test for IPv6
1955100 - Samples: APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse info alerts display
1955102 - Add vsphere_node_hw_version_total metric to the collected metrics
1955114 - 4.7-e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-dualstack intermittent test failures, worker hostname is overwritten by NM
1955196 - linuxptp-daemon crash on 4.8
1955226 - operator updates apirequestcount CRD over and over
1955229 - release-openshift-origin-installer-e2e-aws-calico-4.7 is permfailing
1955256 - stop collecting API that no longer exists
1955324 - Kubernetes Autoscaler should use Go 1.16 for testing scripts
1955336 - Failure to Install OpenShift on GCP due to Cluster Name being similar to / contains "google"
1955414 - 4.8 -> 4.7 rollbacks broken on unrecognized flowschema openshift-etcd-operator
1955445 - Drop crio image metrics with high cardinality
1955457 - Drop container_memory_failures_total metric because of high cardinality
1955467 - Disable collection of node_mountstats_nfs metrics in node_exporter
1955474 - [aws-ebs-csi-driver] rebase from version v1.0.0
1955478 - Drop high-cardinality metrics from kube-state-metrics which aren't used
1955517 - Failed to upgrade from 4.6.25 to 4.7.8 due to the machine-config degradation
1955548 - [IPI][OSP] OCP 4.6/4.7 IPI with kuryr exceeds defined serviceNetwork range
1955554 - MAO does not react to events triggered from Validating Webhook Configurations
1955589 - thanos-querier should have a PodDisruptionBudget in HA topology
1955595 - Add DevPreviewLongLifecycle Descheduler profile
1955596 - Pods stuck in creation phase on realtime kernel SNO
1955610 - release-openshift-origin-installer-old-rhcos-e2e-aws-4.7 is permfailing
1955622 - 4.8-e2e-metal-assisted jobs: Timeout of 360 seconds expired waiting for Cluster to be in status ['installing', 'error']
1955701 - [4.8] RHCOS boot image bump for RHEL 8.4 Beta
1955749 - OCP branded templates need to be translated
1955761 - packageserver clusteroperator does not set reason or message for Available condition
1955783 - NetworkPolicy: ACL audit log message for allow-from-router policy should also include the namespace to distinguish between two policies similarly named configured in respective namespaces
1955803 - OperatorHub - console accepts any value for "Infrastructure features" annotation
1955822 - CIS Benchmark 5.4.1 Fails on ROKS 4: Prefer using secrets as files over secrets as environment variables
1955854 - Ingress clusteroperator reports Degraded=True/Available=False if any ingresscontroller is degraded or unavailable
1955862 - Local Storage Operator using LocalVolume CR fails to create PV's when backend storage failure is simulated
1955874 - Webscale: sriov vfs are not created and sriovnetworknodestate indicates sync succeeded - state is not correct
1955879 - Customer tags cannot be seen in S3 level when set spec.managementState from Managed-> Removed-> Managed in configs.imageregistry with high ratio
1955969 - Workers cannot be deployed attached to multiple networks.
1956079 - Installer gather doesn't collect any networking information
1956208 - Installer should validate root volume type
1956220 - Set htt proxy system properties as expected by kubernetes-client
1956281 - Disconnected installs are failing with kubelet trying to pause image from the internet
1956334 - Event Listener Details page does not show Triggers section
1956353 - test: analyze job consistently fails
1956372 - openshift-gcp-routes causes disruption during upgrade by stopping before all pods terminate
1956405 - Bump k8s dependencies in cluster resource override admission operator
1956411 - Apply custom tags to AWS EBS volumes
1956480 - [4.8] Bootimage bump tracker
1956606 - probes FlowSchema manifest not included in any cluster profile
1956607 - Multiple manifests lack cluster profile annotations
1956609 - [cluster-machine-approver] CSRs for replacement control plane nodes not approved after restore from backup
1956610 - manage-helm-repos manifest lacks cluster profile annotations
1956611 - OLM CRD schema validation failing against CRs where the value of a string field is a blank string
1956650 - The container disk URL is empty for Windows guest tools
1956768 - aws-ebs-csi-driver-controller-metrics TargetDown
1956826 - buildArgs does not work when the value is taken from a secret
1956895 - Fix chatty kubelet log message
1956898 - fix log files being overwritten on container state loss
1956920 - can't open terminal for pods that have more than one container running
1956959 - ipv6 disconnected sno crd deployment hive reports success status and clusterdeployrmet reporting false
1956978 - Installer gather doesn't include pod names in filename
1957039 - Physical VIP for pod -> Svc -> Host is incorrectly set to an IP of for Local GW
1957041 - Update CI e2echart with more node info
1957127 - Delegated authentication: reduce the number of watch requests
1957131 - Conformance tests for OpenStack require the Cinder client that is not included in the "tests" image
1957146 - Only run test/extended/router/idle tests on OpenshiftSDN or OVNKubernetes
1957149 - CI: "Managed cluster should start all core operators" fails with: OpenStackCinderDriverStaticResourcesControllerDegraded: "volumesnapshotclass.yaml" (string): missing dynamicClient
1957179 - Incorrect VERSION in node_exporter
1957190 - CI jobs failing due too many watch requests (prometheus-operator)
1957198 - Misspelled console-operator condition
