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Debian: DSA-1719-1: New gnutls13 packages fix certificate validation

Date 10 Feb 2009
Posted By LinuxSecurity Advisories
Martin von Gagern discovered that GNUTLS, an implementation of the TLS/SSL protocol, handles verification of X.509 certificate chains incorrectly if a self-signed certificate is configured as a trusted certificate. This could cause clients to accept forged server
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Debian Security Advisory DSA-1719-1                  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                           Florian Weimer
February 10, 2009           
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Package        : gnutls13
Vulnerability  : design flaw
Problem type   : remote
Debian-specific: no
CVE Id(s)      : CVE-2008-4989
Debian Bug     : 505360

Martin von Gagern discovered that GNUTLS, an implementation of the
TLS/SSL protocol, handles verification of X.509 certificate chains
incorrectly if a self-signed certificate is configured as a trusted
certificate.  This could cause clients to accept forged server
certificates as genuine.  (CVE-2008-4989)

In addition, this update tightens the checks for X.509v1 certificates
which causes GNUTLS to reject certain certificate chains it accepted
before.  (In certificate chain processing, GNUTLS does not recognize
X.509v1 certificates as valid unless explicitly requested by the

For the stable distribution (etch), this problem has been fixed in
version 1.4.4-3+etch3.

For the unstable distribution (sid), this problem has been fixed in
version 2.4.2-3 of the gnutls26 package.

We recommend that you upgrade your gnutls13 packages.

Upgrade instructions
- --------------------

wget url
        will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
        will install the referenced file.

If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
sources.list as given below:

apt-get update
        will update the internal database
apt-get upgrade
        will install corrected packages

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 alias etch
- -------------------------------

Source archives:
    Size/MD5 checksum:      967 97d676fb2a9de5a2706da79baf5fc53f
    Size/MD5 checksum:    20931 d1f9a5483e2ff3b6f799f14cc90e0ba4
    Size/MD5 checksum:  4752009 c06ada020e2b69caa51833175d59f8b2
    Size/MD5 checksum:    19550 d362897a57e2bac2f059413ea29540be
    Size/MD5 checksum:      967 c523874d91b1d19b0a59c6d51ada21e6

Architecture independent packages:
    Size/MD5 checksum:  2315360 2892fedc83604472a40cb9e16b64fad2
    Size/MD5 checksum:  2315508 9fe5532897a55d3f8b2954a7294920e1

alpha architecture (DEC Alpha)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   328102 19e0618dac4d13a9d284019365ef07f9
    Size/MD5 checksum:   547328 0fc6cb94c0a9b65067fc17e0db0e4e7c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   523950 a149137fe64abc4b7e33d66e1345b9c0
    Size/MD5 checksum:   524034 0d510406095b7f9bf9dd06b74502c94a
    Size/MD5 checksum:   327990 8b39649670392f353c183032aab1040b
    Size/MD5 checksum:   547418 fd17990e04770d7447e6fd136cb0f726
    Size/MD5 checksum:   196336 a2385c40d8118a84442449d7720d4437
    Size/MD5 checksum:   196416 9b570f6739f2071ef8e857f897b0fe73

amd64 architecture (AMD x86_64 (AMD64))
    Size/MD5 checksum:   314678 9a2fca4364ab01e77da051e1c637cace
    Size/MD5 checksum:   538540 9bad40a6891bacf73ab92d492946439e
    Size/MD5 checksum:   183432 04c381e380452347c0b8c866cd32a0d1
    Size/MD5 checksum:   314542 bd3466107c5a3e81bae9fc6ce16b3f07
    Size/MD5 checksum:   389192 7e1f1ee9b50dbe59303ee92d06d638f9
    Size/MD5 checksum:   183526 deb90128a086f94d4213ae8d0ebb2aac
    Size/MD5 checksum:   389078 937898ee8ebfbb6c96ec327182aa66c9
    Size/MD5 checksum:   538694 30f0f5f5236de80b969ab142003facda

arm architecture (ARM)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   355130 d314daec4d8653d21f5aa755b133ce44
    Size/MD5 checksum:   169734 a0760138aa40ef409bebc45f21482fa6
    Size/MD5 checksum:   283218 86a51ac92283cf4d41f8b80e208d3ea0
    Size/MD5 checksum:   283146 490e93a8fb47792bab27befcfaba59c4
    Size/MD5 checksum:   510986 734ae4e95a95858b98a9aadf3df89e27
    Size/MD5 checksum:   355034 d2fad7c1fa481c311272a033a1632baa
    Size/MD5 checksum:   511146 020e108874b330b04d28cbf111e1cb3c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   169790 d7904cea32e23dcd2abe3c8078029f24

hppa architecture (HP PA RISC)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   435274 a50a1b0396725750c7f9b18f42ed59df
    Size/MD5 checksum:   521900 81a5514ae8b882945c9d86260a985075
    Size/MD5 checksum:   312696 9b01cc660ec19e94365cfe9485e69504
    Size/MD5 checksum:   435428 b9b85897a5fa12e6145e44f1d811faf7
    Size/MD5 checksum:   184434 3fe517f3ae76a0bb39ef2112259ee533
    Size/MD5 checksum:   312786 7bf4a07c716180831b812024f9dc2bed
    Size/MD5 checksum:   521782 ec2e351f911c06d10a906e35e87b17d8
    Size/MD5 checksum:   184514 4a4436b484d0809e458fccd777af41a9

