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    Debian: 'libpng2/libpng3' Buffer overflow vulnerability

    Date 01 Aug 2002
    Posted By LinuxSecurity Advisories
    Deliberately malformeddatastreams would crash applications which could potentially allow anattacker to execute malicious code. Programs such as Galeon,Konquerer and various others make use of these libraries.
    Debian Security Advisory DSA 140-1                     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Martin Schulze
    August 1st, 2002
    Package        : libpng2, libpng3
    Vulnerability  : buffer overflow
    Problem-Type   : remote
    Debian-specific: no
    Developers of the PNG library have fixed a buffer overflow in the
    progressive reader when the PNG datastream contains more IDAT data
    than indicated by the IHDR chunk.  Such deliberately malformed
    datastreams would crash applications which could potentially allow an
    attacker to execute malicious code.  Programs such as Galeon,
    Konquerer and various others make use of these libraries.
    To find out which packages depend on this library, you may want to
    execute the following commands:
        apt-cache showpkg libpng2
        apt-cache showpkg libpng3
    This problem has been fixed in version 1.0.12-3.woody.1 of libpng and
    version 1.2.1-1.1.woody.1 of libpng3 for the current stable
    distribution (woody) and in version 1.0.12-4 of libpng and version
    1.2.1-2 of libpng3 for the unstable distribution (sid).
    We recommend that you upgrade your libpng packages immediately and
    restart programs and daemons that link to these libraries and read
    external data, such as web browsers.
    wget url
    	will fetch the file for you
    dpkg -i file.deb
            will install the referenced file.
    If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
    sources.list as given below:
    apt-get update
            will update the internal database
    apt-get upgrade
            will install corrected packages
    You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
    footer to the proper configuration.
    Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 alias potato
    The potato release of Debian does not seem to be vulnerable.
    Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias woody
      Source archives:
    Size/MD5 checksum:     7669 be9367cff7f1dcf419d0d05d802c5944
    Size/MD5 checksum:      622 6d23d6e1158b9a9108992f796e75e19a
    Size/MD5 checksum:   481387 3329b745968e41f6f9e55a4d04a4964c
    Size/MD5 checksum:     8068 74ad33afe027c4707f82a6717d57fa61
    Size/MD5 checksum:      625 d575b2e4bd1f603bd7587b7118592943
    Size/MD5 checksum:   493105 75a21cbfae566158a0ac6d9f39087c4d
      Alpha architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   129634 885ef09eee9a15be7ab4a31695235e36
    Size/MD5 checksum:   270222 2d798e90db55f3656f06e1cb704f2002
    Size/MD5 checksum:   133058 b4ef97d3a57ad81c360d057a3c74850d
    Size/MD5 checksum:   276350 417643ea3928b6c57179cace2a4fd416
      ARM architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   108116 5ba4eb39cd465795e144fb2a2ed90f6d
    Size/MD5 checksum:   241198 8739ebfde3e6a9880771cd8710b75c8d
    Size/MD5 checksum:   111416 527abeb9d914b678de915c30bd3f60cc
    Size/MD5 checksum:   247460 b796ea4b65914d932a61a47e6767dafc
      Intel ia32 architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   106362 51afc4e74c966611d09c86cd7618232a
    Size/MD5 checksum:   227330 9d5ea3fb4a4f574bbca0b36d1bb920b0
    Size/MD5 checksum:   109626 fd82990366d175a321770f06a61a6f26
    Size/MD5 checksum:   233096 29e7049076edc296c61efb686e5c4b9c
      Intel ia64 architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   146048 cb0232eda30d98203a6e558f27914f8c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   271432 738fdbc5bb31ba8cb8219d0c403fa987
    Size/MD5 checksum:   150706 125846df814500f3b7a5dff2411aadf2
    Size/MD5 checksum:   278564 b2bdc657ac4a4082bcc6b5f0aed740be
      HP Precision architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   128166 519fe3103b35427b8efab150cdc2fb46
    Size/MD5 checksum:   262308 d9e718d09f9242a928b05a10fc650a99
    Size/MD5 checksum:   132228 1abf96179b015488e32f3a495ccbea2c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   269380 9b27f309a41b55bba90c9efcd974e28a
      Motorola 680x0 architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   103132 afb0223dd3c5c5fa596d3970604878af
    Size/MD5 checksum:   220510 b425af1b1870364d829842cd50f8381c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   106160 491dd7d27a543147f8b19e0afb1db887
    Size/MD5 checksum:   226062 6406be6fb4cb886ee021373b3ae940e3
      Big endian MIPS architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   108226 f1f371cbe95cca227b05d0f6bf6c7fb1
    Size/MD5 checksum:   240376 16b9cefda9e30c9ac506934113e7973c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   111644 81b7949f6b4c0b8d27ee725f60559dd5
    Size/MD5 checksum:   246790 bc7e22c737c4a3a72afbd94f5bab3218
      Little endian MIPS architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   108088 c7a0b8ed4b6c68a7ebb96892c9a1f5de
    Size/MD5 checksum:   240254 51f4930794d29dd2a1aa3b37bcc8cd7c
    Size/MD5 checksum:   111536 f502afa2e412a95290b1c3d280760e80
    Size/MD5 checksum:   246746 6647409b70d96fb16573780d09ffd876
      PowerPC architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   109514 e71febcad15d3f0d28cddc9ceb290714
    Size/MD5 checksum:   234372 eefc0d66ad68679f2aae41c3bfa2b899
    Size/MD5 checksum:   112560 8908c0e7790f694351b986f0d096e22b
    Size/MD5 checksum:   240360 70e8a84620d19f12cfe55577d95f2ff3
      IBM S/390 architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   107202 9d39ad63f8c78cdd836081257187d142
    Size/MD5 checksum:   226482 31249db8c2d7fa0ed159ac6ff6c98c83
    Size/MD5 checksum:   110706 b2e96f3761da7ff4c4c659730573ac02
    Size/MD5 checksum:   232376 84788818293819fed02c018a4ea17856
      Sun Sparc architecture:
    Size/MD5 checksum:   109606 694f22d22238be1359e9e78872baeaed
    Size/MD5 checksum:   231804 5a79392f9c88084f41a24c6974f7d970
    Size/MD5 checksum:   112994 b2c030e60f9e7b8a31d37b76c7153650
    Size/MD5 checksum:   237614 27d9aa71bba26e9680cb5e7256f93a98
      These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
      its next revision.
    For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
    For dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
    Mailing list: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Package info: `apt-cache show ' and

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