1957227 - Issue replacing the EnvVariables using the unsupported ConfigMap
1957260 - [4.8] [gcp] Installer is missing new region/zone europe-central2
1957261 - update godoc for new build status image change trigger fields
1957295 - Apply priority classes conventions as test to openshift/origin repo
1957315 - kuryr-controller doesn't indicate being out of quota
1957349 - [Azure] Machine object showing Failed phase even node is ready and VM is running properly
1957374 - mcddrainerr doesn't list specific pod
1957386 - Config serve and validate command should be under alpha
1957446 - prepare CCO for future without v1beta1 CustomResourceDefinitions
1957502 - Infrequent panic in kube-apiserver in aws-serial job
1957561 - lack of pseudolocalization for some text on Cluster Setting page
1957584 - Routes are not getting created  when using hostname  without FQDN standard
1957597 - Public DNS records were not deleted when destroying a cluster which is using byo private hosted zone
1957645 - Event "Updated PrometheusRule.monitoring.coreos.com/v1 because it changed" is frequently looped with weird empty {} changes
1957708 - e2e-metal-ipi and related jobs fail to bootstrap due to multiple VIP's
1957726 - Pod stuck in ContainerCreating - Failed to start transient scope unit: Connection timed out
1957748 - Ptp operator pod should have CPU and memory requests set but not limits
1957756 - Device Replacemet UI, The status of the disk is "replacement ready" before I clicked on "start replacement"
1957772 - ptp daemon set should meet platform requirements for update strategy that have maxUnavailable update of 10 or 33 percent
1957775 - CVO creating cloud-controller-manager too early causing upgrade failures
1957809 - [OSP] Install with invalid platform.openstack.machinesSubnet results in runtime error
1957822 - Update apiserver tlsSecurityProfile description to include Custom profile
1957832 - CMO end-to-end tests work only on AWS
1957856 - 'resource name may not be empty' is shown in CI testing
1957869 - baremetal IPI power_interface for irmc is inconsistent
1957879 - cloud-controller-manage ClusterOperator manifest does not declare relatedObjects
1957889 - Incomprehensible documentation of the GatherClusterOperatorPodsAndEvents gatherer
1957893 - ClusterDeployment / Agent conditions show "ClusterAlreadyInstalling" during each spoke install
1957895 - Cypress helper projectDropdown.shouldContain is not an assertion
1957908 - Many e2e failed requests caused by kube-storage-version-migrator-operator's version reads
1957926 - "Add Capacity" should allow to add n*3 (or n*4) local devices at once
1957951 - [aws] destroy can get blocked on instances stuck in shutting-down state
1957967 - Possible test flake in listPage Cypress view
1957972 - Leftover templates from mdns
1957976 - Ironic execute_deploy_steps command to ramdisk times out, resulting in a failed deployment in 4.7
1957982 - Deployment Actions clickable for view-only projects
1957991 - ClusterOperatorDegraded can fire during installation
1958015 - "config-reloader-cpu" and "config-reloader-memory" flags have been deprecated for prometheus-operator
1958080 - Missing i18n for login, error and selectprovider pages
1958094 - Audit log files are corrupted sometimes
1958097 - don't show "old, insecure token format" if the token does not actually exist
1958114 - Ignore staged vendor files in pre-commit script
1958126 - [OVN]Egressip doesn't take effect
1958158 - OAuth proxy container for AlertManager and Thanos are flooding the logs
1958216 - ocp libvirt: dnsmasq options in install config should allow duplicate option names
1958245 - cluster-etcd-operator: static pod revision is not visible from etcd logs
1958285 - Deployment considered unhealthy despite being available and at latest generation
1958296 - OLM must explicitly alert on deprecated APIs in use
1958329 - pick 97428: add more context to log after a request times out
1958367 - Build metrics do not aggregate totals by build strategy
1958391 - Update MCO KubeletConfig to mixin the API Server TLS Security Profile Singleton
1958405 - etcd: current health checks and reporting are not adequate to ensure availability
1958406 - Twistlock flags mode of /var/run/crio/crio.sock
1958420 - openshift-install 4.7.10 fails with segmentation error
1958424 - aws: support more auth options in manual mode
1958439 - Install/Upgrade button on Install/Upgrade Helm Chart page does not work with Form View
1958492 - CCO: pod-identity-webhook still accesses APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse
1958643 - All pods creation stuck due to SR-IOV webhook timeout
1958679 - Compression on pool can't be disabled via UI
1958753 - VMI nic tab is not loadable
1958759 - Pulling Insights report is missing retry logic
1958811 - VM creation fails on API version mismatch
1958812 - Cluster upgrade halts as machine-config-daemon fails to parse `rpm-ostree status` during cluster upgrades
1958861 - [CCO] pod-identity-webhook certificate request failed
1958868 - ssh copy is missing when vm is running
1958884 - Confusing error message when volume AZ not found
1958913 - "Replacing an unhealthy etcd member whose node is not ready" procedure results in new etcd pod in CrashLoopBackOff
1958930 - network config in machine configs prevents addition of new nodes with static networking via kargs
1958958 - [SCALE] segfault with ovnkube adding to address set
1958972 - [SCALE] deadlock in ovn-kube when scaling up to 300 nodes
1959041 - LSO Cluster UI,"Troubleshoot" link does not exist after scale down osd pod
