GPG-Based Password Wallet

    Date15 May 2008
    Posted ByBill Keys
    Like many Internet addicts, I have way too many user name/password accounts to remember: accounts on social-networking sites, rarely used logins at work, on-line banking and so on. One solution to this problem is to use the same user name and password everywhere, but that's clearly not safe; if people get a hold of your account information in one place, they own all your other accounts too.

    I wanted a relatively safe, flexible and easy way to store passwords and other useful confidential information. I also wanted it to be easily accessible, which meant that I'd like to get at it over a text-only SSH connection. And, I wanted it to be something that could move around from machine to machine without too much trouble. This article looks at ways of storing passwords securely. With all those password we have to remember it's a good securely practice to store them encrypted.

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