Fedora 12: kernel Security Update

    Date10 Dec 2009
    Posted ByLinuxSecurity Advisories
    CVE-2009-4131: EXT4 - fix insufficient permission checking which could result in arbitrary data corruption by a local unprivileged user.
    Fedora Update Notification
    2009-12-10 16:35:30.934288
    Name        : kernel
    Product     : Fedora 12
    Version     :
    Release     : 166.fc12
    URL         : http://www.kernel.org/
    Summary     : The Linux kernel
    Description :
    The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
    Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
    of the operating system: memory allocation, process allocation, device
    input and output, etc.
    Update Information:
    CVE-2009-4131:  EXT4 - fix insufficient permission checking which could result
    in arbitrary data corruption by a local unprivileged user.
    * Wed Dec  9 2009 Kyle McMartin
    - ext4-fix-insufficient-checks-in-EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT.patch: CVE-2009-4131
      fix insufficient permission checking which could result in arbitrary
      data corruption by a local unprivileged user.
    * Tue Dec  8 2009 Steve Dickson
    - nfsd: Updated to latest pseudo root code fixing rhbz# 538609
    * Mon Dec  7 2009 Ben Skeggs
    - nouveau: fix NV17 breakage caused by NVA8 fixes
    - nouveau: use ratelimit for GPU error message
    * Fri Dec  4 2009 Ben Skeggs
    - nouveau: reduce debug level of some warning messages (rh#543883)
    - nouveau: modesetting fixes on nva5/nva8
    - nouveau: suspend/resume fixes on nva5/nva8 (bios opcode 0x8d)
    - nouveau: cleanup chipset/arch handling, fail init on unknown chipsets
    - nouveau: fix failure to detect some outputs when dcb table is odd
    - nouveau: eliminate unnecessary cursor state changes on nv50
    * Thu Dec  3 2009 Kyle McMartin
    - ipv4-fix-null-ptr-deref-in-ip_fragment.patch: null ptr deref
      bug fix.
    * Thu Dec  3 2009 Dave Airlie
    - rv410 LVDS on resume test fix from AMD (#541562)
    * Wed Dec  2 2009 John W. Linville
    - ath9k: add fixes suggested by upstream maintainer
    * Wed Dec  2 2009 Dave Airlie
    - drm-radeon-misc-fixes.patch: r400 LVDS, r600 digital dpms, cursor fix, tv property
    * Wed Dec  2 2009 Ben Skeggs
    - nouveau: more complete lvds script selection on >=G80 (rh#522690, rh#529859)
    - nouveau: more complete tmds script selection on >=G80 (rh#537853)
    - nouveau: TV detection fixes
    * Tue Dec  1 2009 Dave Airlie
    - div/0 fix harder (#540593) - also ignore unposted GPUs with no BIOS
    * Tue Dec  1 2009 Dave Airlie
    - drm-next: fixes LVDS resume on r4xx, div/0 on no bios (#540593)
      lockup on tv-out only startup.
    * Mon Nov 30 2009 Kyle McMartin 
    - drm-i915-fix-sync-to-vbl-when-vga-is-off.patch: add (rhbz#541670)
    * Sun Nov 29 2009 Kyle McMartin 
    - Drop linux-2.6-sysrq-c.patch, made consistent upstream.
    * Fri Nov 27 2009 Jarod Wilson
    - add device name to lirc_zilog, fixes issues w/multiple target devices
    - add lirc_imon pure input mode support for onboard decode devices
    * Thu Nov 26 2009 David Woodhouse
    - Fix intel_tv_mode_set oops (#540218)
    * Thu Nov 26 2009 David Woodhouse
    - VT-d: Work around yet more HP BIOS brokenness (#536675)
    * Wed Nov 25 2009 Kyle McMartin 
    - dlm: fix connection close handling.
      Fix by lmb, requested by fabio.
    * Wed Nov 25 2009 David Woodhouse
    - VT-d: Work around more HP BIOS brokenness.
    * Tue Nov 24 2009 Dave Airlie
    - radeon: flush HDP cache on rendering wait - fixes r600 rendercheck failure
    * Mon Nov 23 2009 Adam Jackson 
    - drm-default-mode.patch: Default to 1024x768 to match UMS. (#538761)
    * Mon Nov 23 2009 Roland McGrath
    - Fix oops in x86-32 kernel's iret handling for bogus user %cs. (#540580)
    * Sat Nov 21 2009 Kyle McMartin 
    - Fix up ssp' highmem fixes with fixes for arm & ppc.
    * Fri Nov 20 2009 Chris Wright
    - VT-d: another fallback for another BIOS bug (#524808)
    * Thu Nov 19 2009 Ben Skeggs
    - Oops, add new patch to spec file
    * Thu Nov 19 2009 Ben Skeggs
    - Lower debug level of fbcon handover messages (rh#538526)
    * Thu Nov 19 2009 Dave Airlie
    - drm-next-44c83571.patch: oops pulled the wrong tree into my f12 tree
    * Thu Nov 19 2009 Ben Skeggs
    - nouveau: s/r fixes on chipsets using bios opcode 0x87
    - nouveau: fixes to bios opcode 0x8e
    - nouveau: hopefully fix nv1x context switching issues (rh#526577)
    - nouveau: support for NVA5 (GeForce G220)
    - nouveau: fixes for NVAA support
    * Thu Nov 19 2009 Dave Airlie
    - drm-next-d56672a9.patch: fix some rn50 cloning issues
    * Wed Nov 18 2009 David Woodhouse
    - Actually force the IOMMU not to be used when we detect the HP/Acer bug.
    * Tue Nov 17 2009 Chuck Ebbert
    - ACPI embedded controller fixes from Fedora 11.
    * Tue Nov 17 2009 Chuck Ebbert
    - Scheduler fixes and latency tuning patches from F-11.
    * Tue Nov 17 2009 Dave Airlie
    - glad to see edid retry patch was compiled.
    * Tue Nov 17 2009 Dave Airlie
    - drm-next-984d1f3c.patch: rebase with upstream fixes - drop all merged
    * Thu Nov 12 2009 Adam Jackson 
    - Actually apply the EDID retry patch
    - drm-edid-header-fixup.patch: Fix up some broken EDID headers (#534120)
    * Thu Nov 12 2009 Chuck Ebbert
    - Use ApplyOptionalPatch for v4l and firewire updates.
    - Drop unused v4l ABI fix.
    * Thu Nov 12 2009 Chuck Ebbert
    - Linux
    - Drop merged patches:
    * Wed Nov 11 2009 Justin M. Forbes
    - Fix KSM for i686 users. (#532215)
    - Add KSM fixes from 2.6.32
      [ 1 ] Bug #544471 - CVE-2009-4131 EMBARGOED kernel: ext4: Fix insufficient checks in EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT
    This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
    su -c 'yum update kernel' at the command line.
    For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
    available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.
    All packages are signed with the Fedora Project GPG key.  More details on the
    GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at
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