1959058 - ovn-kubernetes has lock contention on the LSP cache
1959158 - packageserver clusteroperator Available condition set to false on any Deployment spec change
1959177 - Descheduler dev manifests are missing permissions
1959190 - Set LABEL io.openshift.release.operator=true for driver-toolkit image addition to payload
1959194 - Ingress controller should use minReadySeconds because otherwise it is disrupted during deployment updates
1959278 - Should remove prometheus servicemonitor from openshift-user-workload-monitoring
1959294 - openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager:olm-operator-serviceaccount should not rely on external networking for health check
1959327 - Degraded nodes on upgrade - Cleaning bootversions: Read-only file system
1959406 - Difficult to debug performance on ovn-k without pprof enabled
1959471 - Kube sysctl conformance tests are disabled, meaning we can't submit conformance results
1959479 - machines doesn't support dual-stack loadbalancers on Azure
1959513 - Cluster-kube-apiserver does not use library-go for audit pkg
1959519 - Operand details page only renders one status donut no matter how many 'podStatuses' descriptors are used
1959550 - Overly generic CSS rules for dd and dt elements breaks styling elsewhere in console
1959564 - Test verify /run filesystem contents failing
1959648 - oc adm top --help indicates that oc adm top can display storage usage while it cannot
1959650 - Gather SDI-related MachineConfigs
1959658 - showing a lot "constructing many client instances from the same exec auth config"
1959696 - Deprecate 'ConsoleConfigRoute' struct in console-operator config
1959699 - [RFE] Collect LSO pod log and daemonset log managed by LSO
1959703 - Bootstrap gather gets into an infinite loop on bootstrap-in-place mode
1959711 - Egressnetworkpolicy  doesn't work when configure the EgressIP
1959786 - [dualstack]EgressIP doesn't work on dualstack cluster for IPv6
1959916 - Console not works well against a proxy in front of openshift clusters
1959920 - UEFISecureBoot set not on the right master node
1959981 - [OCPonRHV] - Affinity Group should not create by default if we define empty affinityGroupsNames: []
1960035 - iptables is missing from ose-keepalived-ipfailover image
1960059 - Remove "Grafana UI" link from Console Monitoring > Dashboards page
1960089 - ImageStreams list page, detail page and breadcrumb are not following CamelCase conventions
1960129 - [e2e][automation] add smoke tests about VM pages and actions
1960134 - some origin images are not public
1960171 - Enable SNO checks for image-registry
1960176 - CCO should recreate a user for the component when it was removed from the cloud providers
1960205 - The kubelet log flooded with reconcileState message once CPU manager enabled
1960255 - fixed obfuscation permissions
1960257 - breaking changes in pr template
1960284 - ExternalTrafficPolicy Local does not preserve connections correctly on shutdown, policy Cluster has significant performance cost
1960323 - Address issues raised by coverity security scan
1960324 - manifests: extra "spec.version" in console quickstarts makes CVO hotloop
1960330 - manifests: invalid selector in ServiceMonitor makes CVO hotloop
1960334 - manifests: invalid selector in ServiceMonitor makes CVO hotloop
1960337 - manifests: invalid selector in ServiceMonitor makes CVO hotloop
1960339 - manifests: unset "preemptionPolicy" makes CVO hotloop
1960531 - Items under 'Current Bandwidth' for Dashboard 'Kubernetes / Networking / Pod' keep added for every access
1960534 - Some graphs of console dashboards have no legend and tooltips are difficult to undstand compared with grafana
1960546 - Add virt_platform metric to the collected metrics
1960554 - Remove rbacv1beta1 handling code
1960612 - Node disk info in overview/details does not account for second drive where /var is located
1960619 - Image registry integration tests use old-style OAuth tokens
1960683 - GlobalConfigPage is constantly requesting resources
1960711 - Enabling IPsec runtime causing incorrect MTU on Pod interfaces
1960716 - Missing details for debugging
1960732 - Outdated manifests directory in CSI driver operator repositories
1960757 - [OVN] hostnetwork pod can access MCS port 22623 or 22624 on master
1960758 - oc debug / oc adm must-gather do not require openshift/tools and openshift/must-gather to be "the newest"
1960767 - /metrics endpoint of the Grafana UI is accessible without authentication
1960780 - CI: failed to create PDB "service-test" the server could not find the requested resource
1961064 - Documentation link to network policies is outdated
1961067 - Improve log gathering logic
1961081 - policy/v1beta1 PodDisruptionBudget is deprecated in v1.21+, unavailable in v1.25+; use policy/v1 PodDisruptionBudget in CMO logs
1961091 - Gather MachineHealthCheck definitions
1961120 - CSI driver operators fail when upgrading a cluster
1961173 - recreate existing static pod manifests instead of updating
1961201 - [sig-network-edge] DNS should answer A and AAAA queries for a dual-stack service is constantly failing
1961314 - Race condition in operator-registry pull retry unit tests
1961320 - CatalogSource does not emit any metrics to indicate if it's ready or not
1961336 - Devfile sample for BuildConfig is not defined
1961356 - Update single quotes to double quotes in string
1961363 - Minor string update for " No Storage classes found in cluster, adding source is disabled."