i386 architecture (Intel ia32)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   525932 03fdffd511056bb48f00fd29a7ff0994
    Size/MD5 checksum:   282696 8e5d7e93c2bcd0e5b1c11b2bb76febc1
    Size/MD5 checksum:   171836 c7de8edce99f98a92597328a828306f4
    Size/MD5 checksum:   359008 b2d4fb0470fb4933e9d7f7e4d365fade
    Size/MD5 checksum:   358910 d3784c1606616b1053afe805e466d351
    Size/MD5 checksum:   282576 089b077a2856c2eb240d8ec91e34da98
    Size/MD5 checksum:   525814 236abc7e944de62b1c63ac2752df59d5
    Size/MD5 checksum:   171916 2c30fca77e49ece3c874923597113e84

ia64 architecture (Intel ia64)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   229224 a8b557d93ac98d96b69e83a1ab0abe60
    Size/MD5 checksum:   550142 eca44ae7ad3a622ae835bad66076bb44
    Size/MD5 checksum:   528174 cb2e8a474b0f616ebdb4f7c70884a68b
    Size/MD5 checksum:   229130 48c1beb6eec250eb2ef18978cb7002a7
    Size/MD5 checksum:   394824 b83e917ffa852e371713c05eed6bb2ea
    Size/MD5 checksum:   528024 4911b942fdb28257ce5404e0db59bf8f
    Size/MD5 checksum:   550282 bb35e15bed0cd0a002c09c2a33f204e3
    Size/MD5 checksum:   394664 83b0fb175ce0a9228ae66a1c2c20087d

mips architecture (MIPS (Big Endian))
    Size/MD5 checksum:   278098 839af8690670ae34de6ec1c4ecb2a11d
    Size/MD5 checksum:   417930 09a97882ea70cea64f7ab518f872d0d4
    Size/MD5 checksum:   181744 14f8d0bcae552215223083475fc102ff
    Size/MD5 checksum:   277980 176ba4c110568718f5310ebd88c0fad2
    Size/MD5 checksum:   181844 1063e31ebfce35d017cc2f52f43e7988
    Size/MD5 checksum:   552678 75998b98481a61f619a59fdcb195e92a
    Size/MD5 checksum:   418000 6de735e5e2f89169cff80b7c88124d7c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   552848 e7a3675995e3f76753683bd56559c097

mipsel architecture (MIPS (Little Endian))
    Size/MD5 checksum:   277818 23b61680ae1ebd6e8352efd69369a54d
    Size/MD5 checksum:   541908 5ce5c90c1938eab0e66df230cb92b99f
    Size/MD5 checksum:   541770 b1a12727513f82602064e9d9d0238d4e
    Size/MD5 checksum:   182774 ebde66ae73e094da31b94a72b4214591
    Size/MD5 checksum:   182702 5bc323ab598389c3e074f28b54d84b84
    Size/MD5 checksum:   277736 582f2204399dfecd750f9f93a3f395d1
    Size/MD5 checksum:   417036 d94700c36580f967644d95de26672633
    Size/MD5 checksum:   417180 6e5c825f8843d10a312a791b7bb7e1cf

powerpc architecture (PowerPC)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   184590 c5a0ea676820713de26aec86ade8c61b
    Size/MD5 checksum:   184672 f8dc6ea415ba64b863f54c83eb948f4d
    Size/MD5 checksum:   388752 c1a798145290881a103431c0e61b89b5
    Size/MD5 checksum:   538638 e78c7fd529dc9b84834d868d6d3abdbf
    Size/MD5 checksum:   288958 78c75eed0f9943eebd81c197381dbf5c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   538788 5435fb5147d931b8386eacc607a23dfc
    Size/MD5 checksum:   288854 73dd971eb95f10766b75938e531b850f
    Size/MD5 checksum:   388886 9b17d971390abcda56a1dae375bb57f8

s390 architecture (IBM S/390)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   311694 6249eb1de5c7350957867560879ab144
    Size/MD5 checksum:   184588 6350de7268b17a8698ff11f5054c6e4a
    Size/MD5 checksum:   537386 f2daa306f4815cfc6e147b89b2c9f836
    Size/MD5 checksum:   380158 1e7bdd0dd3de68c319a38071814bcf25
    Size/MD5 checksum:   537530 9c94d38e0969a1a3ade7340623de07c0
    Size/MD5 checksum:   380300 2761ba52e1fb0b7e8f899b5c24121159
    Size/MD5 checksum:   311354 7a314e4d02c883e281f4eafe25f04d31
    Size/MD5 checksum:   184510 05b634e19e7e85d994d5625dda5e6c52

sparc architecture (Sun SPARC/UltraSPARC)
    Size/MD5 checksum:   378986 3b732e25a6bcd5c2300af4820553516f
    Size/MD5 checksum:   169598 34390667473c6d12097ede5c2c3c3610
    Size/MD5 checksum:   271000 1c5024b2fd07ef8c98276afa17fac00b
    Size/MD5 checksum:   169682 58c18c588e2e09bb97ace63713a8accf
    Size/MD5 checksum:   378848 1d86c8b4356b8be1cb6a31620469bada
    Size/MD5 checksum:   491096 672ae9d75e0071ced67518ee05ae3733
    Size/MD5 checksum:   271146 74514dfa3c95b1afe4388cc31bc4cba5
    Size/MD5 checksum:   491162 0dbc5d0426b64b4abff5acdabb2c42f0

  These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
  its next update.

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