Debian: ssh buffer management error

    Date16 Sep 2003
    Posted ByLinuxSecurity Advisories
    A bug has been found in OpenSSH's buffer handling where a buffer couldbe marked as grown when the actual reallocation failed.
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    Debian Security Advisory DSA-382-1                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                         Wichert Akkerman
    September 16, 2003
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    Package        : ssh
    Vulnerability  : buffer handling
    Problem type   : possible remote
    Debian-specific: no
    CVS references : CAN-2003-0693
    A bug has been found in OpenSSH's buffer handling where a buffer could
    be marked as grown when the actual reallocation failed.
    This bug has been fixed in upstream version 3.7. For the Debian stable
    distribution this bug has eeb fixed in version 1:3.4p1-1.1 .
    Please note that if a machine is setup to install packages from
    proposed-updates it will not automatically install this update. 
    Upgrade Instructions
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    wget url
            will fetch the file for you
    dpkg -i file.deb
            will install the referenced file.
    If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
    sources.list as given below:
    apt-get update
            will update the internal database
    apt-get upgrade
            will install corrected packages
    You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
    footer to the proper configuration.
    Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias woody
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      Stable was released for alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390 and sparc.
      Source archives:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    36506 9defe00f0297a22395b2f17e34bae852
          Size/MD5 checksum:     1338 8fc3790171311bcf8fe202edf884e000
      alpha architecture (DEC Alpha)
          Size/MD5 checksum:   849796 9125f955f4649ee1d8ec942b051f67e1
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35724 93863e66e77fc7c6cca09636e01fce96
      arm architecture (ARM)
          Size/MD5 checksum:   658012 21675964771355a0ae456fc5927245b2
          Size/MD5 checksum:    34958 6abebe99d34e7c4a1bbcddcffe50ca6e
      hppa architecture (HP PA RISC)
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35318 b3bc13ec29b99687e8165a8250695e3c
          Size/MD5 checksum:   755464 100a06cde2e02486502fef1283777102
      i386 architecture (Intel ia32)
          Size/MD5 checksum:   642460 ee27cd953e87b32e6b1c1b09fcdb7aa2
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35236 caf803cd286646300d68576724cf236a
      ia64 architecture (Intel ia64)
          Size/MD5 checksum:    36728 90006b98e1a29a9e631ee335f9596262
          Size/MD5 checksum:  1002494 9bf4331e06a35a025ee8617fece7fa4c
      mips architecture (MIPS (Big Endian))
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35246 866ebeefc0d64307f78c0aa49f2eb470
          Size/MD5 checksum:   729782 67b72adc6041f24eeeb0d35cb37a27e6
      mipsel architecture (MIPS (Little Endian))
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35208 bf5051b7e2f41ce571f5161578db62f9
          Size/MD5 checksum:   727196 96122a4ac373f66b2218ec4febecff27
      m68k architecture (Motorola Mc680x0)
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35166 2f6b556a3c3a18ccf31933976ef48186
          Size/MD5 checksum:   612346 c3e1ce4ce619862c24e62bf8f7563cff
      powerpc architecture (PowerPC)
          Size/MD5 checksum:    34972 5365d9f0f7453f83046dd1b263f8824a
          Size/MD5 checksum:   681188 82564391d8b71424fc88a73587e1d33d
      s390 architecture (IBM S/390)
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35604 a9d8674d50edb3b2fa4f1e1dca98e6cb
          Size/MD5 checksum:   717776 e2b5c973db52d0e97ba91627e983b7a0
      sparc architecture (Sun SPARC/UltraSPARC)
          Size/MD5 checksum:    35020 41ae03783324a20d395f6f4f8d5c5fb3
          Size/MD5 checksum:   685856 b171caefecf060b28882d1fb95ae28d7
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