1961393 - DetailsPage does not work with group~version~kind
1961452 - Remove "Alertmanager UI" link from Console Monitoring > Alerting page
1961466 - Some dropdown placeholder text on route creation page is not translated
1961472 - openshift-marketplace pods in CrashLoopBackOff state after RHACS installed with an SCC with readOnlyFileSystem set to true
1961506 - NodePorts do not work on RHEL 7.9 workers (was "4.7 -> 4.8 upgrade is stuck at Ingress operator Degraded with rhel 7.9 workers")
1961536 - clusterdeployment without pull secret is crashing assisted service pod
1961538 - manifests: invalid namespace in ClusterRoleBinding makes CVO hotloop
1961545 - Fixing Documentation Generation
1961550 - HAproxy pod logs showing error "another server named 'pod:httpd-7c7ccfffdc-wdkvk:httpd:8080-tcp:10.128.x.x:8080' was already defined at line 326, please use distinct names"
1961554 - respect the shutdown-delay-duration from OpenShiftAPIServerConfig
1961561 - The encryption controllers send lots of request to an API server
1961582 - Build failure on s390x
1961644 - NodeAuthenticator tests are failing in IPv6
1961656 - driver-toolkit missing some release metadata
1961675 - Kebab menu of taskrun contains Edit options which should not be present
1961701 - Enhance gathering of events
1961717 - Update runtime dependencies to Wallaby builds for bugfixes
1961829 - Quick starts prereqs not shown when description is long
1961852 - Excessive lock contention when adding many pods selected by the same NetworkPolicy
1961878 - Add Sprint 199 translations
1961897 - Remove history listener before console UI is unmounted
1961925 - New ManagementCPUsOverride admission plugin blocks pod creation in clusters with no nodes
1962062 - Monitoring dashboards should support default values of "All"
1962074 - SNO:the pod get stuck in CreateContainerError and prompt "failed to add conmon to systemd sandbox cgroup: dial unix /run/systemd/private: connect: resource temporarily unavailable" after adding a performanceprofile
1962095 - Replace gather-job image without FQDN
1962153 - VolumeSnapshot routes are ambiguous, too generic
1962172 - Single node CI e2e tests kubelet metrics endpoints intermittent downtime
1962219 - NTO relies on unreliable leader-for-life implementation.
1962256 - use RHEL8 as the vm-example
1962261 - Monitoring components requesting more memory than they use
1962274 - OCP on RHV installer fails to generate an install-config with only 2 hosts in RHV cluster
1962347 - Cluster does not exist logs after successful installation
1962392 - After upgrade from 4.5.16 to 4.6.17, customer's application is seeing re-transmits
1962415 - duplicate zone information for in-tree PV after enabling migration
1962429 - Cannot create windows vm because kubemacpool.io denied the request
1962525 - [Migration] SDN migration stuck on MCO on RHV cluster
1962569 - NetworkPolicy details page should also show Egress rules
1962592 - Worker nodes restarting during OS installation
1962602 - Cloud credential operator scrolls info "unable to provide upcoming..." on unsupported platform
1962630 - NTO: Ship the current upstream TuneD
1962687 - openshift-kube-storage-version-migrator pod failed due to Error: container has runAsNonRoot and image will run as root
1962698 - Console-operator can not create resource console-public configmap in the openshift-config-managed namespace
1962718 - CVE-2021-29622 prometheus: open redirect under the /new endpoint
1962740 - Add documentation to Egress Router
1962850 - [4.8] Bootimage bump tracker
1962882 - Version pod does not set priorityClassName
1962905 - Ramdisk ISO source defaulting to "http" breaks deployment on a good amount of BMCs
1963068 - ironic container should not specify the entrypoint
1963079 - KCM/KS: ability to enforce localhost communication with the API server.
1963154 - Current BMAC reconcile flow skips Ironic's deprovision step
1963159 - Add Sprint 200 translations
1963204 - Update to 8.4 IPA images
1963205 - Installer is using old redirector
1963208 - Translation typos/inconsistencies for Sprint 200 files
1963209 - Some strings in public.json have errors
1963211 - Fix grammar issue in kubevirt-plugin.json string
1963213 - Memsource download script running into API error
1963219 - ImageStreamTags not internationalized
1963232 - CVE-2021-33194 golang: x/net/html: infinite loop in ParseFragment
1963267 - Warning: Invalid DOM property `classname`. Did you mean `className`? console warnings in volumes table
1963502 - create template from is not descriptive
1963676 - in vm wizard when selecting an os template it looks like selecting the flavor too
1963833 - Cluster monitoring operator crashlooping on single node clusters due to segfault
1963848 - Use OS-shipped stalld vs. the NTO-shipped one.
