Slackware: fdmount vulnerability

    Date25 May 2000
    Posted ByLinuxSecurity Advisories
    A buffer overflow condition exists with fdmount on Slackware.
    fdmount vulnerability
    The fdmount program shipped with Slackware has been shown to be vulnerable to
    a buffer overflow exploit.  A user must be in the "floppy" group to execute
    fdmount, but because fdmount is suid root this is a security problem.
    A patched fdmount which replaces the offending sprintf() call with a
    vsnprintf() (thus closing the hole and eliminating the security risk) has been
    posted in an updated floppy.tgz package in Slackware-current.  Please download
    the new floppy.tgz and run upgradepkg on it.

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