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                        SuSE Security Announcement

        Package:  pine-4.X
        Date:     Mon Jun 28 23:02:12 CEST 1999
        Affected: all Unix operating systems using pine-4.X


A security hole was discovered in the package mentioned above.
Please update as soon as possible or disable the service if you are using
this software on your SuSE Linux installation(s).

Other Linux distributions or operating systems might be affected as
well, please contact your vendor for information about this issue.

Please note, that that we provide this information on as "as-is" basis only.
There is no warranty whatsoever and no liability for any direct, indirect or
incidental damage arising from this information or the installation of
the update package.


1. Problem Description

    By sending a malicious formated email pine could be tricked into
    executing shell scripts or binary programs.

2. Impact

    An attacker could force any user (even root), which use pine, to
    execute any program s/he wants. This behavior could lead to remote
    root compromise of the system.

3. Solution

    Install the fixed pine package, which is available from our
    ftp server.


Here are the md5 checksums of the upgrade packages, please verify these
before installing the new packages:

07f319fb589578802af8312414ee0462  pine.rpm (glibc2)
c7b1ca7952c732c37d21205b83981581  pine.rpm (AXP)
c056588e2261a42e3194634795e2c16c  pine.rpm (Source)

You will find the updates on our ftp-Server:

ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/i386/update/6.1/n1/pine.rpm (glibc2)
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/axp/update/6.1/n1/pine.rpm  (AXP)
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/i386/update/6.1/zq/pine.spm (Source)

A libc5 version isn't available, because SuSE 5.3 uses pine-3.96 per default.

Webpage for patches:

or try the following web pages for a list of mirrors:



Execution of commands in Pine 4.x

December 7, 1999




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