1963866 - NTO: use the latest k8s 1.21.1 and openshift vendor dependencies
1963871 - cluster-etcd-operator:[build] upgrade to go 1.16
1963896 - The VM disks table does not show easy links to PVCs
1963912 - "[sig-network] DNS should provide DNS for {services, cluster, subdomain, hostname}" failures on vsphere
1963932 - Installation failures in bootstrap in OpenStack release jobs
1963964 - Characters are not escaped on config ini file causing Kuryr bootstrap to fail
1964059 - rebase openshift/sdn to kube 1.21.1
1964197 - Failing Test vendor/k8s.io/kube-aggregator/pkg/apiserver TestProxyCertReload due to hardcoded certificate expiration
1964203 - e2e-metal-ipi, e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-dualstack and e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-ipv6 are failing due to "Unknown provider baremetal"
1964243 - The `oc compliance fetch-raw` doesn’t work for disconnected cluster
1964270 - Failed to install 'cluster-kube-descheduler-operator' with error: "clusterkubedescheduleroperator.4.8.0-202105211057.p0.assembly.stream\": must be no more than 63 characters"
1964319 - Network policy "deny all" interpreted as "allow all" in description page
1964334 - alertmanager/prometheus/thanos-querier /metrics endpoints are not secured
1964472 - Make project and namespace requirements more visible rather than giving me an error after submission
1964486 - Bulk adding of CIDR IPS to whitelist is not working
1964492 - Pick 102171: Implement support for watch initialization in P&F
1964625 - NETID duplicate check is only required in NetworkPolicy Mode
1964748 - Sync upstream 1.7.2 downstream
1964756 - PVC status is always in 'Bound' status when it is actually cloning
1964847 - Sanity check test suite missing from the repo
1964888 - opoenshift-apiserver imagestreamimports depend on >34s timeout support, WAS: transport: loopyWriter.run returning. connection error: desc = "transport is closing"
1964936 - error log for "oc adm catalog mirror" is not correct
1964979 - Add mapping from ACI to infraenv to handle creation order issues
1964997 - Helm Library charts are showing and can be installed from Catalog
1965024 - [DR] backup and restore should perform consistency checks on etcd snapshots
1965092 - [Assisted-4.7] [Staging][OLM] Operators deployments start before all workers finished installation
1965283 - 4.7->4.8 upgrades: cluster operators are not ready: openshift-controller-manager (Upgradeable=Unknown NoData: ), service-ca (Upgradeable=Unknown NoData:
1965330 - oc image extract fails due to security capabilities on files
1965334 - opm index add fails during image extraction
1965367 - Typo in in etcd-metric-serving-ca resource name
1965370 - "Route" is not translated in Korean or Chinese
1965391 - When storage class is already present wizard do not jumps to "Stoarge and nodes"
1965422 - runc is missing Provides oci-runtime in rpm spec
1965522 - [v2v] Multiple typos on VM Import screen
1965545 - Pod stuck in ContainerCreating: Unit ...slice already exists
1965909 - Replace "Enable Taint Nodes" by "Mark nodes as dedicated"
1965921 - [oVirt] High performance VMs shouldn't be created with Existing policy
1965929 - kube-apiserver should use cert auth when reaching out to the oauth-apiserver with a TokenReview request
1966077 - `hidden` descriptor is visible in the Operator instance details page`
1966116 - DNS SRV request which worked in 4.7.9 stopped working in 4.7.11
1966126 - root_ca_cert_publisher_sync_duration_seconds metric can have an excessive cardinality
1966138 - (release-4.8) Update K8s & OpenShift API versions
1966156 - Issue with Internal Registry CA on the service pod
1966174 - No storage class is installed, OCS and CNV installations fail
1966268 - Workaround for Network Manager not supporting nmconnections priority
1966401 - Revamp Ceph Table in Install Wizard flow
1966410 - kube-controller-manager should not trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse alert
1966416 - (release-4.8) Do not exceed the data size limit
1966459 - 'policy/v1beta1 PodDisruptionBudget' and 'batch/v1beta1 CronJob' appear in image-registry-operator log
1966487 - IP address in Pods list table are showing node IP other than pod IP
1966520 - Add button from ocs add capacity should not be enabled if there are no PV's
1966523 - (release-4.8) Gather MachineAutoScaler definitions
1966546 - [master] KubeAPI - keep day1 after cluster is successfully installed
1966561 - Workload partitioning annotation workaround needed for CSV annotation propagation bug
1966602 - don't require manually setting IPv6DualStack feature gate in 4.8
1966620 - The bundle.Dockerfile in the repo is obsolete
1966632 - [4.8.0] [assisted operator] Unable to re-register an SNO instance if deleting CRDs during install
1966654 - Alertmanager PDB is not created, but Prometheus UWM is
1966672 - Add Sprint 201 translations
1966675 - Admin console string updates
1966677 - Change comma to semicolon
1966683 - Translation bugs from Sprint 201 files
1966684 - Verify "Creating snapshot for claim <1>{pvcName}" displays correctly
1966697 - Garbage collector logs every interval - move to debug level
1966717 - include full timestamps in the logs
1966759 - Enable downstream plugin for Operator SDK
1966795 - [tests] Release 4.7 broken due to the usage of wrong OCS version
1966813 - "Replacing an unhealthy etcd member whose node is not ready" procedure results in new etcd pod in CrashLoopBackOff
1966862 - vsphere IPI - local dns prepender is not prepending nameserver
1966892 - [master] [Assisted-4.8][SNO] SNO node cannot transition into "Writing image to disk" from "Waiting for bootkub[e"
1966952 - [4.8.0] [Assisted-4.8][SNO][Dual Stack] DHCPv6 settings "ipv6.dhcp-duid=ll" missing from dual stack install
1967104 - [4.8.0] InfraEnv ctrl: log the amount of NMstate Configs baked into the image
1967126 - [4.8.0] [DOC] KubeAPI docs should clarify that the InfraEnv Spec pullSecretRef is currently ignored
1967197 - 404 errors loading some i18n namespaces
1967207 - Getting started card: console customization resources link shows other resources
1967208 - Getting started card should use semver library for parsing the version instead of string manipulation
1967234 - Console is continuously polling for ConsoleLink acm-link
1967275 - Awkward wrapping in getting started dashboard card
1967276 - Help menu tooltip overlays dropdown
1967398 - authentication operator still uses previous deleted pod ip rather than the new created pod ip to do health check
1967403 - (release-4.8) Increase workloads fingerprint gatherer pods limit
1967423 - [master] clusterDeployments controller should take 1m to reqeueue when failing with AddOpenshiftVersion
1967444 - openshift-local-storage pods found with invalid priority class, should be openshift-user-critical or begin with system- while running e2e tests
1967531 - the ccoctl tool should extend MaxItems when listRoles, the default value 100 is a little small
1967578 - [4.8.0] clusterDeployments controller should take 1m to reqeueue when failing with AddOpenshiftVersion
1967591 - The ManagementCPUsOverride admission plugin should not mutate containers with the limit
1967595 - Fixes the remaining lint issues
1967614 - prometheus-k8s pods can't be scheduled due to volume node affinity conflict
1967623 - [OCPonRHV] - ./openshift-install installation with install-config doesn't work if ovirt-config.yaml doesn't exist and user should fill the FQDN URL
1967625 - Add OpenShift Dockerfile for cloud-provider-aws
1967631 - [4.8.0] Cluster install failed due to timeout while "Waiting for control plane"
1967633 - [4.8.0] [Assisted-4.8][SNO] SNO node cannot transition into "Writing image to disk" from "Waiting for bootkube"
1967639 - Console whitescreens if user preferences fail to load
1967662 - machine-api-operator should not use deprecated "platform" field in infrastructures.config.openshift.io
1967667 - Add Sprint 202 Round 1 translations
1967713 - Insights widget shows invalid link to the OCM
1967717 - Insights Advisor widget is missing a description paragraph and contains deprecated naming
1967745 - When setting DNS node placement by toleration to not tolerate master node, effect value should not allow string other than "NoExecute"
1967803 - should update to 7.5.5 for grafana resources version label
1967832 - Add more tests for periodic.go
1967833 - Add tasks pool to tasks_processing
1967842 - Production logs are spammed on "OCS requirements validation status Insufficient hosts to deploy OCS. A minimum of 3 hosts is required to deploy OCS"
1967843 - Fix null reference to messagesToSearch in gather_logs.go
1967902 - [4.8.0] Assisted installer chrony manifests missing index numberring
1967933 - Network-Tools debug scripts not working as expected
1967945 - [4.8.0] [assisted operator] Assisted Service Postgres crashes msg: "mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/lib/pgsql/data/userdata': Permission denied"
1968019 - drain timeout and pool degrading period is too short
1968067 - [master] Agent validation not including reason for being insufficient
1968168 - [4.8.0] KubeAPI - keep day1 after cluster is successfully installed
1968175 - [4.8.0] Agent validation not including reason for being insufficient
1968373 - [4.8.0] BMAC re-attaches installed node on ISO regeneration
1968385 - [4.8.0] Infra env require pullSecretRef although it shouldn't be required
1968435 - [4.8.0] Unclear message in case of missing clusterImageSet
1968436 - Listeners timeout updated to remain using default value
1968449 - [4.8.0] Wrong Install-config override documentation
1968451 - [4.8.0] Garbage collector not cleaning up directories of removed clusters
1968452 - [4.8.0] [doc] "Mirror Registry Configuration" doc section needs clarification of functionality and limitations
1968454 - [4.8.0] backend events generated with wrong namespace for agent
1968455 - [4.8.0] Assisted Service operator's controllers are starting before the base service is ready
1968515 - oc should set user-agent when talking with registry
1968531 - Sync upstream 1.8.0 downstream
1968558 - [sig-cli] oc adm storage-admin [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] doesn't clean up properly
1968567 - [OVN] Egress router pod not running and openshift.io/scc is restricted
1968625 - Pods using sr-iov interfaces failign to start for Failed to create pod sandbox
1968700 - catalog-operator crashes when status.initContainerStatuses[].state.waiting is nil
1968701 - Bare metal IPI installation is failed due to worker inspection failure
1968754 - CI: e2e-metal-ipi-upgrade failing on KubeletHasDiskPressure, which triggers machine-config RequiredPoolsFailed
1969212 - [FJ OCP4.8 Bug - PUBLIC VERSION]: Masters repeat reboot every few minutes during workers provisioning
1969284 - Console Query Browser: Can't reset zoom to fixed time range after dragging to zoom
1969315 - [4.8.0] BMAC doesn't check if ISO Url changed before queuing BMH for reconcile
1969352 - [4.8.0] Creating BareMetalHost without the "inspect.metal3.io" does not automatically add it
1969363 - [4.8.0] Infra env should show the time that ISO was generated.
1969367 - [4.8.0] BMAC should wait for an ISO to exist for 1 minute before using it
1969386 - Filesystem's Utilization doesn't show in VM overview tab
1969397 - OVN bug causing subports to stay DOWN fails installations
1969470 - [4.8.0] Misleading error in case of install-config override bad input
1969487 - [FJ OCP4.8 Bug]: Avoid always do delete_configuration clean step
1969525 - Replace golint with revive
1969535 - Topology edit icon does not link correctly when branch name contains slash
1969538 - Install a VolumeSnapshotClass by default on CSI Drivers that support it
1969551 - [4.8.0] Assisted service times out on GetNextSteps due to `oc adm release info` taking too long
1969561 - Test "an end user can use OLM can subscribe to the operator" generates deprecation alert
1969578 - installer: accesses v1beta1 RBAC APIs and causes APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse to fire
1969599 - images without registry are being prefixed with registry.hub.docker.com instead of docker.io
1969601 - manifest for networks.config.openshift.io CRD uses deprecated apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1
1969626 - Portfoward stream cleanup can cause kubelet to panic
1969631 - EncryptionPruneControllerDegraded: etcdserver: request timed out
1969681 - MCO: maxUnavailable of ds/machine-config-daemon does not get updated due to missing resourcemerge check
1969712 - [4.8.0] Assisted service reports a malformed iso when we fail to download the base iso
1969752 - [4.8.0] [assisted operator] Installed Clusters are missing DNS setups
1969773 - [4.8.0] Empty cluster name on handleEnsureISOErrors log after applying InfraEnv.yaml
1969784 - WebTerminal widget should send resize events
1969832 - Applying a profile with multiple inheritance where parents include a common ancestor fails
1969891 - Fix rotated pipelinerun status icon issue in safari
1969900 - Test files should not use deprecated APIs that will trigger APIRemovedInNextReleaseInUse
1969903 - Provisioning a large number of hosts results in an unexpected delay in hosts becoming available
1969951 - Cluster local doesn't work for knative services created from dev console
1969969 - ironic-rhcos-downloader container uses and old base image
1970062 - ccoctl does not work with STS authentication
1970068 - ovnkube-master logs "Failed to find node ips for gateway" error
1970126 - [4.8.0] Disable "metrics-events" when deploying using the operator
1970150 - master pool is still upgrading when machine config reports level / restarts on osimageurl change
1970262 - [4.8.0] Remove Agent CRD Status fields not needed
1970265 - [4.8.0] Add State and StateInfo to DebugInfo in ACI and Agent CRDs
1970269 - [4.8.0] missing role in agent CRD
1970271 - [4.8.0] Add ProgressInfo to Agent and AgentClusterInstalll CRDs
1970381 - Monitoring dashboards: Custom time range inputs should retain their values
1970395 - [4.8.0] SNO with AI/operator - kubeconfig secret is not created until the spoke is deployed
1970401 - [4.8.0] AgentLabelSelector is required yet not supported
1970415 - SR-IOV Docs needs documentation for disabling port security on a network
1970470 - Add pipeline annotation to Secrets which are created for a private repo
1970494 - [4.8.0] Missing value-filling of log line in assisted-service operator pod
1970624 - 4.7->4.8 updates: AggregatedAPIDown for v1beta1.metrics.k8s.io
1970828 - "500 Internal Error" for all openshift-monitoring routes
1970975 - 4.7 -> 4.8 upgrades on AWS take longer than expected
1971068 - Removing invalid AWS instances from the CF templates
1971080 - 4.7->4.8 CI: KubePodNotReady due to MCD's 5m sleep between drain attempts
1971188 - Web Console does not show OpenShift Virtualization Menu with VirtualMachine CRDs of version v1alpha3 !
1971293 - [4.8.0] Deleting agent from one namespace causes all agents with the same name to be deleted from all namespaces
1971308 - [4.8.0] AI KubeAPI AgentClusterInstall confusing "Validated" condition about VIP not matching machine network
1971529 - [Dummy bug for robot] 4.7.14 upgrade to 4.8 and then downgrade back to 4.7.14 doesn't work - clusteroperator/kube-apiserver is not upgradeable
1971589 - [4.8.0] Telemetry-client won't report metrics in case the cluster was installed using the assisted operator
1971630 - [4.8.0] ACM/ZTP with Wan emulation fails to start the agent service
1971632 - [4.8.0] ACM/ZTP with Wan emulation, several clusters fail to step past discovery
1971654 - [4.8.0] InfraEnv controller should always requeue for backend response HTTP StatusConflict (code 409)
1971739 - Keep /boot RW when kdump is enabled
1972085 - [4.8.0] Updating configmap within AgentServiceConfig is not logged properly
1972128 - ironic-static-ip-manager container still uses 4.7 base image
1972140 - [4.8.0] ACM/ZTP with Wan emulation, SNO cluster installs do not show as installed although they are
1972167 - Several operators degraded because Failed to create pod sandbox when installing an sts cluster
1972213 - Openshift Installer| UEFI mode | BM hosts have BIOS halted
1972262 - [4.8.0] "baremetalhost.metal3.io/detached" uses boolean value where string is expected
1972426 - Adopt failure can trigger deprovisioning
1972436 - [4.8.0] [DOCS] AgentServiceConfig examples in operator.md doc should each contain databaseStorage + filesystemStorage
1972526 - [4.8.0] clusterDeployments controller should send an event to InfraEnv for backend cluster registration
1972530 - [4.8.0] no indication for missing debugInfo in AgentClusterInstall
1972565 - performance issues due to lost node, pods taking too long to relaunch
1972662 - DPDK KNI modules need some additional tools
1972676 - Requirements for authenticating kernel modules with X.509
1972687 - Using bound SA tokens causes causes failures to /apis/authorization.openshift.io/v1/clusterrolebindings
1972690 - [4.8.0] infra-env condition message isn't informative in case of missing pull secret
1972702 - [4.8.0] Domain dummy.com (not belonging to Red Hat) is being used in a default configuration
1972768 - kube-apiserver setup fail while installing SNO due to port being used
1972864 - New `local-with-fallback` service annotation does not preserve source IP
1973018 - Ironic rhcos downloader breaks image cache in upgrade process from 4.7 to 4.8
1973117 - No storage class is installed, OCS and CNV installations fail
1973233 - remove kubevirt images and references
1973237 - RHCOS-shipped stalld systemd units do not use SCHED_FIFO to run stalld.
1973428 - Placeholder bug for OCP 4.8.0 image release
1973667 - [4.8] NetworkPolicy tests were mistakenly marked skipped
1973672 - fix ovn-kubernetes NetworkPolicy 4.7->4.8 upgrade issue
1973995 - [Feature:IPv6DualStack] tests are failing in dualstack
1974414 - Uninstalling kube-descheduler clusterkubedescheduleroperator.4.6.0-202106010807.p0.git.5db84c5 removes some clusterrolebindings
1974447 - Requirements for nvidia GPU driver container for driver toolkit
1974677 - [4.8.0] KubeAPI CVO progress is not available on CR/conditions only in events.
1974718 - Tuned net plugin fails to handle net devices with n/a value for a channel
1974743 - [4.8.0] All resources not being cleaned up after clusterdeployment deletion
1974746 - [4.8.0] File system usage not being logged appropriately
1974757 - [4.8.0] Assisted-service deployed on an IPv6 cluster installed with proxy: agentclusterinstall shows error pulling an image from quay.
1974773 - Using bound SA tokens causes fail to query cluster resource especially in a sts cluster
1974839 - CVE-2021-29059 nodejs-is-svg: Regular expression denial of service if the application is provided and checks a crafted invalid SVG string
1974850 - [4.8] coreos-installer failing Execshield
1974931 - [4.8.0] Assisted Service Operator should be Infrastructure Operator for Red Hat OpenShift
1974978 - 4.8.0.rc0 upgrade hung, stuck on DNS clusteroperator progressing
1975155 - Kubernetes service IP cannot be accessed for rhel worker
1975227 - [4.8.0] KubeAPI Move conditions consts to CRD types
1975360 - [4.8.0] [master] timeout on kubeAPI subsystem test: SNO full install and validate MetaData
1975404 - [4.8.0] Confusing behavior when multi-node spoke workers present when only controlPlaneAgents specified
1975432 - Alert InstallPlanStepAppliedWithWarnings does not resolve
1975527 - VMware UPI is configuring static IPs via ignition rather than afterburn
1975672 - [4.8.0] Production logs are spammed on "Found unpreparing host: id 08f22447-2cf1-a107-eedf-12c7421f7380 status insufficient"
1975789 - worker nodes rebooted when we simulate a case where the api-server is down
1975938 - gcp-realtime: e2e test failing [sig-storage] Multi-AZ Cluster Volumes should only be allowed to provision PDs in zones where nodes exist [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] [Suite:k8s]
1975964 - 4.7 nightly upgrade to 4.8 and then downgrade back to 4.7 nightly doesn't work -  ingresscontroller "default" is degraded
1976079 - [4.8.0] Openshift Installer| UEFI mode | BM hosts have BIOS halted
1976263 - [sig-cli] oc adm must-gather runs successfully for audit logs [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
1976376 - disable jenkins client plugin test whose Jenkinsfile references master branch openshift/origin artifacts
1976590 - [Tracker] [SNO][assisted-operator][nmstate] Bond Interface is down when booting from the discovery ISO
1977233 - [4.8] Unable to authenticate against IDP after upgrade to 4.8-rc.1
1977351 - CVO pod skipped by workload partitioning with incorrect error stating cluster is not SNO
1977352 - [4.8.0] [SNO] No DNS to cluster API from assisted-installer-controller
1977426 - Installation of OCP 4.6.13 fails when teaming interface is used with OVNKubernetes
1977479 - CI failing on firing CertifiedOperatorsCatalogError due to slow livenessProbe responses
1977540 - sriov webhook not worked when upgrade from 4.7 to 4.8
1977607 - [4.8.0] Post making changes to AgentServiceConfig assisted-service operator is not detecting the change and redeploying assisted-service pod
1977924 - Pod fails to run when a custom SCC with a specific set of volumes is used
1980788 - NTO-shipped stalld can segfault
1981633 - enhance service-ca injection
1982250 - Performance Addon Operator fails to install after catalog source becomes ready
1982252 - olm Operator is in CrashLoopBackOff state with error "couldn't cleanup cross-namespace ownerreferences"

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